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China Life Insurance: Taking multiple measures to create a new counter service experience

China Life Insurance: Taking multiple measures to create a new counter service experience

In recent years, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) has conscientiously implemented the “customer-centered” service concept, focusing on the new characteristics of customer demand for offline business service outlets in the Internet era, and focusing on “front-end With the idea of ​​”multi-touch point reservation, on-site precise service diversion, and back-end flexible operation management”, we break the physical limitations of the physical number-taking machines at service outlets, build a “new system” for smart reservation at the counter, and create a “new model” for connecting customers and counters. , providing a “new experience” of counter reservation service.

  “Lightweight” mobile app reservation service is more accessible

China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. continues to optimize the functional layout design, and launches services such as remote customer reservations via mobile terminals and online electronic number-taking via mobile terminals, creating a technological experience at the counter.

Through applications based on address location and smart maps, such as the China Life Insurance APP, Life Insurance Mini Programs, and H5, customers can independently choose the counter they wish to visit, check the trend of customer flow in various periods in recent days, and choose the time to arrive at the counter to avoid peak customer flow. Not only that, customers can also use the mobile app to pick up their own numbers 15 minutes before going to the counter, and directly join the queue in the hall without printing their electronic ticket number. At the same time, the counter also provides customers with paper habits with wireless printing of ticket numbers at the counter. Serve. China Life Insurance Company has adopted a new model of online and downward integration, extending service touchpoints online and constantly enriching service experience.

  “Diversified” outlet portrait service information is easier to perceive

China Life Insurance Company continues to strengthen data empowerment services, innovatively establishes a database of counter information labels, and continuously enriches counter portrait information. It covers: basic information such as decoration time and counter type, dynamic information such as business status and business hours, and special information such as counter station services, recent experience activities, and on-site photos of the counter.

Based on the counter information label database, various online applications of China Life provide structured and standardized display of each counter’s resource endowment, service characteristics and other information, and use a vivid, lively and easy-to-read layout design to display practical service information. Deliver customers efficiently. At the same time, the electronic window bar displays high-definition pictures of the environment inside the cabinet to allow customers to be immersed in the scene.

“The body has not moved yet the heart has arrived.” The visualization of service information at the counter not only makes service information easier to perceive, but also shortens the distance between customers and China Life.

  “Specialized” service content reservation method is easier to obtain

In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has changed its service thinking from “passive” service to “active” service. Thinking about what customers think and worrying about their needs, starting from customer needs, we launch a number of “specialized” convenient services based on the traditional policy handling business.

For example, a convenience service area equipped with wheelchairs, reading glasses, magnifying glasses, power banks, drinking water, convenient medicine boxes and other facilities and supplies will be established. During the college entrance examination, a college entrance examination station will be launched for candidates and parents to rest and study. In 2023, it has provided services to more than 760,000 people including the elderly, new citizens, college entrance examination candidates and parents, and continues to enrich the service content of its business outlets.

It is commendable that these offline services can also be obtained through online reservations through various China Life apps. On the application page, you can see the obvious logos of the Love Station and the College Entrance Examination Station. Click to make an appointment as needed, making “special” services easier to obtain.

  “Exclusive feeling” on-site experience hall service makes it easier to enjoy

China Life Insurance Company actively promotes the scenario-based construction of counter service channels and implements a three-level integrated service model of “intelligent, self-service, and sit-down”. On the online front, through the self-service function of the China Life Insurance APP and the artificial video of “in-flight customer service”, simple and high-frequency business processing is guided online; by placing smart teller machines in more than 2,000 high-traffic counter halls across the country, the “fully self-service” ” The “skip the queue” service model realizes rapid diversion of entry to the counter and enables simple self-service quick processing of business.

At the offline end, a classification and grading mechanism for picking up and calling numbers at the counter has been established, focusing on personalized management of customer groups such as military personnel, retired military personnel, VIP customers, the elderly, and special circumstances. Intelligent queuing service is realized through the system’s real-time and dynamic priority rule engine, providing an exclusive experience. In the event of special emergency situations such as excessive waiting, hall service personnel will receive system reminder messages to provide timely on-site emergency response, flexible mitigation, and create a smooth operating environment. China Life Insurance Company uses technology to empower services to enhance the exclusivity and accuracy of hall services.

  Over the years, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the “customer-centric” product management philosophy and continued to meet the people’s growing needs for diversified insurance protection. Guided by customer needs, with experience leadership as the core, technology is used to inject new development momentum to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of China Life’s counter services. future,China Life Insurance Company will continue to be committed to providing a simple, high-quality and warm service experience, and go all out to promote the high-quality development of customer service and achieve steady and long-term development.

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