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China Life Insurance Company launches China Life Xinyao Longteng Endowment Insurance

China Life Insurance Company launches China Life Xinyao Longteng Endowment Insurance

  In recent years, with the progress of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for insurance has become higher and higher. Among many insurance products, endowment insurance has always attracted much attention. It has unique advantages and can make people’s lives more secure and stable.

The so-called endowment insurance means that if the insured dies during the insurance period, or is still alive when the insurance period expires, the insurance company will pay the agreed insurance money in accordance with the insurance contract. Endowment insurance, to a certain extent, better meets the insurance protection needs of insurance consumers.

Mr. Wang, who works for a financial company and is over 30 years old, is on the rise of his career. Because he is young and the medical welfare system of his employer is relatively complete, Mr. Wang does not want to buy insurance for the time being. However, his wife, Ms. Liu, had different ideas. As an ordinary primary school teacher, Ms. Liu knew that her husband was the main financial supporter of the family. She wanted to choose an insurance that could provide better protection for her family’s future life. After consultation, the insurance planner recommended to her an end-end insurance recently launched by China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”).

In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the political, people-oriented and professional nature of financial work, adhered to customer-centeredness, and adhered to the origin of insurance. By continuously accelerating the pace of product innovation, strengthening asset and liability management, and promoting the supply-side reform of insurance products, Protect people’s better life with a high-quality and diversified product supply system. In the past ten years, the company has developed more than 800 new products, covering a wide range of customer groups such as individual customers, corporate customers, and strategic customers. It has now formed insurance coverage covering death, illness, medical treatment, accidental injury, pension, etc., as well as specific The diversified product system for groups and specific regions effectively meets the differentiated, diversified and constantly upgrading insurance needs of the broad masses of the people. .

In order to provide customers with more diversified and considerate protection, and to help customers scientifically and rationally formulate mid- and long-term family insurance protection plans, China Life Insurance Company has recently launched a new insurance product that Ms. Liu consulted and insured – China Life Xinyao Longteng. Endowment insurance.

So, what are the highlights of this insurance product? Let’s take a look:

  First, the insurance coverage is broad and accessible to the public.This insurance product has the characteristics of wide insurance coverage and coverage of a wide range of people. Anyone who is over 28 days old and under 72 years old and in good health can be an insured person. China Life Insurance Company strives to allow more people to enjoy the company’s diversified and high-quality insurance protection services and deliver warmth to thousands of households. , benefiting the general public.

  The second is survival benefits, adding money and blessings.This insurance product starts from the first annual effective date after five policy years of the contract and before the expiration of the insurance period of the contract. If the insured survives to the annual effective date of the contract, the payment method can be paid in accordance with the contract. If it is a one-time payment, you can receive survival insurance every year based on 20% of the annual insurance premium determined by the basic insurance amount in the contract; if the payment period is three years, you can receive 60% of the annual insurance premium determined by the basic insurance amount in the contract each year. % to receive survival insurance benefits; if the payment period is five years, 100% of the annual insurance premium determined by the basic insurance amount in the contract can be received each year. Customers can enjoy survival insurance benefits based on the payment method they choose, adding money and blessings to their lives.

  The third is to collect it upon maturity and enjoy the future.The insurance period of this insurance product is divided into two types: eight years and ten years. The policyholder can choose one of them as the insurance period of the contract when taking out the insurance. As long as the insured survives until the effective date of the year when the contract insurance period expires, he or she can receive the maturity insurance benefit at 200% of the basic insurance amount of the contract, helping our customers enjoy a worry-free future.

  The fourth is death protection, care and care.If the insured unfortunately dies during the insurance period, he will enjoy death protection as stipulated in the contract. An insurance policy extends the responsibility, shares the fire of care, and continues the boundless love.

Choose “Xinyao Longteng” to gain insight into a better tomorrow and protect a happy life. China Life Insurance Company has always been by the side of its customers, never forgetting its original aspirations, forging ahead and protecting the people’s better life with all its heart. In the future, China Life Insurance Company will continue to cultivate the fertile ground of life insurance, provide insurance consumers with more simple, high-quality and warm insurance protection services, and effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

China Life Insurance Company’s comprehensive solvency adequacy ratio in the second quarter of 2023 was 204.23%, and its core solvency adequacy ratio was 140.43%, which has met regulatory requirements. The company’s latest comprehensive risk rating, that is, the comprehensive risk rating for the second quarter of 2023, is AA. Relevant data are based on the company’s publicly disclosed information. The content of this article is for reference only. For details, please refer to the “China Life Xinyao Longteng Insurance Benefit Clauses” and the “China Life Insurance Company Limited Personal Insurance Basic Clauses”.

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