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China Life holds reform and development seminar and first science and technology innovation conference

China Life holds reform and development seminar and first science and technology innovation conference

  On September 27, the 2023 China Life Reform and Development Seminar and the First Science and Technology Innovation Conference were held in Beijing China Life Science and Technology Park. Conference Focus”digital transformation“Key areas, jointly discuss breakthrough measures, clarify the key projects of the group’s digital construction, build consensus, and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the construction of a world-class financial and insurance group. Bai Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Life Group, delivered an opening speech and presided over the exchange and discussion session and conclude the speech.

In his opening speech, Bai Tao requested that technological innovation should be placed in a more important position, accelerate China Life’s digital transformation, use digitalization to promote the group’s integrated and comprehensive development, give full play to China Life’s comprehensive financial advantages, and stimulate data elements Vitality, transform data resources into data assets and data capital, and contribute China Life’s wisdom and strength to promote the high-quality development of the financial industry.

In his concluding speech, Bai Tao pointed out that China Life’s digitalization level is generally at the forefront of domestic peers. Digitalization, as one of the group’s five future-oriented strategies, is not only a major basic project to build a world-class industry, but also a “leading It is an important breakthrough to strengthen the group’s positioning of “managing strategy, managing cadres, managing capital, managing risks, managing collaboration, managing brand, and managing party building”. Bai Tao emphasized that it is necessary to make full use of scientific and technological means to organically integrate the strengthening of “seven management” construction and digital transformation, consolidate the main responsibilities, clarify management and control responsibilities, form a project list, and accelerate development. It is necessary to make good use of digital thinking and rely on digital technology to complete the big article of digital transformation, further open up the breakpoints and blocking points in the management and control of China Life Group, promote the “seven management” to a new level, and provide information for building a world-class enterprise. Strong support.

During the exchange and discussion session of the conference, Cai Xiliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Life Group, made a speech focusing on “promoting the integration of financial technology resources”. Cai Xiliang pointed out that in the process of group operation, it is necessary to further promote the integration of financial technology resources, improve the scientific and technological level of the entire group, and then promote the integration of other business resources to improve the overall operation and management level. Cai Xiliang emphasized that we must do a solid job in three basic tasks for the integration of scientific and technological resources: first, clear planning, unified thinking, and unified actions; second, unified standards, focusing on data standardization construction as the entry point and breakthrough; third, win-win benefits, in accordance with The principle of internal marketization is to achieve a win-win situation for all parties under the principle of overall optimization.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was hosted by Yang Liping, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Life Group. In this session, scientific and technological achievements such as China Life’s “Digital Consumer Insurance” management system and China Life Family Portrait 2.0 were released, and the winners of China Life’s first Science and Technology Progress Award were commended. The meeting also invited external expert Professor Zhu Yan, Dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, to give a keynote speech on “Digital Transformation and Innovation of Financial Enterprises”.

During the seminar, Yang Liping, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Life Group, gave a speech focusing on “transforming data into factors of production”. The Financial Technology Department of the Group Company made a report on the theme of “Digital Transformation”. The group’s life insurance companies and asset companies made exchanges and speeches on “turning data into production factors”; China Guangfa Bank, property and casualty insurance companies, and pension insurance companies exchanged speeches on “building a digital customer service ecosystem”; and e-commerce companies made speeches on “co-building and sharing digitalization”. Infrastructure Construction” exchange speech.

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