China Life Insurance Corporate Culture Case丨Create a new pattern of counter service

China Life Insurance Corporate Culture Case丨Create a new pattern of counter service

In order to thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and widely practice the core values ​​of socialism, China Life launched the “heartthe king of the countryCaring for the concerns of the people——Exhibition of excellent corporate culture cases of China Life Insurance“Activity, through excavating the heart-warming stories and touching moments of the cadres and sales staff who adhere to the political and people-oriented financial work, improve their professionalism, relieve the country’s worries, and dedicate to the people, demonstrates the spirit of China Life people’s integrity, innovation, and pioneering spirit The demeanor guides the whole system to work hard and move forward bravely, and to work together to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way.

As the “business philosophy” of China Life’s corporate culture system, “Integrity and innovation humanistic value“It is an organic whole. The four are closely connected, interpenetrated and interacted to jointly build the business philosophy of China Life in the new era. It is an important support for China Life to walk in the same direction with the times and forge ahead with the people.

In recent years, life insurance companies under China Life Insurance Group have insisted on “people-centered“Unwavering in the concept of development, we will accelerate the construction of counter experience service capabilities, actively “think about change, seek change, and create change”, open up the “fast lane” of service, run out of the “acceleration” of convenience, and polish the “new bottom line” of counter service color”.

  new look

  Provides “at your fingertips”

  Financial insurance service

Optimize the layout of outlet halls to create a new service environment.Starting from 2021, China Life Insurance Company will upgrade the design of the “Customer Experience Center” around sensory elements such as “warmth”, “smartness”, “fashion” and “brand”, and launch four sets of high-end stores, smart stores, full-smart stores, and light stores Environmental layout, flexible collocation of intelligent experience area, convenience service area, sales activity area, business negotiation area, cash counter, etc.more than tenThe functional area, with scene-based regional layout, intelligent equipment configuration, and humanized detail design, shapes scientific service lines, creates multiple interactive spaces, fully stimulates the vitality of outlets, and provides customers with financial and insurance services that are “at your fingertips”.

Currently, China Life Insurance Company hasHundredsCustomer Experience Center“Completed and opened for business, the first high-end customer experience center store will also open in Beijing in August 2022. Next, the company’s counters will continue to be refreshed. By creating a warm and comfortable service environment, conveying the perception of intelligent technology services, and expanding the service radius, Continuously optimize customer experience.

  Service speed, quality service

  Accurate, efficient and timely access

Strengthen technology-enabled services to improve the quality and efficiency of business handling. In the past two years, China Life Insurance Company has been making continuous progress, leveraging digitalization, injecting surging momentum of technological innovation, and actively accelerating the construction of counter service scenarios. Oriented by customer needs, deepen reform and innovation on the supply side, set up express lanes in the air, weave a grid of smart counters, and strive to achieve “no breakpoints in online services and multiple contacts in offline services” to ensure accurate, efficient and efficient high-quality services. Reach customers in time.

Air customer service, remote handling, enjoy convenient services without visiting the cabinet. In 2020, the first spring under the epidemic situation, China Life Insurance Company wrote a new “spring story” of air service, through one-to-one video interaction, face-to-face communication across the air, to customers at home and abroad, thousands of miles away A new service option is provided, and the accumulated service time hasOver 50,000 hoursto achieve online, uninterrupted.

Smart enjoyment at the counter, experience at the counter, and experience smooth, fast and efficient services. Through the deployment of self-service equipment such as smart teller machines, the promotion and application of the “full self-service” and “queuing-free” service models realized the rapid diversion of customer entry and facilitated business out-of-the-counter processing.currently in the countryMore than 2000The counters with high passenger flow are fully launched, and the annual service volume exceeds 10 million, realizing offline operation and wide coverage.

  Quality upgrade, caring service

  Integrate into all aspects of business handling

Focus on caring for special groups and extend the boundaries of heart-warming services. China Life Insurance Company has always been adhering to the people-centered approach, taking the counter as the front, taking good service as its responsibility, and delivering love and warmth to thousands of households. On the road towards the second centenary goal, “no one can be left behind”, and the problems of “stumbling blocks” and “stumbling blocks” encountered by elderly customers under the popularization of smart technology, the counters use “simple,quality,warmth“The humanized service is easy to solve, and the accumulative counter service suitable for the elderly has been providedMore than 5 million people.

The elderly-friendly service facilities are in place, and the hardware is guaranteed. The counter outlets across the country have set up special areas for elderly services, with reading glasses, magnifying glasses, wheelchairs, blood pressure meters and other tools for customers to use by themselves. The counter service process has been optimized and upgraded, making it barrier-free. Elderly customers can enjoy a series of caring measures from the beginning: priority number picking, VIP star treatment, and reduced waiting time; dedicated personnel to accompany, guide the use of smart devices, simplify operation difficulty; special window service, reserve cash charging channels, and respect handling Habit.

Safety at the counter is the top priority, and service quality is the priority. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. applies the concept of adapting to the elderly throughout the entire process of counter service, and integrates caring services into all aspects of business handling, truly helping the elderly and respecting the elderly.

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