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China Life fully launched the “7.8 Insurance Publicity Day” campaign

China Life fully launched the “7.8 Insurance Publicity Day” campaign

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.fourteen five“Planning is a crucial year connecting the past and the future. The 11th is about to usher in”7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day“At the time, under the guidance of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration and the unified deployment of the Insurance Industry Association of China, China Life Insurance opened the “insurance force,Work harder for you who are struggling“The prelude to the themed series of activities.

As the “leader goose” in the industry, China Life insists on “people-centered“Develop thinking, focus on the main business of insurance companies, plan and launch a series of publicity activities online and offline, update and upgrade supporting resource services, and comprehensively use the official self-media matrix, internal and external websites of the company, “China Life” magazine and various external media , release relevant information through multiple channels, spread advanced culture in a diversified way, focus on popularizing insurance knowledge, promoting insurance concepts to the public, and demonstrating the original mission of the industry as well as China Life’s unremitting efforts and positive results in protecting people’s better lives.

In addition to carrying out the “healthy life every day“Public Welfare Testing,”sing new journey,run green“Group activities,”insurance force,Work harder for you who are struggling“Live Relay,”insurance five entryA series of national activities organized by industry associations such as “popularization and publicity” also give full play to their own advantages and carry out a series of characteristic activities in various forms.

For example, the life insurance company under the group launched the “DouyinConcentric for twenty years“Video screening activities, with distinctive themes and expressive video visual language, show the style of insurers from multiple perspectives, convey insurance concepts, and boost the image of the industry; combined with “Happy life“”China Life Little Painter“”700 hiking“”Prevention of Illegal Fundraising Awareness Month“”Financial Literacy Month” and other diverse themes, inviting customers to participate in more abundant offline experience activities, and renewing the production of promotional materials on the counter, vigorously creating a warm atmosphere for the public promotion day. Property insurance companies use the “Peace of mind“Traffic platform, focusing on meeting the needs of consumers for travel vehicles, business travel and life, planning and launching a variety of live interactive activities, introducing new energy vehicle selection skills, car use precautions, supporting policies, service plans, etc. to the public, and shaping insurance with action. A good image of service first and long-term companionship.

7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day“has been held continuously10 years, has become the cultural business card of the insurance industry, and has played a positive role in promoting the popularization and improvement of public insurance knowledge. Over the past ten years, China Life has firmly grasped the basic responsibility of focusing on the center and serving the overall situation, and has always been with us.Through solid promotion and implementation of the activities related to the Public Publicity Day, insist on telling the story of China Life well, conveying professional voices, maintaining the image of the industry, promoting the awareness of national insurance with high-quality publicity, and helping to createstudent insurance,Understand insurance,with insurancegood development atmosphere.

Next, China Life will continue to “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” as an opportunity to actively focus on high-quality development of the insurance industry, help rural revitalization, practice protection of people’s livelihood, serve green development, support self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology, share the reform and development achievements of the insurance industry, interpret the functions of insurance, and interpret the concept of insurance value to the public. , to make due contributions to the continuous improvement of the public’s understanding and recognition of insurance and the expansion of the industry’s influence.

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