China Life Insurance Company won the “Golden Wealth Management” Annual Insurance Guarantee Brand Award


Recently, the 13th SSE Wealth Management Summit & “Golden Wealth Management” Awards Ceremony hosted by Shanghai Securities News was held in Shanghai. The life insurance company under China Life Group won the “Financial managementAnnual Insurance Protection Brand Award. Winning this award again demonstrates the industry’s high recognition of China Life’s comprehensive strength and excellent brand.

The “Golden Wealth Management” selection was established in 2007. The Shanghai Securities News has long invited industry experts and think tanks to assist the market in finding excellent services, products and management teams in the banking, insurance and asset management industries.This year’s “Golden Financial Management” selection has attracted85mechanismMore than 230Project participation, after multiple stages of competition such as institutional registration, selection of participating materials, expert review and online voting, each award is finally selected.

China Life has been committed to building a world-class financial and insurance brand, and its brand value and brand influence have been continuously improved. It has been included in the Fortune Global 500 list for 20 consecutive yearsNo. 40.According to the 2022 “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list released by the World Brand Lab, the brand value of China Life is as high as RMB452.539 billion yuan, ranked No. 1 in China’s insurance industry. As a core member of China Life Insurance Group, China Life Insurance Company has won the trust of customers with its long history, strong strength, professional and leading competitive advantages and world-renowned brands, and has always been in the leading position in the domestic life insurance market.

Behind the excellent brand image is the strong support of comprehensive strength. China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the “people-centered“Development thinking, scale and value continue to lead the industry. As of December 31, 2022, the company’s total assets and investment assets have both broken through5 trillion yuanthe original insurance premium income615.2 billion yuan, leading the industry in new business value and embedded value in one year. The stable and progressive operating performance has been highly recognized by the capital market. The stock price has outperformed the market by a large margin, leading the domestic insurance sector in market value, and the growth rate of A-shares and H-shares has led the entire insurance sector and the Chinese-funded life insurance sector.

practice “Customer-centric“Concept, China Life Insurance Company attaches great importance to customers’ insurance experience and rights protection, and promotes the improvement of service quality and efficiency. The company’s operating efficiency maintains an industry-leading level. By the end of 2022, the total number of customer services will break through3.5 billion timesthe number of registered users of life insurance APP is nearly130 million peoplethe e-ization rate of personal security reaches92.8%the personal business paperless insurance rate, the group business insurance out-of-the-box rate is close100%; The e-rate of claims is over96%the unmanned operation of the whole process of claim settlement has achieved “zero breakthrough”, and the automation rate has reached72.8%the timeliness of claim application and payment, and the timeliness of claim settlement and insurance payment both remain industry-leading.

Coordinating development and safety, the construction of risk management system of China Life Insurance Company is becoming more and more perfect. In-Depth Implementation”Institutional Compliance Year“Activity,”1+7+N“The comprehensive risk management system has been continuously optimized. Positive results have been achieved in risk prevention in key areas, and the anti-money laundering operation model has been comprehensively upgraded. The level of risk management information has been comprehensively improved, and a number of intelligent risk management and control systems have been launched and promoted,”Intelligent model + indicator monitoring“Preliminary formation of the prevention and control model, risk management and control methods, and control efficiency have been greatly improved. The company’s comprehensive risk rating continues to18 pcsMaintained the highest rating in the quarter, and was rated for three consecutive quarters under the new regulatory regulationsAAA level.

China Life will always cherish the “big country”, stick to the origin of insurance, continue to enrich the supply of diversified insurance products, continuously upgrade and optimize customer service experience, and meet the people’s insurance protection needs for a better life with more simple, high-quality and warm services .


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