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China Life Tianjin Branch won the 2023 “Annual Green Finance Pioneer Award”

China Life Tianjin Branch won the 2023 “Annual Green Finance Pioneer Award”

Recently, Tianjin Jinyun New Media’s “2023 Financial Industry Brand Ranking Selection” was announced. In this selection, China Life Tianjin Branch won the “Annual Green Finance Pioneer Award”.

It is understood that as an annual financial brand event, the Financial Industry Brand Ranking has been successfully held for fifteen consecutive years. The event is hosted by Jinyun and has attracted more and more attention and attention from the financial industry, generating widespread popularity. It has become an important industry event to showcase the development of Tianjin’s financial industry. Adhering to the consistent rigorous, scientific, objective and fair stance, this selection solicited votes from netizens in Jincheng, and a jury of authoritative experts and scholars selected a total of 22 awards, covering banking, insurance, trust and other fields. With a professional attitude, we listen to the real voices of the people, select the best in various fields, and help promote high-quality brands.

As a leading company in the life insurance industry that actively advocates and practices ESG concepts, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the ESG strategic goal of “building a world-class, responsible life insurance company”, deepened the concept of sustainable development, and built a green financial system with China Life characteristics. As a state-owned enterprise based in Tianjin, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively fulfills various economic, environmental and social responsibilities and contributes to promoting healthy, harmonious and green development of society.

Vigorously develop inclusive finance and insurance business

Adhering to the people-centered approach, China Life Tianjin Branch actively participates in the construction of a multi-level social security system, firmly grasps the three major areas of “political security business”, “handling business” and “inclusive insurance” to actively serve people’s livelihood needs , create a series of branded political insurance projects, enrich the supply of inclusive insurance protection, and meet the health protection needs of the broad masses of the people. Over the years, the company has underwritten a total of nearly 5.3 million elderly people’s insurance business and provided risk protection of nearly 50 billion yuan. It has provided insurance protection for more than 2 million female groups, with a total compensation of more than 140 million yuan, benefiting more than 30,000 patients. sick women; in the past 10 years, it has provided a cumulative annual risk insurance amount of up to 13 billion yuan for more than 130,000 disabled people; the “family planning family series insurance” covers more than 210,000 people. In 2023, a total of nearly 8,400 people will be compensated, and the compensation amount will exceed 2,000 Ten thousand yuan. The company participated in the pilot program of long-term care insurance to protect the basic care needs of severely disabled people. As of December 27 this year, the company had paid a total of approximately 176 million yuan in long-term care insurance guarantees, benefiting more than 7,000 severely disabled elderly people.

Take the road of ecological priority and green development

We will actively build a green financial system with China Life’s characteristics, unswervingly follow the path of eco-first green development, and help achieve the “double carbon” goal. We will make every effort to promote green insurance business, create a package of insurance product service solutions for green industry customers, and enhance our green insurance service supply capabilities. China Life Tianjin Branch has carried out in-depth green operations and practiced energy conservation and emission reduction. It has basically realized paperless insurance for personal business, and the online service rate of preservation and claims settlement has remained at a high level of over 98%.

Adding power, synergy and vitality to rural revitalization

In 2023, China Life Tianjin Branch will continue to improve the long-term assistance mechanism and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of financial and insurance services for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. Vigorously promote the development of rural revitalization, publicize and promote exclusive products for rural revitalization, and rely on the solid foundation of the political security platform to effectively promote the improvement and expansion of rural revitalization-related businesses. With the four counties and paired assistance areas designated by the group company as key areas for consumption assistance, consumption assistance tasks were fully implemented, and nearly 1 million yuan of agricultural and animal husbandry products were ordered through the e-commerce platform. The company also promotes the construction of rural outlets, leverages its two advantages as a political and insurance business cooperation platform and a health management platform, improves the coverage of agricultural-related insurance services, and provides rural residents with more convenient and high-quality insurance protection services. We will build a dense and multi-layered insurance protection network to effectively consolidate the results of poverty alleviation.

Actively participate in social welfare undertakings

Adhering to the social responsibility concept of “people-oriented, caring for life, creating value and serving society”, China Life Tianjin Branch actively participates in social welfare undertakings and strives to give back to the society. The company advocates the spirit of volunteer service and encourages employees to participate in public welfare practices. Each party branch organized clothing donation activities many times during the year, sending warmth to needy families in impoverished mountainous areas and benefiting more than 100 families in the mountainous areas, fully demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of a central enterprise.

China Life Tianjin Branch stated that in the future, it will always adhere to the “people-centered” development philosophy, adhere to the origin of insurance, base on the advantages of its main business, actively explore new paths for sustainable development, and provide a “China Life sample” for the industry’s ESG practice. Promote high-quality economic and social transformation and development.

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