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China Life Practice丨Service entities show responsibility and write a new chapter in high-quality development

China Life Practice丨Service entities show responsibility and write a new chapter in high-quality development

2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of the share reform and listing of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”). In the past year, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has implemented the head office’s business strategy of “stable growth, emphasis on value, optimizing structure, strengthening the team, promoting reforms, and preventing risks”, seizing the industry recovery and development opportunities, and the overall operation has been stable. Progress has been made, and the market’s leading position continues to be consolidated. The whole system actively implements the “people-centered” development philosophy, with the “greatest of the country” in mind, fully participates in the construction of a multi-level social security system, assists the development of the real economy, and demonstrates the value and responsibility of state-controlled financial and insurance companies.

Party building leads the way, and the heart and soul are forged

China Life Guangdong Branch has always unswervingly adhered to the party’s leadership, continued to strengthen party building, and transformed the company’s political and organizational advantages into reform, development, service and competitive advantages. “A branch is a fortress, and a party member is a flag.” Focusing on the party’s basic organization, basic team, and basic system construction, we will continue to strengthen grassroots party building and provide a strong organizational guarantee for the company’s development.

In 2023, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch will refine and consolidate its responsibilities for strict party governance; solidify long-term mechanisms and promote high-quality development of the company through high-quality inspections and rectifications; continue to enhance the political functions and organizational capabilities of grassroots party organizations, and carry out in-depth The “Four Strong” party branches were established; they set an example by demonstrating and leading, motivating party organizations and party members to strive to be pioneers and role models. This year, the company has carried out solid education on the theme of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, carefully planned and deployed, and implemented it in an integrated manner, focusing on “quick, deep, practical, reform, and effective”, taking soul-building as the foundation , with increasing wisdom as the key, with righteousness as the guarantee, and with promoting work as the purpose.

The party committee of the company keeps in mind that “China Life is the Party”, adheres to the guidance of party building, strengthens the solid foundation of party building, promotes the integration of party industry, raises the flag to be oriented, concentrates efforts, and moves forward through waves, and leads the company’s high-quality development with high-quality party building.

Show responsibility and serve the overall situation

In terms of leading the development of the industry, in 2023, the total premium of China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch exceeded the 60 billion yuan mark for the first time, achieving premiums of 62.6 billion yuan, an increase of 6%; creating more than 31,000 jobs, and providing more than 97 million customers Insurance protection amounted to RMB 17.96 trillion, providing claims services for more than 1.6 million people, with a compensation amount of RMB 4.8 billion, contributing to the development of the life insurance market in Guangdong.

In terms of safeguarding the real economy, China Life Guangdong Branch continues to strengthen the promotion of group and head office investment entities to actively participate in projects related to key industries in Guangdong; it also intensifies efforts to promote the expansion of green industry insurance and strategic emerging industry insurance business; continues to We will do a good job in providing insurance services to enterprises, institutions, manufacturing companies, etc., further expand the coverage of insurance protection for corporate employees, and safeguard the development of enterprises in Guangdong; vigorously promote people-benefiting policies such as preferential policy loan interest rates, assist policy borrowing, and stimulate consumption. potential to provide financial support.

In terms of assisting the construction of the “Hundreds and Thousands Project”, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has solidly promoted the “rural revitalization” work and actively explored new models of county-level services.

“Secretary Feng is a good secretary who works in the village to promote agriculture, a leader in getting rich in rural areas, and a gold medal marketer in the village.” This is the evaluation of Feng Jiehui, a village cadre selected by China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch, from Qixing Village, Xiangping Town, Liannan, Qingyuan. . In the past two years, he has led the villagers to create “one village, one product” and create exclusive rural revitalization brands for villages and towns. Local industries such as ginger, watermelon, and silk seedlings have given birth to a number of small and micro enterprises engaged in agricultural tourism and agricultural product processing, which have also provided Local employment creates new opportunities.

Picture: Village secretaries and township cadres seek development and increase income

In addition, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch also organized village branch secretaries, wealth leaders, and practical scientific and technological talents from 11 municipal-level institutions to go to Chengdu and Shanghai for study and exchange, broaden their work horizons, and implement the talent revitalization plan

In the next three years, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch will strive to build 200 comprehensive financial service stations that are deeply rooted in counties and serve the two townships. In 2023, 80 outlets will be selected for pilot testing, and the comprehensive financial service model of “front store and back field” will be initially launched. Establish and gradually realize that customers in county areas can enjoy high-quality comprehensive financial services anytime and anywhere without leaving home.

In terms of serving the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China Life Insurance Company’s existing investment in Guangdong is nearly 447 billion yuan, an increase of 38.8 billion yuan from the end of 2022. Leveraging the synergy within the group, the Group cooperates with China Life overseas companies to build a cross-border insurance service platform to provide cross-border insurance customers with medical outpatient appointments, direct claims payment, cross-border claims investigation and counter services in Hong Kong and Macao. In 2023, the company insured 147,000 Hong Kong and Macao customers and provided risk protection of over 70 billion yuan.

Stick to the original intention and put people first

In terms of assisting the construction of “Healthy China”, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has established an inclusive insurance business cooperation platform through various forms. Pay close attention to the needs of specific groups of people, and increase the update and upgrade of exclusive products such as “Small Loan”, “Rural Revitalization”, “Silver Age Health”, “Family Planning”, “Women Care”, “Learning and Worry-free”, “Construction Workers” and “New Business Formats” , to provide the general public with insurance products that comprehensively cover accidental death/disability, death from illness, major illness, specific diseases, medical expense compensation, hospitalization allowance and other liabilities.

In 2023, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch actively undertakes policy health insurance such as critical illness insurance, urban customized commercial insurance, and social security supplementary business, providing insurance coverage of nearly 12 trillion yuan; serving 14.48 million elderly people and 1.08 million specific women. , 2.37 million family planning families provide comprehensive protection for accidental injuries, two cancers, etc. In 2023, the company successfully won the bid for Guangzhou’s long-term care insurance service project, providing appraisal and evaluation services to 3.83 million people and deeply participating in the construction of a multi-level pension security system.

In terms of pension finance, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch is based on the main insurance business, closely focusing on the people’s full life cycle pension finance and elderly care service needs, and continues to promote the construction of health care ecology as the company’s long-term development strategy. Clarify the “one primary, multiple auxiliary” elderly care service supply model, which is to focus on institutional elderly care in urban centers, supplemented by existing suburban institutional elderly care, home-based elderly care and community elderly care, to speed up the supply of elderly care services. It actively participates in the construction of the “third pillar” of elderly care and provides personal pension services to 8,000 customers. It actively sells personal pension annuities and other elderly care products, and has provided pension security for 171,500 people.

Deeply engaged in digital financial services, China Life Guangdong Branch promotes digital application services for claims and realizes one-stop real-time payment of insurance claims. In 2023, its one-stop claims direct payment service served a total of 102,000 customers, with a compensation amount of 21.05 million yuan. Deeply cultivating the “intelligent-self-service-sitting” diversified model of service touchpoints and integrating with digital, China Life Life Insurance APP supports one-stop online services for 28 preservation services, and also enables remote processing by in-flight customer service. In 2023, the life insurance APP handles 3.82 million items , the number of in-flight customer service services reached 54,000.

Picture: Counter staff introduces intelligent online services to customers

Prevent risks and keep the bottom line

In terms of optimizing the risk management system, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has built an “integrated risk control platform” to strengthen the focus of the risk monitoring and early warning system and extend it vertically to provincial, municipal and county-level institutions to build pre-event source governance, event The working mechanism and risk management system for dynamic monitoring and subsequent emergency response.

To promote rigid management and control of internal controls, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch is problem-oriented, strengthening the depth and intensity of internal control assessments in high-risk areas and inspections of key operational risk positions, and creating a working atmosphere in which “everyone is responsible for preventing risks.”

We will deepen risk management in key areas, establish and improve the monitoring, accountability, and inspection mechanisms for “key issues”, further tighten and consolidate the main responsibilities of the first line of defense, solidly carry out warning education and problem notification, and form a high-pressure situation of severely punishing violations.

China Life Guangdong Branch stated that it will fully implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and the Central Economic Work Conference, focus on the specific deployment of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee’s “1310”, and consciously strengthen its role as the main force in serving the real economy and maintain financial stability. We will shoulder our responsibility, strive to make due contributions to accelerating the construction of a financial power, and effectively protect the people’s better life.

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