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China Life: I heard that fans of this CBA have already started talking about retirement…

China Life: I heard that fans of this CBA have already started talking about retirement…

  Since the start of the CBA League in the 2023-2024 season, the events have been full of excitement, such as the “double overtime battle” between Qingdao and Shanghai, the “Beijing Derby” between BAIC and Beijing Enterprises, and the outstanding results of many rookies. At the same time, the elderly care service brand with China Life’s characteristics has simultaneously launched strongly inside and outside the stadium, passing on the charm of healthy and energetic elderly care to more young fans and audiences!

  Vibrant elderly care Testimonials on the field

  Recently, representatives of China Life Group’s high-quality compound retirement communities——Professor Shi and Uncle Huang, residents of China Life Garden·Suzhou Yajing Community, came to the match between Zhejiang Dongguang Medicine and Nanjing Toupai Sujiuas the audience appreciates the players’ passionate struggle on the field, and even shows off their skills during the halftime of the game. Their vigorous posture of dribbling and passing is exactly what China Life advocates. A true portrayal of “raising” old age and “enjoying” old age.

  During the interactive interview session, Uncle Huang and Professor Shi shared their feelings about living in the China Life Jiayuan retirement community.Professor Shi’s wordsvery happy,eat well,live well!It highly summarizes the happy and enjoyable aging experience brought by high-quality and warm elderly care services.

  in the name of the city ignite love

  everywhereChina Life can be seen in the CBA arena. The group’s three major business sectors of insurance, investment and banking are working together in the same direction. Relying on comprehensive financial advantages, “Choose China Life for retirement Open an account in Guangfa Enjoy your stay in Jiayuan“Become the first association for young fans.

  OTC China Life Pension Insurance Co., Ltd.The company arranged pension finance themed booths, set up creative games to attract fans to interact and experience, and brought China Life pension finance products and services to more young audiences.Fans in the stadium waved signs withCheer sticks with the slogan “China Life will help you grow old calmly” to cheer for your favorite team.

  Worry-free retirement China Life Escort

  existAt the CBA press conference for the 2023-2024 season, China Life launched a new “Professional Player Retirement Protection Plan“, which follows the launch of “CBA player contract protection insurance“After that, China Life has customized and developed a new product based on the needs of professional athletes. This product fully leverages the company’s professional capabilities and focuses on pension security to help professional basketball players.Alleviating the pressure caused by uncertain sources of income after retirement, allowing them to contribute to their career during their brightest moments in the professional arena.Make financial reserves for the “second half of life”.

  On the basketball court, China Life accompanied fans to witness the highlight moments; off the basketball court, China Life played a comprehensive roleFinancial advantages, fully protect everyone who loves life and sports, and willVibrant elderly care,Healthy retirement,Happy retirement“The concept is integrated into the life plans of fans and customers.

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