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“Children’s Journey” for 11 years, ICBC-AXA Nanjiang “Children’s Heart Harbor” protects rural children

“Children’s Journey” for 11 years, ICBC-AXA Nanjiang “Children’s Heart Harbor” protects rural children

July 19 is the 11th anniversary celebration day of ICBC-AXA and the second “ICBC-AXA Public Welfare Day”. On the same day, ICBC-Axa went deep into Nanjiang County, Sichuan Province, the designated support county of its parent bank, ICBC, and held the unveiling ceremony of the Nanjiang “Children’s Heart Harbor” ICBC-Axa Public Welfare Service Station and the second “Safety Classroom” of Ai Cube, and carried out a public service action of donating health protection experience to residents in Nanjiang County, which opened the prelude to a series of activities of “ICBC-Axa’s 11th Anniversary and Public Service for the People”.

Dai Xuming, the leader of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s assistance team in Sichuan and the deputy magistrate of Nanjiang County Government, said that ICBC-AXA’s activities have injected strong momentum into the revitalization of Nanjiang’s countryside and brought security to the happiness of Nanjiang’s children.

ICBC-AXA Life Insurance is jointly established by Chinese and foreign shareholders such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, French AXA Group, and China Minmetals Group. Since its establishment 11 years ago, while deeply cultivating its main insurance business and continuously improving its market competitiveness, the company has always adhered to the “people-centered” development philosophy, and actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities in terms of protecting people’s health, assisting pension finance, serving the real economy, and supporting rural revitalization. Guo Jinlu, member of the party committee and chief investment officer of ICBC-AXA Life Insurance, introduced at the unveiling ceremony that the assistance to build Nanjiang Yuanjia Village Childlike Harbor and the action of donating health insurance to Nanjiang residents are important measures for ICBC-AXA to actively integrate into the parent bank’s public welfare strategy and respond to the country’s call for supporting rural revitalization. In the future, ICBC-AXA will continue to take “helping people enjoy a healthy, happy and contented life” as its mission, and demonstrate its responsibility as a subsidiary of a central enterprise through inclusive insurance and public welfare assistance.

In addition, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation promoted the implementation of the “Children’s Heart Harbor” project in Nanjiang, providing a place for rural left-behind children to study and entertain on weekends and holidays. Feng Zhi, an expert at the head office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said that Tongxin Harbor is a big family of left-behind children in Nanjiang. I hope that children will pay attention to safety during the summer vacation.

As a member of ICBC Group, ICBC-AXA has also paid close attention to rural children for a long time. Since 2014, it has successively built 21 “Love Cube Libraries” in rural schools in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and donated more than 60,000 books of various kinds. In its long-term rural public welfare practice, ICBC-AXA is concerned that rural children who lack the company of their families are more vulnerable to natural disasters and accidental injuries than their urban peers due to lack of safety knowledge. Therefore, a new public welfare project “Love Cube” safety classroom was officially launched last year. It is hoped that through this carrier, safety knowledge will be brought to the countryside to protect the healthy and happy growth of rural children.

At the “Children’s Heart Harbor” in Yuanjia Village this time, ICBC-AXA carefully designed and arranged the interior around the theme of children’s safety, and also brought safety education courses. In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to Nanjiang through various forms, and contribute to the revitalization of Nanjiang’s countryside and the children of Nanjiang.

After the unveiling ceremony of “Children’s Heart Harbor”, ICBC-AXA held the activity of “Helping Rural Revitalization, Walking Along the Road with Health” in Nanjiang. The staff guided the masses to receive 8,000 yuan of health insurance experience for free at the event site, and replaced “abstract financial education” with “specific insurance experience” to practically popularize health knowledge and insurance protection concepts to the majority of county residents, and continuously contribute insurance power to the better life of county residents.

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