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China Home Expo (Tianjin) will have a grand opening on October 27, 2023

China Home Expo (Tianjin) will have a grand opening on October 27, 2023

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deeply implement the important requirements of the General Secretary for the “three efforts” of Tianjin’s work, seize opportunities, promote coordination, and serve the major national strategies for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, based on a high position, focusing on the big picture, Integrate into the grand strategy, promote the intersection of the Beijing-Tianjin-wing integrated industrial circle, the Bohai Rim urban economic circle, the capital central administrative circle and the Xiongan headquarters economic circle, promote the integration and upgrading of the home furnishing industry in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and help the home furnishing industry in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region High-quality development.

  The first China Home Expo(Tianjin)Pre-show warm-up officially started

On May 5 and 31, hosted by China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd., Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai China Trade Macalline Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. The press conference of the first China Home Expo (Tianjin) jointly organized by Huajia Branch of the company will be held in Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center.

This exhibition is positioned as the “Northern Furniture and Building Materials First Launch Platform”. Red Star Macalline will cooperate with government resources to respond to Tianjin’s call to designate 2023 as “Tianjin Consumption Year” and release new policies, new strategies and new products of the group in a unified manner. As the only exhibition covering large home building materials in the “Three Norths” region, focusing on the “Three Norths” as the core, focusing on “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei”, radiating the national market, promoting the integration and interoperability of large home furnishing, and further optimizing the layout of the national furniture and building materials exhibition market .

  “Exhibition store linkage” to create a virtuous circle in the home furnishing industry

The exhibition launched an innovative exhibition mode. As China’s largest operator of home decoration and furniture shopping malls with the largest operating area and the largest number of shopping malls in China, Red Star Macalline, in conjunction with China International Trade Exhibition and CTME, created an exhibition-store linkage, two-way empowerment, and realized TO B & TO C mode two-way combination.

The brand store resource “store” brought by Red Star Macalline to this China Home Expo (Tianjin) is the key to this model.

As early as 2019, Red Star Macalline and China International Trade Exhibition launched the “Exhibition Store Alliance” model for the first time. “Store” refers to Red Star Macalline’s tens of thousands of high-quality distribution stores across the country. With this, industry exhibitions can keep abreast of consumers’ preferences for brands and products, and grasp the latest developments in the industry. At the same time, mastering the situation of the replacement of distribution stores or the increase or decrease of agency brands can also better help China Home Expo (Tianjin) make breakthroughs in attracting exhibitors and investment, and better serve the industry.

In the current situation of “oversupply of exhibition capacity”, the “Exhibition Shop Alliance” exhibition model jointly initiated by Red Star Macalline and China International Trade Exhibition will also realize the comprehensive upgrade of the exhibition’s mission, scale, theme, exhibitor brands, investment promotion, services, conferences, etc. , is committed to providing overall solutions for the global home furnishing and home furnishing industry.

As a joint venture between a leading company in domestic home furnishing stores and a leader in China’s exhibition industry, relying on their respective experience and resources in the field of home furnishing and exhibitions, it will bring new innovations to the home furnishing exhibition model and empower the upgrading and development of the home furnishing industry.

China Home Expo (Tianjin) focuses on the positioning of “Northern Furniture and Building Materials First Launch Platform”, relying on the long-term outlook and platform advantages of the national unified home furnishing consumption and exhibition market, it can not only meet the needs of home furnishing practitioners to find industry trends and business opportunities, but also effectively Helping dealers to open stores in Red Star Macalline nationwide, realizing the sharing of multiple resources such as exhibitors, audiences, media, publicity, databases, services, etc., is considered to have formed a high level of home furnishing industry supply creating demand and demand driving supply Virtuous circle.

This home fair has 8 core exhibition areas, attracting nearly 1,000 participating brands. With the help of the “exhibition store alliance” model, China Home Fair has established a complete closed loop that runs through the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and has become an important furniture and building materials industry. The exhibition and sales platform, many brands choose to release new products on the platform.

  Mainstream brands gather,Advance layout of home furnishing industry event

It is reported that Dongfang Hongye, Xingye Furniture, Zhenrong Furniture and other solid wood furniture, Oupai, Sofia and other whole-house customized brands, as well as many first-line brands such as doors and windows, sofas, soft beds, office furniture, machinery and equipment, have successfully signed the first contract. China Home Expo (Tianjin) is committed to serving the home building materials market, forming a display platform with northern characteristics, enhancing consumption potential, and fully promoting the warm-up before the first China Home Expo (Tianjin).

With the help of China Home Expo (Tianjin)’s high popularity and high reputation in the industry and in the public perception, the brand can quickly reach end consumers and collect first-hand feedback from consumers, drawing a blueprint for all home furnishing brands. A “shortest route map” to the consumer.

The first China Home Expo (Tianjin) will be held at the Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center on October 27-29. Up to now, many brands have signed contracts in advance to plan ahead for this industry event in October.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic home furnishing industry, Red Star Macalline’s rich resources and experience in the home furnishing industry are the basis for its continuous exploration and innovation. At present, it has made practical breakthroughs in various aspects such as exhibition model innovation, consumption upgrade leadership, and intelligent technology empowerment. , not only effectively consolidated its position in the industry, but also led the home furnishing industry to achieve innovation and upgrading.

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