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China Life Insurance fully launches the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

China Life Insurance fully launches the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity


In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, effectively improve the financial literacy of the public, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and create a fair, just, honest and orderly market environment, the General Administration of Financial Supervision, The People’s Bank of China, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the State Cyberspace Administration of China have decided to jointly launch the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity from September 15 to October 15, 2023.

1. Improve literacy and popularize financial and insurance knowledge that is close to people’s needs

Starting from the needs of the people, publicize and popularize knowledge about basic financial products and services, so that consumers can fully understand insurance principles, insurance responsibilities and other financial common sense, and help consumers understand the business models, handling channels, related risks, etc. of financial services in the insurance industry.

  2. Strong awarenessPrevent illegal financial activities and ensure financial security

For illegal financial activities that are easily accessible to the public, popularize and publicize common manifestations, fully reveal relevant fraud techniques and main characteristics, enhance consumers’ awareness of the protection of personal financial information, and improve the ability to identify and prevent illegal financial activities and money laundering crimes.

  3. Establish conceptsPromote rational consumption based on the characteristics of insurance productsGuide consumers to carefully read contracts, understand their rights and obligations, and treat important aspects such as contract signing with caution when purchasing financial insurance products. Consumers are reminded to choose appropriate products based on their actual conditions, establish a rational insurance concept, and avoid blind and impulsive insurance purchases.

4. Increase integrity and promote fairness and order among all parties involved in the financial market

Encourage consumers to be honest and stick to the bottom line, cultivate good financial consumption habits and healthy and civilized online behavior habits, not spread financial rumors, rationally safeguard their own rights and interests through formal channels and in accordance with the law, be wary of illegal “agency surrender” traps, and strengthen risk responsibility awareness and the spirit of good faith contract.

5. Do practical things, focus on hot and difficult issues, and respond to social concerns

Adhere to the people-centered approach, listen to the voices of consumers, understand their demands, focus on hot and difficult issues that consumers strongly express, and improve financial services through measures such as optimizing financial service processes, smoothing consumer complaint channels, and improving aging-friendly financial service measures. Service Level.

China Life Insurance Company will continue to adhere to the “people-centered” development philosophy, shoulder the mission of popularizing financial and insurance knowledge, create an honest and trustworthy consumer environment, advocate consumers to be honest, keep the bottom line, and cultivate good financial consumption habits and healthy and civilized habits. Internet behavior habits, promote service diversification, digitalization, and intelligent construction, solve the worries, annoyances, and worries of consumers, improve customer experience, and meet customers’ higher requirements and better expectations for financial and insurance services!

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