“China Life Leying Whole Life Whole Life Insurance (Premium Version)” Product Promotion Conference Held in Xiamen

“China Life Leying Whole Life Whole Life Insurance (Premium Version)” Product Promotion Conference Held in Xiamen

On March 25, the 2022-2023 season CBA All-Star Weekend was held in Xiamen, Fujian. “For the rest of your life, for a lifetime of happiness” All-Star Weekend China Life Product Promotion Conference kicked off at the same time.

At the event site, the CBA League released a brand new brand proposition for the new season-when “burning” is up to me. Based on the strong backing provided by China Life on and off the field over the years, China Life’s commitment of “Guarding and accompanying, of course I have” has also continued to be witnessed. At this promotion conference, China Life Insurance Company promoted the insurance product “China Life Leying Whole Life Whole Life Insurance (Exclusive Version)”.

Zhao Guodong, assistant to the president and secretary of the board of directors of China Life Insurance Company, attended the event and pointed out that in order to further implement the “people-centered” development idea, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to “insurance is the name of insurance and insurance is for the people” and put the protection of people’s lives Health and solving the worries of ordinary people are the focus of development.

As the main product of China Life Insurance Company’s bancassurance channel, China Life Leying Whole Life Whole Life Insurance (Exclusive Version) follows the design concept of “replenishment in peace, protection of treasures, rest of life in the future, happy life for a lifetime”, with a wide range of insurance coverage and diverse guarantees characteristics such as transformation and stable increase in the amount insured. In terms of insurance coverage, the maximum insurance age can reach 70 years old, which effectively meets the insurance needs of different life stages from infants to retirement. In terms of coverage, in addition to death and high-level physical disability protection, this product also provides additional protection for accidental death or high-level physical disability of passenger vehicles. In addition, the death benefit, advanced physical disability benefit and cash value can be increased in accordance with the contract.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, people-oriented, and value”, in order to better fulfill the corporate mission of “protecting the people’s better life”, China Life Insurance Company continues to strengthen product innovation, establish and improve a comprehensive customer service system, and ” Driven by the two-wheel drive of “product + service”, it directly hits the service gap of customers, and creates four characteristic services of “shared health”, “enjoying health and wellness”, “enjoying a family” and “enjoying life”. Management and other dimensions have further expanded the service coverage. At the same time, it has launched an insurance trust service led by cooperative banks, based on customer demands, and jointly participated by the company and trust companies. Within the legal framework, this service helps clients realize the directional and orderly inheritance of assets, and completes the construction of a package service system from “risk prevention” to “life management” to “asset inheritance”.

In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has always focused on the two keywords of “expansion” and “inclusiveness”, and has continued to deepen the depth and density of insurance. The company has steadily developed policy businesses such as critical illness insurance for urban and rural residents and long-term care insurance, and has provided insurance protection for more than 400 million customers. The diversification, precision and universality of insurance types have been significantly enhanced.

It is understood that in terms of expanding protection coverage and improving product diversification, China Life Insurance Company has developed a variety of products for groups such as new business formats and new citizens in 2022 to provide risk protection.

In addition, in terms of the “inclusiveness” of the product, it is more down-to-earth. “Affordable” and “Usable” have become one of the important guidelines for the product operation of China Life Insurance Company. Through strict control of sales costs and operating expenses, China Life Insurance’s “Poverty Alleviation Insurance” and other series of products effectively help solve practical problems such as those who have been lifted out of poverty due to illness and return to poverty due to disasters, providing a positive example for the reality of financial inclusion.

The event also invited the famous basketball star Yi Jianlian. He said, “As an important partner of the CBA, China Life offers a wide range of products and comprehensive guarantees. Many of my teammates and friends are customers of China Life.” As a professional player, he also He showed strong interest in health insurance, accident insurance, annuity insurance and other products.

The 2022 claims service report of China Life Insurance Company shows that the company settled a total of 19.17 million insurance policies, with a claim amount of 51.5 billion yuan, and an average daily claim of over 141 million yuan. Nearly 87,000 insurance policies were exempted, nearly 750 million yuan in premiums were exempted, and the odds were 99.65%. A total of 185,000 claims were paid for the “One Day Compensation for Major Illness” service, with a total compensation amount of 8.58 billion yuan. The convenient direct payment of claims has paid more than 6.7 million person-times, and the cumulative amount of claims has reached 3.65 billion yuan. As the “head goose” of the life insurance industry, China Life Insurance Company has always played the role of economic “shock absorber” and social “stabilizer”, fully escorting the stable development of the national economy.

Finally, at the event site, Zhao Guodong “assisted” Yi Jianlian to make a successful shot. As the basketball hits the net, Yi Jianlian said that every shot on the basketball court is a “critical shot”, and every insurance is also a “critical moment” in life, so I recommend everyone to “vote for China Life”. 2023 is the sixth year of cooperation between China Life Insurance and CBA. China Life Insurance Company stated that it hopes that everyone can grasp the “critical moment” of life and enjoy a happy and wonderful life. The company will also be committed to making “Leying’s life” accompany “the next life”, and will unswervingly forge ahead to build a better life for the people.

(The contents of the relevant insurance products mentioned in this article are for reference only. For details, please refer to the “China Life Leying Whole Life Whole Life Insurance (Exclusive Version) Benefits Clauses” and “China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Personal Insurance Basic Clauses” shall prevail.)

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