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China Life: Adhere to the “Power of Belief” and strive to draw a new blueprint for a better life for the people

China Life: Adhere to the “Power of Belief” and strive to draw a new blueprint for a better life for the people


As a large state-owned financial institution, China Life adheres to its original mission, uses actions to serve the overall development of the country, protects the people’s better life, and sincerely delivers the core concept of corporate culture of “become a person, be a person, be a person, and be a person who can achieve oneself”. The company’s own high-quality development is in line with the people’s understanding of life. Beautiful yearnings are closely related and closely connected.

“We believe that the more difficult the place, the more it will test our will to fulfill our mission.” said Basang Dolma from the Marketing Service Department of Linzhi Gongbu Jiangda County, China Life Insurance Tibet Branch.


The top of thousands of mountains, the source of thousands of waters. There are an average of less than 2.5 people per square kilometer here, and the oxygen content of the air is only 2/3 of that in the plains. China Life people represented by Basang Dolma rely on their feet to compete with the vast land and sparse people, and rely on their will to contend with the thin air. They were once confused and at a loss, but in order to find the meaning of China Life people’s existence in this difficult place, they always stuck to it.

  Believe in the power of perseverance

Perhaps adhering to the original is the meaning of the existence of China Life people, helping people in the snow-covered plateau to help the poor, get medical treatment, provide for the elderly, and save themselves from disasters, so that every piece of land here can burst out with new hope and hope. vitality. Persevere in adversity and move forward in difficulties. Examples are like mirrors to reflect one’s original intention; examples are like lamps to illuminate the way forward; examples are like friends to accompany each other. Throughout the country, no matter whether it is poor or rich, every inch of land has the roots of China Life people. They take root at the grassroots level, serve on the front line, measure the land with their footsteps, and practice their responsibilities with dedication. Thousands of China Life people stick to their unchanging original aspirations. .

It is precisely because of their perseverance that China Life people are always there and watching, whether it is on rural ridges or border plateaus, even in remote corners, bringing people a solid sense of security.

China Life has always adhered to its original mission of “serving the country with finance” and “insurance for the people”. It has traveled thousands of miles, gone through untold hardships, and spoken thousands of words to deliver protection to thousands of households. Wherever there is China Life, there is Endless security and warmth. Financial water irrigates people’s livelihood, serves the real economy, and promotes green development… In the process of serving the national development strategy, China Life strives to be the first and actively fulfills its responsibility and responsibility as a shock absorber for economic operations and a stabilizer for social development.

Perseverance is a kind of strength

Nothing can shake the faith you hold on to

China Life believes

The power of perseverance can create beauty

Believe in the power of change

Industrial revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization, which can not only consolidate the results of poverty alleviation but also effectively prevent return to poverty. “From ‘poverty alleviation’ to ‘rural revitalization’, every step China Life takes is promoting the people in border areas to move towards common prosperity.” China Life Insurance Company posted a post at Daliu Town, Chahar Right Back Banner, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia Cai Zhi, a cadre support officer, said.

Without industries in rural areas, it is difficult to gather popularity, let alone retain talents. There are few ways to increase farmers’ income, and it is even more difficult to carry out cultural activities. In recent years, China Life Insurance Company has undertaken the paired assistance tasks in Da Liu No. 6 Town, and exploring local resource advantages and using its own conditions to change farmers’ lives has become its top priority. In order to provide assistance to Da Liuhao Town according to local conditions, the company leveraged its main business advantages to adopt a multi-pronged approach, focusing on innovating the poverty alleviation model of financial institutions from multiple aspects such as insurance, industry, consumption and education assistance, which not only made huge changes in the appearance of the countryside changes, the production and life of local people have also been continuously improved.

From “blood transfusion” to provide people’s livelihood support to “blood-making” industrial assistance, China Life has effectively supported the “safety net” for the people, while promoting the upgrading of local characteristic industries and helping people’s lives become rich and beautiful. Wherever there is a need, China Life silently contributes its own strength, extending the power of change to every corner.

In the wave of development of the times, it is crucial to keep a sharp gaze, maintain determination, and anchor the next development direction. As the “leading goose” in the industry, China Life has always pushed itself to have the courage to reform and the foresight to develop. More than that, China Life has also seized the opportunity of the development of the digital economy, actively carried out insurance technology and digital transformation, and explored a technological construction path with China Life characteristics to help itself achieve high-quality development and strive to build a world-class financial and insurance group. take solid steps towards the goal.

Change is a force

Nothing can stop the beauty of change

China Life believes

The power of change can create beauty

Believe in the power of sincerity

“I am a daughter of the grassland and one of the 700,000 insurance salesmen of China Life. It is my greatest wish to ensure that the happy life of my fellow villagers can be long-term.” With the tireless pursuit of ideals, China Life Insurance The Xiangrid Mongolian Yumei team of the Qinghai Provincial Branch is walking on the road of safety step by step.

If there is a secret to success, it must be sincerity and hard work. Traveling over mountains and ridges, sleeping in the open air, visiting on foot… Difficulties abound on the way to deliver insurance protection services, but in the eyes of China Life people, these are insignificant. In the early days of business development, faced with setbacks one after another and customers’ lack of understanding and acceptance, Yumei and her team were not deterred by helplessness and frustration. They never thought of giving up, and they encouraged each other time and time again to get them through. a difficult stage. The original intention to solve the people’s worries is what motivates them to move forward; the belief in using insurance to bring long-term protection to the people is their determination not to give up easily.

From strangers to acquaintances, from doubts to trust, they exchange sincerity for mutual trust with customers, and use the “customer-centered” service concept to interpret China Life’s brand image of “we have known each other for many years and are worthy of trust”. The Yumei team is just a representative and a microcosm of countless China Life people. The little bits gather together to form a river; the sycamore trees join together to form a forest. Under the guidance of China Life’s core corporate culture concept of “become a person, be a person, be a person, be a person, be a person, be a person, be a person”, every China Life employee continues to surpass themselves in their respective positions, sincerely contributes, and provides customer protection services professionally and efficiently, with a strong sense of responsibility. and a sense of mission to fulfill the unchanging promise of warmth.

They protect the people’s good life with responsibility, safeguard the people’s good life with actions, and serve the people’s good life with sincerity. After going through ups and downs, China Life people have always insisted on putting the people at the center, protecting the people’s fundamental interests and improving people’s livelihood and well-being. As practitioners of the “double success” concept, generations of China Life people have achieved higher value and gained greater happiness in the recognition and satisfaction of customers.

Sincerity is a kind of power

Nothing can erase the sincere protection

China Life believes

The power of sincerity can create beauty

In the new era and new journey, China Life will continue to deepen reform and innovation, focus on key areas to promote transformation and upgrading, continuously inject new momentum into high-quality development, effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security, and contribute new resources to protect the people’s better life. of greater power.

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