Chenzhou Mangshan, a sci-fi “sacred place” that moved Liu Cixin

Chenzhou Mangshan, a sci-fi “sacred place” that moved Liu Cixin

I believe that many people are deeply impressed by the “space elevator” described by writer Liu Cixin in “The Three-Body Problem” and “The Wandering Earth”. Now, with the successful filming of Liu Cixin’s two sci-fi works, this “object” full of sci-fi has once again become the talk of the public!

However, this time the “space elevator” not only carried the audience to continue writing Chinese-style sci-fi legends, but also reflected Liu Cixin’s sci-fi imagination into the real world of Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou. So, what magic power does Chenzhou Mangshan have that fascinates the first person in Chinese science fiction?

Chenzhou Mangshan touches science fiction with fantasy

Tourists who are lucky enough to have been to Mang Mountain in Chenzhou will be overwhelmed by its strange mountains, beautiful waters, secluded forests, strange stones and strange peaks!

In particular, walking into Chenzhou Mangshan Jiangjunzhai Scenic Area, the “fantasy scenery” carved by nature has been vividly displayed. There is even a saying: “When you visit Mangshan Mountain, you must visit the General’s Village. If you don’t come to the General’s Village, you will enter Mangshan Mountain in vain”! Stepping into the scenic area, you can hear the majestic roar resounding through the mountains. When you get closer, the 100-meter waterfall rushes down the peak, which is even more majestic against the backdrop of the huge roar.

On the left of Jiangjunzhai Waterfall are the famous Jiangjun Rock and Jiangjun Shidun. The mighty and majestic Jiangjunyan, like an ancient general in battle armor, stands proudly among the peaks with a shield in his hand, just like the Mang Mountain in Chenzhou once sheltered thousands of creatures, protecting the peace of this side with a mighty and upright posture.

And there is an ancient and beautiful legend in General Rock! It is said that in ancient times, there was a general in Mangshan who went on an expedition, and his wife climbed the cliff every day to look into the distance, looking forward to her husband’s triumphant return and family reunion. However, the general died on the battlefield and returned to his hometown for his love soul, but when the husband and wife were about to meet, he lost his strength and fell to the bottom of the valley and turned into the general rock. When his wife was distraught, she turned into Wangfuyan, and stood by each other forever in the mountains.

The naturally formed Jiangjunyan tells the story of protection and watchfulness to tourists year after year, while the artificial elevator in Motianling, Wuzhifeng Peak, Mangshan Mountain is a testament to Liu Cixin’s sci-fi fantasy. Built on a 1,600-meter cliff, the 140-meter-high cloud elevator deeply interprets the perfect combination of natural carvings and modern industrial technology. Visitors who take the elevator will enjoy a sci-fi world with a space elevator in 49 seconds. .

At this time, if you go to Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou to play, you can also see the distinctive rime landscape. The strange peaks and rocks of Mangshan Mountain are set off by rime, which instantly fills the romantic atmosphere. The space elevator is the romantic presentation of Liu Cixin, a man of science and technology, and these are the expressions of romance in Mangshan, Chenzhou.

Diversified species create more possibilities for “treasure mountain forest”

If it is said that cloud elevators, strange peaks and rocks, unique rime, etc. are the boosters for Chenzhou Mangshan to create a sci-fi background with romantic fantasy, then more than 2,700 species of higher plants and more than 300 species of vertebrates living in Mangshan National Forest Park Animals, and many Tertiary or older plants, were the catalysts from which fantasy made science fiction.

Chenzhou Mangshan has always been known as “Hunan’s largest biological gene bank” and “Natural Animal and Plant Museum”! It is the best-preserved area of ​​the original evergreen broad-leaved forest in the world, one of the areas with the richest biological populations and the best ecological protection at the same latitude on the earth, with 8 main types, 18 sub-types, 56 basic types, 175 resource units. Here, there are 3 kinds of national first-class protected plants, including water shield, southern yew, and Bole tree; 15 kinds of national second-class protected trees, such as Fujian cypress, South China white pine, white yew, and long handle double flower tree.

In addition, there are many kinds of wild animals living in Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou! At present, there are 34 species of amphibians in 2 orders and 7 families, 65 species of reptiles in 13 families of 2 orders, 149 species of birds in 15 orders and 36 families, and 68 species of mammals in 8 orders and 23 families. Among them, the yellow-bellied horned male, clouded leopard, golden leopard, South China tiger, sika deer, Mangshan iron-headed snake, a unique species in Mangshan, Chenzhou, etc., are included in the national first-class protected animals; as well as tiger frogs, white beetles, snake carvings, grass beetles, etc. 26 It is a second-class national protected wild animal. And these various types of animals and plants, through millions of years of unique evolutionary history, add more color to the fantasy story of Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou.

Biodiversity will also become a source of inspiration for science fiction creations. During the Spring Festival when “The Wandering Earth 2” hits the show, Liu Cixin, the first person in Chinese science fiction, also mentioned “walking into the ‘Fantasy Wonderland Tianxia Mangshan Mountain’ in a scientific way” when Amway Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou” Looking forward to Liu Cixin’s tour in March , I believe that there will be a perfect encounter between the first person in Chinese science fiction and Chenzhou Mangshan, the source of inspiration for science fiction.

Rural cultural tourism, represented by Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou, has found a new growth point in this “sci-fi + cultural tourism” wind, ushering in their spring! Strange mountains, beautiful waters, secluded forests, strange rocks, and strange peaks converge into the fantasy cultural background of Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou. It is worth everyone to set foot here once in a lifetime! Standing in the uncanny workmanship of the fantastic nature, you can feel the sci-fi color created by the fantasy landscape.

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