China Life Tianjin Branch deepens talent training strategy and achieves new success in “Financial Planner Competition”


With the vigorous development of the financial industry, financial and insurance products and services have attracted increasing attention from the public. In order to better popularize financial education concepts and wealth planning knowledge, showcase the professional style of outstanding financial and insurance practitioners, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the Tianjin Radio and Television Station Urban Channel has held the “Financial Planner Competition” event for four consecutive years, which has become the city’s financial and insurance company. A high-profile event within and outside the industry. As an industry leader, China Life Tianjin Branch actively participated in competitions and once again achieved impressive results in the just-concluded fourth “Financial Planner Competition”.

Sincerely attract talents and build a diversified recruitment system

China Life Tianjin Branch actively connects with major target universities and talent markets in Tianjin, and attracts a large number of outstanding talents to submit their resumes every year through campus recruitment, social recruitment and other forms. The company relies on the two-level selection rules of the head office and branches to strictly select talents that meet the company’s development needs, injecting new vitality into the development of Tianjin’s financial and insurance industry. At the same time, the company signed a “School-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Tianjin University of Finance and Economics and other universities to jointly promote the quality improvement of insurance talent training in the digital economy era and build a collaborative communication mechanism of “co-construction, sharing, and win-win”.

Carefully cultivate talents and create a multi-level talent training system, and the Financial Planner Competition achieved another success

China Life Tianjin Branch has achieved remarkable results in talent training. The company has carefully created a multi-level and diversified talent training system to meet talent needs at different career development stages. The training plans include the “Spreading Wings Plan” for young leading talents in sales management and financial technology, the “Associate Plan” and the “Young Elite Plan” for the “reserve army” of grassroots teams, and the “Spark Plan 2.0” for key employees, module supervisors, and branch company teams. As well as the “Excellent Talent Plan” and “Rookie Camp” for high-end talents in the sales team. Through these training programs, employees and sales staff can gain professional skills improvement and career development opportunities.

In this year’s “Financial Planner Competition”, contestants from China Life Tianjin Branch relied on their solid professional knowledge, excellent business capabilities and good professionalism to stand out in the fierce competition and achieved excellent results. Among them, the bancassurance team of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch was awarded the title of “Diamond Wealth Management Team”; the Tianjin Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Standard Wealth Management Institution”; the Party Committee of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch Secretary and General Manager Yang Shaoxin won the honor of “Mr. Style and Wealth of the Year” for his rich financial background experience and outstanding performance in the industry. These honors are not only recognition of the players’ personal abilities, but also affirmation of China Life’s talent training achievements.

Break through development and strengthen the company with talents to promote high-quality development

While achieving great results in the “Financial Planner Competition”, China Life Tianjin Branch is also actively exploring new breakthroughs in talent development. The company adheres to high-quality development unswervingly, closely integrates the company’s business goals and talent development goals, and builds a collaborative development system for talent organizations. By establishing full life cycle employee career management and deepening the reform of market-oriented talent evaluation and incentive mechanisms, the company continues to stimulate the potential and creativity of employees, promoting the improvement of the company’s overall performance and the enhancement of market competitiveness.

China Life Tianjin Branch will continue to unswervingly implement the strategy of strengthening the company through talents in the new era, increase support for talent training, and provide strong talent guarantee to promote the company’s high-quality development. At the same time, the company will also actively participate in various financial industry activities to build a platform for employees and sales teams to showcase their talents and strength. By continuously optimizing the talent training system and innovating the talent management mechanism, China Life Tianjin Branch will further improve the overall quality and comprehensive capabilities of the employee team, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the sustainable and healthy development of the city’s financial and insurance industry.


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