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China Life comprehensive financial logo appears in CBA arena

China Life comprehensive financial logo appears in CBA arena


Give your love and live up to your trust

Fulfilling the mission in the name of the city

2023-2024 season CBA League

Officially started

On October 21, the opening game of the 2023-2024 CBA League started in Shenyang, Liaoning. The defending champion Liaoning Bengang played at home and defeated Nanjing No. 1 Sujiu 109:85 to kick off the new season. Before the game, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Xu Jicheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of CBA, Yu Xianqun, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the property and casualty insurance company under China Life Group, and relevant leaders of Liaoning Province awarded the championship to last season’s championship team Liaoning. ring and a championship bouquet.

Comprehensive financial middle circle logo newly upgraded

Starting from the new season, China Life’s mid-circle advertising has been completely upgraded and will appear in the CBA arena. Compared with the previous version of the design, the new middle circle advertisement highlights the text and graphic elements of the three major business sectors of insurance, investment, and banking, and more clearly and intuitively demonstrates China Life’s comprehensive financial advantages, supporting the construction of a sports power and a healthy China, and guarding it with heart. people’s confidence and determination to live a better life.

  A logo in the middle circle was set up during the game to appear at the opening show. The four dazzling changing flags with great visual impact alternately displayed “Vote for what you love and live up to your trust”, “Vote for China Life if you want” and “One crucial vote determines the future.” and other brand slogans, making the brand connotation of China Life more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

China Life’s IP group’s exciting opening match

China Life’s mascots, the China Life cows “Niu Chengcheng” and “Niu??”, as well as the small sheep and Cai Bao, made their collective appearance for the first time to call for the new season and help the coordinated development of comprehensive finance. The “cute” China Life team will The atmosphere reached a climax.

Professional strength escorts players’ full-cycle development

At the CBA new season press conference held not long ago, China Life solemnly announced that it would join hands with its member unit Guangfa Bank to renew the CBA contract to jointly support the development of the league and launch a new “Professional Player Retirement Guarantee Plan.” This is a brand-new product developed by China Life based on the needs of professional athletes after the “CBA Player Contract Protection Insurance”. It aims to leverage the company’s professional capabilities to help professional basketball players cope with the risks caused by uncertain income sources after retirement, and provide professional players with a better life experience. Escorting different stages of the track is also an important measure taken by China Life to support the modernization of the sports governance system and governance capabilities.

The 2023-2024 regular season has officially begun, and the battle is about to begin. Don’t miss the excitement! China Life will witness the new season and journey with you!

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