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China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch conducts rain, snow and winter fire risk survey for small and micro enterprises

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch conducts rain, snow and winter fire risk survey for small and micro enterprises

  The Spring Festival is coming,AlthoughTemperatures are warming but there will be waves of cold air“Patronage”, the temperature is lower in the morning and evening. China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch (hereinafter referred to as “The company”) Go to Xiqing Economy on the eve of the Spring Festival holidaytechnologyThe development zone conducts rain and snow weather risk surveys for small and micro enterprises, and makes recommendations on fire prevention in winter and anti-freeze during the Spring Festival holiday.

  Winter has always been a fire-prone season, with cold and dry weather.The companyThe survey personnel carried out the production date of dry powder fire extinguishers of production-oriented enterprises in the industrial park.surveyto ensure normal use,andTest the effectiveness of the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher pressure gauge and the smoothness of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants to ensure that emergency disasters can be responded to in a timely manner and reduce damage to people’s lives and property.

  at the same time,The companySurveyors inspect the internal lines of small and micro enterprises and provide rectification suggestions for aging and problematic lines to ensure production operations.,He also reminded the person in charge of the company: During the Spring Festival, when workers are on holiday, they should turn off the power in time, pull down the power switch, arrange personnel on duty, keep abreast of the company’s situation at all times, and arrange relevant personnel to conduct daily inspections when necessary. Don’t be careless.

  In addition, the surveyors also inspected the integrity of the company’s buildings, doors and windows to ensure that the building equipment was solid and solid, and checked the roof drainage facilities to ensure that there were no blockages. Reduce collapse accidents caused by possible snow disaster conditions.Check outdoor and indoor facilities and pipe equipment to ensure they are in normal use and properly insulated.,Avoid freezing due to low temperatures.

  Here, China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch would also like to send a warm reminder to our corporate partners:

  1. In the early stage of cooling and snowfall, it is recommended to organize staff to carry out systematic inspection of enterprise facilities and equipment.sexCheck, especially to ensure that the building equipment is solid and secure. If loose parts are found, they should be reinforced in time.

  2. It is recommended to appoint a dedicated person to inspect the roof drainage facilities in a timely manner to ensure that there is no blockage; inspect the snow accumulation on the roof, and deal with the snow on the roof and other areas in a timely manner to reduce the possible risk of collapse accidents, and remove outdoor fire protection facilities and equipment in a timely manner Snow accumulation ensures normal use in case of fire.

  3. It is recommended to clear the snow on the road and steps in time and remove the ice. In areas with severe rainfall and snowfall, floor mats can be laid at the common entrances and exits of enterprises to prevent people from falling.

  4. Even factories and enterprises that have been on holiday should be aware of disaster prevention. During this cooling process, they should also keep abreast of the company’s situation. If necessary, relevant staff can be arranged to conduct daily inspections. Don’t be careless and enjoy the holiday safely.

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