China Life Insurance creates convenient and heart-warming new citizen insurance services with heart

As a typical “immigrant city”, Shenzhen has a large number of new citizens, complex composition and wide distribution. In recent years, how to make the migrant workers in Shenzhen feel more at ease and secure in their struggle has become the Shenzhen branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) to continuously develop new citizens. Unremitting pursuit in the field of insurance services.

For a long time, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has attached great importance to the insurance services for new citizens. By focusing on the more diversified and differentiated insurance service needs of new citizens, it has given full play to the advantages of the main business of insurance and focused on product promotion. Service upgrading is a breakthrough point, and we are committed to contributing to improving the level of insurance protection for new citizens in Shenzhen.

  Deeply promote the implementation of new citizen services

The new citizen service is an important content and an important measure to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on “promoting the structural reform of the financial supply side, satisfying the people’s yearning for a better life, and promoting the common prosperity of all people”.

According to the requirements of the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the People’s Bank of China and the local financial bureau jointly issued the “Implementation Rules on Strengthening Financial Services for New Citizens”, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch not only established a special leading group for new citizen services and work The group held a special conference on strengthening insurance services for new citizens to study and deploy relevant work, and quickly issued the “Work Plan of China Life Shenzhen Branch on Strengthening Financial Services for New Citizens” to further consolidate responsibilities at all levels and clarify tasks Division of labor, in-depth promotion of new citizen services and effective implementation of various tasks.

  Diversified product supply enhances the risk resistance ability of new citizens

Small, medium and micro enterprises have absorbed a large number of new citizens. China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has combined the characteristics of small, medium and micro enterprises in Shenzhen to actively promote products including China Life Industrial Insurance, China Life Traffic Insurance, China Life Store Insurance, China Life Home Protection, and China Life Insurance. The “Eight Insurances for Group Bills” including 8 product portfolios including Shou Xinxing Insurance, China Life Specialized Special New Insurance, China Life Science and Technology Insurance and China Life Very Short-Term Accident Product Portfolio. The insurance plan is highly targeted, covers a wide range of coverage, and is cost-effective. It has not only become an intuitive manifestation of China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch’s precise drip irrigation of small and medium-sized enterprises with financial “living water”, but also greatly enhanced the hard work in this city. The risk-resisting ability of the dream chasers makes Pengcheng truly a place where new citizens “can accommodate their dreams and accommodate their body and mind”. As of the end of 2022, the “Eight Insurances” for group orders have provided services for more than 190,000 employees of nearly 7,000 small, medium and micro enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with a cumulative insurance coverage of nearly 130 billion yuan.

In addition, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch, as one of the insurance companies participating in Shenzhen’s exclusive medical insurance, always takes “government leadership, professional operation, capital preservation and low profit, and long-term operation” as its purpose, and continues to do a good job in “Shenzhen exclusive medical insurance/heavy insurance” Disease insurance” promotion and service work. By the end of 2022, a total of about 146,000 cases of “Shenzhen Exclusive Medical Insurance” and “Shenzhen Exclusive Critical Illness Insurance” have been underwritten, providing a cumulative risk protection of over 430 billion yuan for Pengcheng citizens.

  Continuously increase the old-age security for new citizens

In order to actively respond to the aging population, continuously meet the protection needs of the elderly, solve the problems of high risk and no insurance for the elderly, and improve the ability of the elderly and their families to resist accidental risks, since 2016, China Life Insurance Shenzhen The branch actively cooperated with the competent government departments and jointly launched the “Silver Age Health Action” which mainly provides accident protection for the elderly over 60 years old in the city.

On the one hand, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch provides citizens with comprehensive accidental injury insurance for the elderly at a low price, which is personally paid for by individuals. It is very convenient to choose flexibly and purchase insurance through multiple channels such as online and offline; on the other hand, actively promote the comprehensive accident insurance project for the elderly, so that insurance protection can cover a wider range of elderly groups.

As of October 26, 2022, the “Silver Age Ankang Action” has provided a total of about 4 billion yuan of risk protection for over 30,000 elderly people in the city, giving full play to the role of commercial insurance service agencies in the social pension security system , It truly embodies the win-win situation of government guidance, enterprise profit sharing, and society benefiting.

In addition, in order to implement the important deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on standardizing the development of the third-pillar pension security system, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch actively promotes China Life Xinxiangbao exclusive commercial pension insurance. This product has the characteristics of simple insurance, flexible payment, and stable income. It can not only provide customers with pension annuities, death insurance benefits, disability care insurance and other protection responsibilities, but also rely on the professional investment capabilities of China Life Insurance Company. Customers bring good investment income, which has become a new choice for many new citizens to meet their own pension security needs.

  Upgrade services to enhance the satisfaction of new citizens

In order to allow new citizens to better enjoy the convenience of life brought by insurance services, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch innovates, empowers and develops, continuously optimizes services, builds a fast channel for new citizen services, and strives to provide customers with “” Simple, high-quality, warm” high-quality financial insurance services.

In terms of basic services, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch provides customers with comprehensive insurance policy business services nationwide, and solves the problem of new citizens’ insurance policy services in different places in one stop. Self-service inquiry and handling functions for 28 preservation services such as renewal payment account change, policy borrowing, policy repayment, etc.; open the “air customer service” project, so that new citizen customers can “face-to-face” with the teller without leaving home, and the experience is convenient and fast business management model; launched various “e-nuclear” tools represented by “nuclear trial calculation” and “Mr. Underwriting service support. The application of “underwriting e-point communication” has realized the one-to-one scene-based online communication between sales personnel and underwriting personnel during the insurance application process.

In terms of claim settlement services, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch cooperated with the Shenzhen Municipal Government to innovate a new claim settlement model and launched the “Pengxin Claims” service on the basis of the existing “direct payment service for claims settlement”. Customers can apply for commercial insurance claims while obtaining financial and medical electronic invoices, realizing one-stop service continuation from insurance, medical treatment to insurance claims. “Pengxin Compensation” also upgrades the insurance company’s traditional passive waiting for customers to submit claim settlement applications through the reporting reminder and service follow-up functions, and upgrades the insurance company to actively provide claim settlement services, realizing customer reporting, sales staff visiting condolences, and medical expense data transmission The full coverage of many processes, such as , brings a more convenient and intelligent claim settlement service experience. Up to now, “Pengxin Compensation” has achieved full coverage of Shenzhen’s second-level and above hospitals, and has set up publicity service points in 33 hospitals.

In terms of services for the elderly, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has completed the improvement of service facilities for the elderly and the upgrading of various service methods at all counters under its jurisdiction, including the upgrade of the calling system at the counters, providing priority services for customers over 60 years old. Services, providing “sit and enjoy” and weekend cash charging services, equipped with reading glasses, magnifying glasses and related first aid facilities, etc., to provide convenience for elderly customers to handle business.

In the future, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch will always have the “big country” in mind, stick to the origin of insurance, and continue to research and explore more targeted and inclusive new citizen protection schemes, so that insurance services can reach and benefit more new citizens Groups, effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of new citizens, and escort the good life of the majority of Pengcheng citizens.

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