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China Life actively explores the way to help rural revitalization in border areas with ethnic minorities

China Life actively explores the way to help rural revitalization in border areas with ethnic minorities

Recently, the Central Rural Work Leading Group reported the results of the 2022 assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of the designated assistance work of central units. China Life received the highest grade of “good” evaluation, which is a full affirmation and high recognition of China Life’s designated assistance work. At present, China Life has selected over 1,100 cadres from Longzhou County and Tiandeng County in Guangxi, Danjiangkou City and Yunxi County in Hubei Province, as well as other paired assistance counties, towns and villages across the country, forming a top-down The “five-level linkage” of the group, headquarters, provinces, cities, and counties promotes the work pattern of rural revitalization.

  In 2023, China Life will pay more attention to border areas, continue to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and continue to do a good job in rural revitalization. From July 6th to 8th, China Life organized a survey and interview on rural revitalization. Taking Longzhou County in Guangxi as a sample, it focused on introducing and displaying the company’s achievements in helping to expand poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, realizing the transition from “blood transfusion” assistance to ” “Hematopoietic” assistance transformation achieved work results. Longzhou County is located in the southwestern border of my country, with a population of Zhuang nationality accounting for 95%, belonging to an ethnic minority area, a frontier area, and an old revolutionary base area.As a designated assistance unit in Longzhou County, China Life has selected 13 full-time cadres to carry out counterpart assistance work for ten consecutive years, donated more than 76 million yuan, implemented 70 assistance projects, and actively exploredThe road to rural revitalization in ethnic minority areas in border areas of Guangxi with the characteristics of China Life.

Weaving insurance assistance “safety net”

China Life focuses on carrying out insurance support work centered on “critical illness insurance + agricultural insurance”. The life insurance company under the group has developed and promoted 13 exclusive products for rural revitalization, including “China Life Rural Revitalization Group Comprehensive Accident Insurance”. Exclusive products such as “Beautiful Countryside Insurance” have been launched in 27 provinces.

(Longzhou County Precision Poverty Prevention Insurance Service Center handles claims for villagers)

Taking Longzhou County as an example, China Life Insurance launched the “Precise Poverty Prevention” project in the form of relief funds in 2019. In 2021, in order to adapt to the requirements of the new situation, the company will upgrade the “Precise Poverty Prevention” project to the “Poverty Prevention Insurance” inclusive comprehensive insurance project. In this way, households monitored for poverty prevention due to illness, education, and disasters will be included in the key monitoring scope for targeted tracking, timely assistance will be given to those who meet the conditions for assistance, and “sluice gates” and “dams” to prevent poverty will be built from the source. Up to now, the project has handled a total of 795 claims cases, with a cumulative claim amount of nearly 8 million yuan.

Longzhou County is a major sugar cane plantation county. China Life has underwritten the local sugar cane price index insurance for two consecutive years, and is currently promoting the development of “insurance + futures” sugar cane price index insurance. In addition, the company also actively promotes live pig mortgage loans, beef cattle length measurement and weight estimation, and instant compensation system, etc., to help local farmers maintain their income and increase their income.

Create a “new engine” for industrial assistance

To revitalize the countryside, industry is the foundation. In recent years, China Life has continued to improve the long-term industrial support mechanism of “providing funds before production, providing insurance during production, and providing sales after production”, and has deeply explored the ability of insurance funds to integrate operating resources. By supporting high-quality market players, promoting High-quality development of rural industries.

(Huang Minjia introduced the honey production situation at the China Bee Breeding Demonstration Base)

Taking Longzhou County, Guangxi as an example, China Life has successively implemented 40 industrial support projects in Longzhou County, including Binying Village Bee Breeding Project, New Hope Liuhe Live Pig Poverty Alleviation Project, Gaoneitun Ecological Agriculture Project, Anzhen Village Citrus planting project, Baijia cattle raising project, etc. One of the beneficiaries of industrial support is Huang Minjia, Lane Tun, Binying Village, Binqiao Township, Longzhou County. Huang Minjia was still a poverty-stricken household in the village in 2015. Because of his enthusiasm for beekeeping, Chen Junfu, the deputy magistrate of Longzhou County, China Life Insurance at the time, actively contacted him and invested 150,000 yuan for Huang Minjia’s beekeeping business “start funds”. Now Huang Minjia’s original ecological honey has become a “bestseller” purchased by regular customers and processing factories in surrounding villages and towns. Huang Minjia not only built a three-story small western-style building and drove a car, but also led the surrounding villagers to establish a professional cooperative for bee breeding. China Bee Breeding Demonstration Base and Fine Breeding Center. “This year we plan to invest another 150,000 yuan to help Huang Minjia establish a honey processing workshop in the China Bee Breeding Demonstration Base.” Tian Shouxiang, the deputy county head of Longzhou County, who is currently working for China Life Insurance, further introduced, “There is a processing workshop that meets the standards. , can produce and sell honey products that meet food safety standards, and in the future, it is possible to further expand the production scale and establish a business to further increase the income of beekeeping villagers.”

China Life Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. assisted Longzhou County to introduce New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the agricultural field in my country, to develop an integrated pig ecological breeding project, and to build a pig breeding base covering an area of ​​2,300 mu. The total investment of the project exceeds 2 billion yuan, which effectively drives the local people to increase their income and become rich, and realizes the stable growth of collective and individual economic income.

  Supporting Rural Revitalization “Soul of Culture”

Cultural revitalization is the soul-casting project of rural revitalization. China Life actively explores intangible cultural heritage resources and red cultural resources in designated assistance areas, strengthens rural ideological and moral construction and public cultural construction, and promotes a new atmosphere of rural civilization.

(Students from Longzhou Minzu Middle School in Guangxi learn to play the Tianqin in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Classroom)

Taking Longzhou County in Guangxi as an example, China Life Insurance will invest 1 million yuan in assistance funds in 2022 to carry out non-heritage inheritance education assistance projects, support local ethnic middle schools, Xinhua Central Primary School, Jinlong Town Experimental School, etc. to establish Tianqin art inheritance classrooms and Zhuang brocade making skills inheritance classroom, hired professional teachers to teach students intangible cultural heritage. The Tianqin art and Zhuang brocade production skills in Longzhou County are both intangible cultural heritage. Through the implementation of the project, the Tianqin culture and Zhuang brocade culture will be integrated with the quality education and cultural education of young children at school to realize the combination of education and cultural heritage inheritance. The organic combination further promotes the inheritance of Tianqin art and Zhuang brocade skills.

  Realize the “beautiful butterfly transformation” of the village

Focusing closely on ecological revitalization, China Life taps high-quality ecological resources in designated areas for assistance, makes good use of the company’s professional advantages, helps locals improve the living environment in rural areas, improves rural living facilities, and jointly explores a good way for rural construction.

(Ba Nongtun, Luohui Village, Longzhou County, Guangxi, near the Sino-Vietnamese border)

Taking Longzhou County, Guangxi as an example, China Life will donate 3 million yuan in assistance funds in 2021 to implement the “China Life New Village” construction project, which will be used for the construction of Balongtun, Nongquntun, Nongkantun and Xinyi in Luohui Village, Longzhou County. Improvement of the style of the villages along the four expressways in Shuitun. Among them, Balongtun is 2 kilometers away from the exit of the Chongzuo-Shuikou Expressway. It is located along the border between China and Vietnam. It has unique advantages in mountain and water resources and geographical location. It is a key support village for the “China Life New Village”. China Life cooperates with counties, towns and villages to actively carry out “three clean-ups and three demolition” and improve infrastructure. At the same time, it integrates the party building culture into the construction of village style and appearance, and vigorously develops the rural leisure tourism industry based on the construction of new villages, making the village look brand new and powerful. Promoted rural revitalization.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, patches of vigorous carnations, rows of white-walled and gray-tiled buildings, and winding trails around the mountains, Ba Nong Tun has changed from the previous “dirty and messy” appearance to villagers. The beautiful homeland in my mind to live and work in peace and contentment has realized the beautiful butterfly transformation from “ugly duckling” to “white swan”.

Since the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization has entered a new stage. China Life has actively leveraged its advantages in main responsibilities and main business functions, and strived to build a long-term working mechanism for comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization during the “126” period, and a package of services to support the rural revitalization strategy Implemented on the ground. One main body is to give full play to the advantages of the main insurance business, provide comprehensive insurance protection, and use insurance to protect the hard-won achievements of poverty alleviation. By the end of 2022, it will provide about 35 trillion yuan of risk protection for the rural market; undertake more than 200 critical illness insurance projects, covering nearly 350 million urban and rural residents; through the protection design of “basic medical insurance + critical illness insurance”, nearly 80% of the Supporting inclined responsibilities, reducing the medical burden of insured persons by more than 22 billion yuan. The two forces are to inject comprehensive financial power and social public welfare power into rural revitalization. As of the end of 2022, China Life Group’s insurance fund investment to support rural revitalization has a stock scale of over 89 billion yuan, and the balance of agriculture-related loans of China Guangfa Bank, a member unit of the group, exceeds 140 billion yuan Yuan. The six major systems are to fully integrate the advantages of resources such as products, funds, talents, technology and services, and build a leading system for party building, an insurance product system, a financial service system, an industrial investment system, an education and training system, and a social welfare system to boost rural revitalization.

Today, among the green mountains and green waters, beautiful pictures of “new countryside, new industries, and new development” are slowly unfolding. On the road of promoting the development of poverty-stricken areas and the overall revitalization of rural areas, China Life will bravely assume social responsibilities, integrate insurance functions, public welfare forces and service advantages into financial power, and effectively leverage its comprehensive financial advantages to focus on the five major revitalizations step by step Solidly help the folks, especially the folks in the frontier ethnic areas, to make steady progress on the road of rural revitalization.

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