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China Life continues to “go down to the grassroots” to serve the people and become “substantial”

China Life continues to “go down to the grassroots” to serve the people and become “substantial”

The Party Committee of China Life Group has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on “Four Downs at the Grassroots”, vigorously carried forward and promoted the fine tradition of “Four Downs at the Grassroots” within the system, and promoted party organizations at all levels to strengthen the same theme education on “Four Downs at the Grassroots” The connection and linkage of key measures, taking the promotion of the party’s theory, line, principles and policies as a major task, taking investigation and research as an important path, taking solving problems as the key orientation, taking promoting development as the foothold, following the party’s mass line in the new era, and constantly Promote the theme education to be in-depth and practical.

shoulder political responsibility

Insert “Four Lower Grassroots Levels” throughout thematic education

Party organizations at all levels of China Life have thoroughly studied and understood the essence of “Four Downs at the Grassroots”, carried out study and discussions through party committee theoretical study center group studies, reading classes, etc., formulated work plans for “Four Downs at the Grassroots”, and focused on promoting high-quality development and serving the people. To improve the quality of life, we must focus on firmly establishing and practicing a correct view of political performance, focusing on effectively solving the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the people, and doing a good job in the “four grassroots” articles. Bai Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, and Cai Xiliang and Guo Xinshuang, Deputy Secretaries of the Party Committee, respectively led teams to branches in Xinjiang, Shenzhen, Hubei, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places to publicize the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s latest important speech and important instructions on thematic education, and went to the front line and Go to the site, interview employees, observe the actual situation, listen to the truth, and take the lead in setting an example and paying close attention to implementation. Li Mingguang, secretary of the party committee of the life insurance company, and Cao Weiqing, deputy secretary of the party committee, went to branches in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places to conduct on-site research, on-site guidance, and on-site coordination. Other team members combined the arrangements of the attachment points and party building contact points system to go to Various regions conducted research and guidance on the second batch of thematic education work. Wang Kai, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Guangfa Bank, led a team to investigate the Hong Kong and Macau branches to study countermeasures around the development of overseas business and do a good job in overseas party building work. Other team members used the “four grassroots” working method to take the initiative to work in areas where there are many difficulties and where the masses’ opinions are concentrated. If the situation cannot be solved, contact the branch for investigation, visit grassroots outlets, hold discussions and exchanges with branch officials and employees, and study measures to promote development and relieve people’s concerns. Huang Xiumei, secretary of the party committee of the property insurance company, led a team to Xinjiang branches to find out the actual situation and gather public opinion. The team members went to 14 provincial branches and branches under their jurisdiction to conduct 15 surveys, through holding research symposiums, in-depth on-site visits and other forms. , extensively listen to the opinions of grassroots employees, partners and key customers, and take the lead in identifying problems on the front line, solving problems on the front line, and reflecting results on the front line.

The word “deep” comes first

Go deep into the front line

Promote the party’s principles and policies

Party organizations at all levels of China Life Insurance have established propaganda teams, innovated the format of propaganda, enriched the propaganda system, and opened up the “last mile” of theoretical propaganda at the grassroots level. Guangdong Zhanjiang Central Branch of P&C Insurance has established a unique propaganda team composed of leadership and ordinary party members. It comprehensively uses party classes, story meetings and other forms to promote grassroots propaganda, and transforms it into a powerful starting point for implementing work and doing practical things for the people. Gansu Linxia Central Branch of P&C Insurance thoroughly explained Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the form of “micro-party classes” taking the lead in giving lectures with the party committee secretary and secretaries of each party branch taking turns giving lectures. The party branch of the agency jointly carried out the activities of “Inheriting Lei Feng’s Spirit and Promoting the Power of Examples” with property companies and communities, going deep into residents’ homes, listening to the people’s voices, explaining national policies, and letting the people feel the party’s care. The Guangfa Bank Credit Card Center has planned and tracked the theoretical study of marketing party members and mobile party members, and organized each branch center to carry out online “joint learning” to promptly convey the party’s line, principles, and policies to the grassroots front lines.

The word “real” is the key

Conduct research

Solve practical difficulties

Party organizations at all levels of China Life take “four grassroots levels” as an important carrier, insisting on sinking power, targeting efforts, and solving problems in a practical manner. Life Insurance Shandong Branch carried out a “question-and-answer” survey, going straight to the grassroots, going straight to the research topic, strengthening research interaction, improving research efficiency, preventing formalism, clarifying the situation, identifying problems accurately, implementing measures, and answering questions on the spot. There are more than 100 grassroots problems. Guangfa Bank Huizhou Branch regards supervisory research as an important method to solve the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the masses. The branch team and departments directly face the branches with weak foundations to “check the pulse and inquire” for development and “prescribe good prescriptions” to get out of the predicament. Team members of the Hebei Baoding Central Branch of P&C Insurance went into groups to branches in counties affected by the “23.7” severe flood in the Haihe River Basin. They went to farmers’ homes to check on the farmers’ disaster situation, understand their needs, and conduct real visits to understand the people’s conditions. As of October 20, farmers The total number of farmers affected by the insurance is about 25,000, and nearly 50 million yuan in compensation has been paid. All compensation has been paid to the county branches in the flood storage and detention areas. The team members of Gansu Zhangye Central Branch of P&C Insurance went deep into the grassroots and led party members to go to rural outlets to communicate with farmers’ homes and do a good job in underwriting and claim settlement. At the same time, according to the seasonal characteristics of agricultural insurance business, they gave up holiday breaks to establish files and cards. The agricultural insurance underwriting and bid verification work for poor households serves the people wholeheartedly.

The word “effect” is the basis

voice of the masses

into crowd applause

  Party organizations at all levels of China Life maintain smooth channels for normalized communication and service, embodying the “four grassroots levels” in solving problems, promoting development, doing practical things, and resolving people’s concerns.Life Insurance Henan BranchWe have opened a theme education service grassroots direct train and a 24-hour “110 service for the grassroots” phone, set up a suggestion box, and carried out visits by the leadership team to understand the thoughts, wishes and expectations of grassroots employees through multiple channels, and respond to the concerns of grassroots employees in a timely manner.China Guangfa Bank Nanning BranchTo carry out the work of “top leaders on the front line”, branch presidents serve customers in the lobby of branches, understand customer needs face-to-face, listen to customer complaints, and solve customer problems on the spot.China Guangfa Bank Changsha BranchOrganize the person-in-charge of the business outlets under the jurisdiction to publicize financial knowledge, policies and regulations to the public on-site, and answer questions and doubts. China Guangfa Bank Wuhan Branch organized party members to go into the community and carry out a series of activities such as exchanging “small coins” to deliver convenient services to people’s doorsteps. Property and Casualty Insurance Hunan Branch branches at all levels cooperated with the local traffic police on duty at the traffic safety advisory station to carry out financial education and publicity activities to deliver financial consumer protection knowledge and services to the vast number of rural people.

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