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China Life Insurance: Implementing inclusive financial insurance services for the elderly to protect the elderly’s happy and beautiful life

China Life Insurance: Implementing inclusive financial insurance services for the elderly to protect the elderly’s happy and beautiful life

Achieving “a pension for the elderly” depends on establishing a relatively fair and complete social pension insurance system.

I am old, and people are old. Providing support and support for the elderly is one of the important contents of policies to benefit the people.

Data released by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that in 2022, Chongqing will have a population of 5.8816 million people over the age of 65, with an aging rate of 18.3%.

A few days ago, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) held a study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Chongqing – Inclusive finance protects people’s better life and the life insurance company’s “20 years since listing”. The media watched the country “Longevity” research interview and press release activities. The media interview team also visited Bishan District, Dazu District and Tongliang District of Chongqing to conduct research and interviews focusing on the vivid practice of China Life Insurance Company in joining hands with local governments to promote inclusive insurance and benefit the people there.

Picture: Research interviews and press release activities in Dazu District, Chongqing

  increase supply

Rich and diversified inclusive elderly care products

The word “insurance” is mentioned in as many as 36 places in the document “National Aging Care Development and Elderly Care Service Planning System Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan”.

China Life Insurance Company takes multiple measures to actively respond to the national strategy of population aging, actively pays attention to the financial service needs of elderly customers, continuously improves inclusive products, vigorously develops accidental injury insurance for the elderly, and provides the elderly with coverage for disease death and accidental death. , accidental disability, accidental fracture, medical expense compensation, hospitalization allowance and other insurance protection to further improve the elderly’s ability to resist risks.

Under the guidance of the Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch started and ended in Chongqing to meet the diversified insurance needs of the elderly population. In September 2014, it launched the “Filial Piety and Wellbeing Project” and the Elderly Comprehensive accident insurance program. As of the end of 2022, a total of 3.3494 million elderly people have been insured in 13 districts and counties in the city, and a total compensation of 115.3565 million yuan has been paid for 54,000 people.

The implementation of the filial piety and health insurance project can fill the gap in accidental injury protection for the elderly, expand pension security channels, improve the construction of the social security system for the elderly, and reduce the burden on the government, enterprises, elderly service units, and elderly families and individuals. At the same time, this is also an important measure to pay attention to and improve people’s livelihood.

  Go deep into the countryside

Improving the quality of inclusive elderly care services

“Uncle Zhu, I will help you handle the claim for hospitalization due to your fall.”

Li Ping, service specialist of the Chongqing Branch of China Life Insurance Company, came to Uncle Zhu’s house in Xinshui Village, Dazu District. After learning from the village committee that Uncle Zhu had been discharged from the hospital and recovered, she accompanied him to the health center and Dazu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Collected hospitalization information and successfully handled the claim application for elderly insurance for Uncle Zhu.

The 60 yuan old-age insurance helped Uncle Zhu get a claim of 1,400 yuan. Uncle Zhu smiled and narrowed his eyes.

In two years, service specialist Li Ping has provided financial insurance services to more than 1,400 elderly people in 25 villages in Jijia Town and Zhongle Town, Dazu District.

There are 27 towns in Dazu District. Many elderly people make a living by farming at home. Some elderly people’s children go out to work and are not around. The community and village committee are their important support. At present, Dazu District has initially established a three-level management system of districts, towns (streets), and villages (communities), has improved the guarantee mechanism for elderly care service elements, actively explored social participation in elderly care service mechanisms, and significantly improved the supply of home and community elderly care services.

In order to improve the accessibility of public services for inclusive pension insurance in rural areas, the Dazu District Branch has established a working mechanism of “implementation to the town, responsibility to the village, and responsibility to the individual”, established a team of more than 20 insurance service specialists, and strengthened cooperation with communities and villages. The committees work together to ensure that publicity reaches villages, services reach households, and claims settlement reaches households. Since 2016, it has underwritten more than 90,000 elderly people in rural areas over the age of 60 in 27 towns and streets in the region, providing a risk insurance amount of 190 million.

 Integration for aging

Provide more humanized smart services

In the complementary and mutually reinforcing financial service system established by China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch, the elderly not only enjoy the rights and interests of smart services, but also enjoy traditional service rights and interests familiar to the elderly such as face-to-face consultation and paper policy services.

In the first eight months of this year, 44 counters in the city have undergone digital transformation. The counter’s “Elderly Respecting Station” has provided elderly-friendly services to 47,000 customers over the age of 60, eliminating the “smart difficulties” of the elderly through multiple touch points. There are not only smart teller machines with enlarged page fonts and barrier-free voice-activated services, the “Love Edition”, but also service specialists who teach the elderly one-to-one how to use the “respect for the elderly” life insurance APP. When using the APP to conduct business, the system will pop up an anti-fraud warning risk reminder to remind the elderly not to transfer funds easily and to beware of financial fraud and illegal fund-raising.

Develop a green channel for the digital dedicated line for the elderly, automatically and accurately identify the caller numbers of elderly customers, set up an exclusive service skills group for the elderly, provide “Chongqing dialect” seat connection services for elderly customers, and provide manual priority access services for 11,800 elderly customers. The rate reaches 99.04%.

The branch’s elderly-friendly service actions are continuously extending from the financial field to public services. In the company’s business hall, a “Golden Sunset” Elderly Care Station has been built for elderly customers that integrates financial services, knowledge services, and health services to meet the needs of the elderly group.

The scholarly garden in the business hall attracts elderly customers to come and find out. “This book is really good, with big words and many pictures, so you can read it clearly.” Several elderly customers who love reading experienced the reading atmosphere of this book corner. In order to solve the dyslexia of “wanting to read but not seeing clearly”, the company specially purchased special books for the elderly. The font size of the pages inside the books is not the usual size 3, but a size two smaller, and the illustrations are also large. In the health care area, emergency medicines such as cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, as well as blood pressure measuring machines and other instruments are provided for the use of the elderly. In the convenience care area, folding wheelchairs make mobility easier for customers in need, and small charging cables serve as “gas stations” for customers. Not only the hardware environment is optimized, but also special and targeted services such as free medical clinics are provided to allow elderly customers to feel the warmth of home.

Population aging is an objective trend of social development. To develop high-quality inclusive financial and insurance services for the elderly, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch will actively leverage its financial and insurance professional capabilities, fulfill more social responsibilities, make the lives of elderly customers more convenient and comfortable, and contribute to the happy life of the elderly. More warmth and security.

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