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“Children’s innocence is overflowing with romance” China Pacific Life Insurance successfully held the first customer festival celebration ceremony-Times Finance-Northern Network

“Children’s innocence is overflowing with romance” China Pacific Life Insurance successfully held the first customer festival celebration ceremony-Times Finance-Northern Network

On May 28, the first offline celebration ceremony of CPIC Life Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, was successfully held in Shanghai Disney Resort. With the theme of “full of childlike innocence and surging romance”, this celebration ceremony brought a series of “surprise experiences” to specially invited customers: from intimate supply gift packages to entertainment in the park, from viewing programs to surprise preparations, from a From the delicious food to the visual feast, nearly a thousand people participated in the event, and the staff and partners of China Pacific Insurance Life accompanied the specially invited customers and their families to spend a wonderful day. In addition, it also attracted nearly 7,000 invited employees and customers to watch the online live broadcast and share the joy and surprise.

Customers of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance have fun in the garden

  Inheritance and innovation, from customer service festival to customer festival

Every year at this time, China Pacific Life Insurance will meet with customers in the form of “Customer Service Festival”, strengthen the emotional connection with customers through a variety of online and offline themed activities, and show customers responsibility and wisdom in a more three-dimensional way , Temperature of “CPIC Service”.

The “Customer Service Festival” has been held for five consecutive times until 2022. These five years are also the key five years for China Pacific Insurance’s transformation and development. With the purpose of serving the people’s better life and enhancing the ability to create value, China Pacific Insurance actively leverages its main business advantages, strengthens insurance payment, expands CPIC services, invests in the upstream and downstream of the big health industry, and is committed to building a new ecology of “insurance + big health”. The upgrade of the “Customer Service Festival” to a brand-new “Customer Festival” this time also reflects CPIC Life’s continuous thinking and continuous innovation in implementing the “customer-centric” concept. The relevant person in charge of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance said that with the changes of the times, people’s needs for a better life have become more diverse. It is hoped that for customers, China Pacific Life Insurance is not just a payer of insurance bills and a provider of policy services, but can achieve “customers have needs, and CPIC understands them” and become the guardian of a good life for every family.

  Surprise and romance, escorting the surging life all the way

The first Customer Festival was themed “Let’s Go! Life”, focusing on seven insurance policies in seven life stages and seven major demand scenarios, launched the “Seven Stations of Life” theme activity online, and held a customer festival celebration offline, allowing customers to Return to the essence of life in warm and interesting activities, feel the beauty of life, and at the same time convey to customers: in the voyage of life, China Pacific Life Insurance will always be customer-centered, escort the surging life all the way, without fear of the future.

CPIC Life’s first customer festival offline ceremony kicked off on time at 4:30 p.m., opening layers of surprises!

At the scene of this joyful ceremony, everyone met the beloved Disney friends and felt the magic and joy of Disney!

In the follow-up stage interaction session, the employees of China Pacific Insurance performed wonderful magic tricks, and the customers of China Pacific Insurance were also very versatile, bringing singing and dancing performances. The well-prepared celebration ceremony brought wonderful experiences and great surprises to China Pacific Life Insurance customers!

China Pacific Life Insurance customers gathered at the “Story Stage” to share a joyful event

The children of China Pacific Life Insurance customers brought a wonderful talent show

A special guest from CPIC Life brought a magic show

After the feasting ceremony, the specially invited customers got together again to enjoy a delicate dinner and enjoy the “Light of Dreams” in Shanghai Disneyland (exclusively presented by China Pacific Insurance).

Shanghai Disneyland “Dream of Light and Phantom Show” (exclusively presented by China Pacific Insurance)

  Online and offline, the exciting journey of life is endless, and the service of CPIC never stops

When the streamer flashed across the sky, the offline celebration ceremony of the first customer festival in 2023, “Children’s Heart Full of Romance”, was successfully concluded in Shanghai Disney Resort, but the journey of life never ends, and the services of China Pacific Life Insurance will not stop here.

According to reports, since the first customer festival of China Pacific Life Insurance was launched on April 8, five online activities have been launched successively, including Life Monopoly, Shuguang Delivery Member, and Love Commemorative Flash Mob, with a total of 1.38 million customers and 615+ million people. After this offline celebration ceremony, there will be a number of online themed activities such as pension planning and other social hotspots that will continue to be launched. At the same time, the event will closely follow China Pacific Insurance’s latest “352” big health service blueprint, integrate the health care carnival of branches, and show customers China Pacific Insurance’s full-scenario, high-quality, integrated product + health care service ecology.

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