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China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is based on the counter service position and carries out a variety of consumer protection education and publicity activities.

China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is based on the counter service position and carries out a variety of consumer protection education and publicity activities.

In order to improve consumers’ financial literacy and financial security awareness, and enhance their awareness and ability to safeguard their rights according to law, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) actively implemented the call of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau and organized the 2024 “3· 15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities. As of March 17, a total of 774 activities in the series of “Learn the Eight Rights and Become a Consumer Protection Expert” were held in more than 2,500 counter outlets across the country, with 90,400 customers participating in the activities.

Create an atmosphere and play the role of a consumer protection education base

Each counter of China Life Insurance Company has given full play to its role as a first-line contact point for consumer protection education and publicity bases. It has set up a special area for consumer protection education and publicity, equipped with sufficient educational and publicity materials. It plays educational and publicity videos, explains financial knowledge, and distributes publicity materials. Promote financial and insurance knowledge and carry out risk warnings to customers at the counter.

Senior executives of the company’s institutions at all levels responded actively to the call, signed a proposal for financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities, and displayed it offline at the counter. They solemnly promised to the majority of financial consumers to fulfill their mission, operate in compliance, and serve the people. The determination calls on the vast number of financial consumers to improve their literacy, consume rationally, protect their rights and interests, and prevent risks.

Invite to check in, answer questions and popularize financial and insurance knowledge

  During the event, each counter of China Life Insurance Company adapted to local conditions and set up a “Consumer Protection Knowledge Answer” check-in activity for customers at the counter, and placed it in a conspicuous position at the consumer rights protection education and publicity base of each counter“Meet on Tuesday when consumer protection is in progress·Financial insurance knowledge Q&A”The event promotion poster actively invites customers at the counter to scan the QR code to participate in the online question-answering activity.

Innovate and explore, enrich and diversify consumer protection themed activities

All major counters of China Life Insurance Company actively explore and innovatively carry out a variety of consumer protection themed activities, and integrate activities such as “Financial Knowledge Micro Classroom”, “Fraud Prevention Video Watching” and “Financial Services Policy Lectures” into various customer experience activities. , popularize and promote the eight major rights and interests of financial consumers, publicize the management measures for consumer rights protection of banking and insurance institutions, management measures for insurance sales practices, inclusive finance, pension finance and other financial consumer rights protection and financial service policies to help consumers correctly Understand financial products and services, and fully understand your legal rights and interests.

  Dress up your life and carry out special activities for female consumers.China Life Insurance Company held the “Flower Goddess, Beautiful Time” 3.15 promotional theme event at the counter in Huainan, Anhui Province. It led customers to understand the intelligent services at the counter, told real anti-fraud cases around them, and allowed customers to understand the eight major rights and interests of consumers. Knowledge.

The company’s counter in Quanzhou, Fujian, held a financial consumer protection education promotion and hairpin event called “One Thought of Hairpins, a Lifelong Worry-Free”, inviting customers to experience the romantic hairpin ceremony of the “Garden on the Head” to popularize financial knowledge and advocate reasonable consumption. Strengthen consumers’ self-protection capabilities.

  At the company’s counter in Liuzhou, Guangxi, a ““Show off your goddess style and bloom brilliantly” service experience activities. Customers experience the charm of flower arrangement art, and carry out consumer protection knowledge education in the financial knowledge education area to effectively enhance consumers’ risk awareness.

  Consumer protection micro-classroom to popularize knowledge and improve anti-fraud awareness.China Life Insurance Company opened its counter in Jiangdu, Yangzhou, Jiangsu“Financial Knowledge Micro Classroom”telling customers about the common tactics used by criminals in agency surrender, how to identify the “agency surrender” scam, etc., and helping consumers understand how to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The company’s Beijing counter in Houguangping held a volunteer activity to prevent financial fraud, “Building a Smart Line of Defense and Jointly Building a Financial Safety Net”. Invite 15 “Volunteer Beijing” school volunteers to visit the customer experience center to deepen their anti-fraud awareness and become disseminators of anti-fraud propaganda.

The company’s Qinhuangdao Customer Service Center held a consumer protection promotion event called “Protecting New Citizens”, inviting more than 30 people, including sanitation workers and couriers, to participate. The event kicked off with the Jingyun drums and reached its climax with the dragon dance to wake up the teachers. The “Consumer Protection Yuanshen” distributed three-fold leaflets to attract the audience to check in and take photos, and visit the convenience service area and consumer rights protection publicity base.

(3) Education through fun, interactive games to learn consumer protection knowledge

  Qingdao Hong Kong Middle Road counter opened“How much do you know about the eight rights and interests?”The interactive activity of throwing sandbags to learn about consumer protection attracted customers and nearby residents to actively participate in the lively discussion, which was both educational and entertaining, and gave full play to the function of the over-the-counter financial consumer rights protection base.

  Shanxi Shuozhou counter“Dream back to the Han and Tang Dynasties to learn about consumer protection”Thematic and special activities include on-site activities such as consumer protection check-in, teller machine experience, etiquette learning, ancient poems and answers, etc. to explain financial knowledge to customers, remind customers to consume rationally and prevent financial risks.

  Jinjiang counter opening in Chengdu, Sichuan“Smart Consumer Protection Challenge”Activities include “Keep Financial Knowledge in Mind” and “Escape from Financial Traps” clearance games, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in experience learning and obtain consumer protection knowledge souvenirs, thereby enhancing consumers’ consumer protection awareness and risk prevention and control capabilities.

(4) Expert consultation, caring for health and learning knowledge

The counter in Hangzhou, Zhejiang invited a doctor and associate professor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to lead a team to conduct on-site consultations, perform pulse examinations, shoulder and neck massages for customers at the counter, popularize the concept of healthy living, and carry out the promotion of consumer protection knowledge. One event, double gains.

  Based on its counter service position, China Life Insurance Company has carried out a variety of consumer protection education and publicity activities. The activities’ rich content and interesting educational and publicity forms have been recognized by customers.ChinaLife insurance companies will also continue to organize diversified financial consumer rights protection education and publicity work, create an honest financial atmosphere, enhance consumers’ risk prevention awareness, expand their positions point-by-point, and spread the consumer protection education and publicity map widely.

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