China Life: Pursuing the Sea and Chasing Dreams for Teenagers, and Promoting Aesthetic Education for the Society

China Life: Pursuing the Sea and Chasing Dreams for Teenagers, and Promoting Aesthetic Education for the Society

From March 2nd to 3rd, 2023, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.’s “Art Back to the Mountain” series of public welfare activities were successfully held in Qianling Primary School, Jishishan, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. The students showed the guests at the scene “Art Back to the Mountain- The artistic achievements of the offline aesthetic education activity “Looking for the Sea” and the “Love and Warm Campus” charity donation ceremony were also warmly held. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. donated documents, winter school uniforms and other thoughtful gifts to the Qianling Primary School. People from all walks of life gathered together to talk about aesthetic education and appreciate masterpieces.

  looking for beauty Newcomers to Aesthetic Education

As a form of education that cultivates a sound personality and promotes the all-round development of children’s abilities, aesthetic education has unique and powerful influence. Since the new era, it has become a common practice to educate newcomers with aesthetics, to display images with aesthetics, and to promote culture with aesthetics. At a time when the country is vigorously advocating aesthetic education, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the “people-centered” development stance, and has “the biggest country” in mind. Organize the “Art Returning to the Mountain” love public welfare activity to practice social public welfare, promote the practice of aesthetic education, help young people develop in an all-round way, and help them discover beauty.

  search for the sea brave imagination


On March 2, Tang Nannan, an associate professor at the China Academy of Art, a tutor for master students, and Guo Yujie, the art planner of “Seeing Aesthetic Education” and a young artist, led the students of Qianling Primary School to carry out the theme art activity of “Looking for the Sea” to encourage children to be brave. Imagine and describe the fantasy sea in your heart, the teacher tells it vividly in class, and the children’s eyes shine when they hear it under the podium.

Under the bright sunshine, the children sat on the ground in the playground, holding paintbrushes, painting a colorful ocean world with paint, and making various marine creatures with cardboard.

“Dad told me the story of “Mermaid”. I think there should be a mermaid in the sea, sitting in a white shell, the bottom of the sea is dark blue, small fish and shells are in the blue shallow sea, playing games with the mermaid, The mermaid sang happily.”

“I have seen lighthouses on the sea in some photos before. They look so small and lonely. There must be many big animals in the sea to accompany them. There are octopus, squid, and scallops. At night, in the sky The bright moonlight shone in the sea, and the friends of these lighthouses all appeared at once.”

“I want to be a navigator, open a small boat of my own, and travel around the world. Under the boat, there are many friends who set out with me. There are dolphins, sea turtles, crabs, conchs, and octopuses. They are colorful and beautiful. .”

Small props such as paint, cardboard, and colorful balloons seem ordinary, but in the hearts of the children, they are magical media for creating artworks. They gently “put” their big imagination of the ocean on this small plate , maybe in today’s dream, the children will become the “magic captain”, lead their fleet to the waves, and start their own adventure…

  Dreaming warm forward

There is always power in the world, touching us warmly and moving forward. “Art back to the mountain” is a continuous children’s social aesthetic education public welfare project initiated by China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Since the start of the project, it has been carried out for three consecutive years. As an important part of the company’s rural revitalization work, it has also solved the problem that the assistance model is mainly based on donations of funds and has a single form. The online art Creative classrooms, online art galleries, offline art course experience, art supplies donation and a series of activities to help rural aesthetic education practice. Gradually build a complete online and offline aesthetic education curriculum system, which further enriches the aesthetic education life of rural children and builds the dream of aesthetic education for rural children.


Against the background of national cultural revitalization, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the spirit of “being as meticulous as possible”, actively responding to the call of the state, and promoting the self-driven knowledge and action of young people and children with a combination of “confidence, beauty, and responsibility” Unity helps them discover beauty, appreciate beauty, and convey beauty. While promoting the sound development of social culture, it also builds the foundation for the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation. Explore the role of aesthetic education in shaping and leading children from an innovative perspective. Through a series of innovative practices of aesthetic education and public welfare projects, relying on the soil of Chinese culture and thought, we will continue to provide rural children with high-quality aesthetic education resources, aesthetic education guidance and material donations to protect the dreams of young people. , Accompany them to grow all the way.

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