China Life Insurance Company’s “Co-Building China Life Integrity Forest” series of activities were exciting


Honesty is the foundation of a career, and trust is the foundation of morality. In order to promote the exploration of the cultural connotation of integrity and create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment, during the 2024 “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) actively carried out “Build China Life Integrity Forest Together” online and offline education and publicity activities.

  Plant the tree of integrity and bear the fruit of credibility

The online event of “Co-building China Life Integrity Forest” received enthusiastic response

March 12, 2024 is the 46th Arbor Day in my country. China Life Insurance Company launched an online tree planting activity and sincerely invites consumers to build the “China Life Integrity Forest” to jointly convey the concept of integrity and build green finance.

During the event, employees, sales staff and consumers of China Life Insurance’s 36 provincial branches across the country participated in online tree planting activities through China Life Insurance’s official WeChat account, China Life Insurance APP and event poster scanning to plant a message of integrity. Seeds convey a green culture of trustworthiness, mutual trust, and common practice. As of March 17, 53,300 people have participated in the event nationwide, and a total of 107,900 integrity trees have been planted.

  in,China Life Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, in conjunction with Life Insurance Tianjin Branch and Tianjin Public Security Bureau Heping Branch, went to Jiefang Beiyuan, Heping District to carry out education and publicity activities on the protection of financial consumer rights. During the event, company volunteers actively promoted the “Build China Life Integrity Forest” activity and invited community residents to check in and plant “Integrity Trees” to jointly build green finance.

  China Life Insurance Ningxia Branch warmly invites customers who come to the counter to scan the QR code on the “Build China Life Integrity Forest” activity poster and plant their own integrity tree. At the same time, the sales workplace also actively organizes sales staff to generate exclusive activity posters and forward them to customers to participate in activities, promote “quality service cases”, strengthen sales staff’s awareness of integrity, and integrate integrity culture into company construction.

  China Life InsuranceDalian BranchTogether with the Wafangdian Public Security Bureau, China Guangfa Bank Wafangdian Branch, China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Wafangdian Branch and other units, we jointly launched the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign. At the event site, the staff also invited guests and consumers to participate in the company’s “Build China Life Integrity Forest” online tree planting activity, plant saplings of integrity together, and enhance consumers’ awareness of integrity and risk prevention capabilities.

China Life Insurance Ningbo Branch’s first branch in the city held an education and publicity event with the theme of “Building a China Life Integrity Forest” in the Financial Silicon Valley office building, calling on sales staff to participate in online tree planting activities and inviting customers to participate. At the same time, the person in charge of the agency carried out compliance marketing training with the theme of “Integrity First”, rooted in the concept of integrity, and effectively enhanced the consumer protection awareness of sales staff.

  Establish a culture of integrity and promote a culture of integrity

“Co-building China Life Integrity Forest” offline activities bloomed at the same time

Trees are the foundation for the sustainable development of the ecological environment, and integrity is the pillar for the healthy development of the financial industry. China Life Insurance Company has actively carried out the “Build China Life Integrity Forest” offline education and publicity activities across the country, combining the popularization of financial knowledge, the construction of integrity culture and the promotion of green ecology, sowing integrity in the hearts of company employees, sales staff and consumers. seeds to help a culture of financial integrity take root and sprout.

At the education and publicity event with the theme of “Thick Planting and Consumer Protection Culture and Building Integrity in Finance” hosted by Minjiang Beigang Park in Fuzhou City, representatives of four China Life Group member units in Fujian including China Life Insurance Fujian Branch jointly read the “Declaration of Integrity” , and jointly planted the “China Life Integrity Tree” with the leaders of the Fujian Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, the Fujian Provincial Consumer Rights Protection Committee, the Fujian Xinhe Consumer Protection Center, the Fuzhou Taijiang District Justice Bureau and other agencies to educate consumers The author expresses the belief and determination of financial practitioners to uphold social responsibilities and insist on operating with integrity. A financial garden activity was also held at the event, allowing the public to have a deeper understanding of honest finance and financial risks through education and entertainment.

  China Life InsuranceShanxi Province BranchWe went to Guoshou Forest in Youyu County, Shuozhou to carry out the “Building an Integrity Forest” activity, and conveyed the concept of financial integrity to consumers through charity tree planting, hanging wish cards, and interactive sharing of integrity declarations. Shuozhou Branch also carried out educational and publicity activities with the theme of “Financial Consumer Protection is Around to Protect Rights and Interests and Prevent Risks” at the Red Education Base in Youyu County to popularize financial knowledge and use actions to establish the determination to be honest in finance.

Jiangxi Branch

China Life Life Insurance companies at all levels in Inner Mongolia have actively organized education and publicity activities with the theme of “Building China Life Integrity Forest Together”. As of March 17, a total of 117 integrity trust promotions have been carried out, reaching a total of 7,190 people. Wuhai Branch in Inner Mongolia organized employees to carry out voluntary tree planting activities in the China Life Corporate Cultural Forest to implement the concept of green China Life with practical actions and promote the development of ecological civilization.

  China Life InsuranceBeijing BranchTogether with Shijingshan Lugu Community Street, we organized the “3·15” theme education and publicity activity of “Financial Consumer Protection is Around You to Protect Rights and Prevent Risks”. A small class on consumer protection was held at the event site to popularize financial and insurance knowledge and guide community residents to strengthen the concept of integrity, abide by the spirit of the contract, and protect their own rights and interests, which was highly praised by community workers and community residents.

  China Life InsuranceJiangxi BranchActively organize and carry out “Integrity Entrustment” publicity activities, strengthen integrity education for sales staff through case drills, risk reminders, case-based insurance, etc., and lay a solid foundation for the ideological foundation of integrity management. As of March 17, a total of 81 “Integrity Entrustment” promotional activities have been carried out, involving more than 4,700 sales staff.

Virtue can carry things, and integrity can win the world. In the next step, China Life Insurance Company will continue to carry out financial consumer education and publicity activities with the theme of integrity, embed the culture of integrity into all aspects of the company’s operations, and use practical actions to promote high-quality development of the financial industry. Promote righteousness, establish new trends, keep integrity, and become more exciting.


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