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China Life Insurance Company, Zhihu and Sina jointly launched the “20 Years of Internet Surfing” series of online activities

China Life Insurance Company, Zhihu and Sina jointly launched the “20 Years of Internet Surfing” series of online activities

Do you remember how you spent your day 20 years ago? How to shop? How to get around? How to entertain? How to interact and communicate with others? From 2003, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 79 million, and now, the number of Internet users in China has reached 1.079 billion. Over the past 20 years, the rapid development of the Internet is changing the lives of Chinese people.

Data from the China Internet Network Information Center shows that as of June 2023, China’s Internet penetration rate has reached 76.4%. More and more people are sharing the results of information technology development through network applications and digital facilities. In order to comply with the consumption habits of consumers in the Internet era and better meet the people’s needs for convenient online purchase of insurance products, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) adheres to the “digital, intelligent and shared” Based on the concept of Internet, we have created the “China Life Insurance Mall” integrating “products + services + content”.

The China Life Insurance Mall is currently available on China Life Insurance APP, official WeChat official account, WeChat mini program, official website and other platforms. It fully leverages the advantages of the Internet in terms of “quick reach, wide coverage and high efficiency” to increase the number of China Life insurance companies. A way to accompany customers, so that customers can enjoy considerate and heart-warming online services, easily obtain various insurance knowledge, tailor-made protection plans, and truly realize “always by your side, accompanying you everywhere”.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the share reform and listing of China Life Insurance Company. The past 20 years have been 20 years of vigorous development of Internet technology. They are also 20 years in which China Life Insurance Company has progressed and prospered together with the times of our country and the country, and has been a long-term companion to the ever-changing and beautiful life. In September of the golden autumn, China Life Insurance Company, Sina Finance and Zhihu jointly launched a series of online activities called “20 Years of Internet Surfing”. Through original music story-themed videos, interviews on the streets of Beijing, interesting posters and cartoons, story collection activities, and special events of “China Life Insurance Mall”, we will witness and share the changes and reflections brought by the Internet to public life.

This event will be held from September 12th to September 25th. You can participate in the topic discussion by searching #Internet20 Years Surfing Memoirs on Weibo, search “Internet surfing for 20 years, 2G to 5G, how has your life changed” on Zhihu to participate in online Q&A, and search in the WeChat mini program “China Life Insurance Mall” participates in special activities and other ways to participate.

“The thread of time is always online and connects you and me at our fingertips.” From the past to the future, China Life Insurance Company will always adhere to the “people-centered” development philosophy, keep pace with the times, strengthen innovative practices, and continue to optimize products and services. Supply and safeguard a better life for the broad masses of the people.

  (Note: The Chinese Internet user data in this article all come fromChina Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) will release the latest version of the “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status” in June 2023)

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