Chengmei Consulting? Go to the “heart”, seek success from difficulties, vigorously forge a strong brand, and draw a new blueprint for the take-off of national enterprises

Chengmei Consulting? Go to the “heart”, seek success from difficulties, vigorously forge a strong brand, and draw a new blueprint for the take-off of national enterprises

From the beginning of the first half of 2023, traffic dividends, overseas markets, demographic dividends, and other external increments have been exhausted in turn, and the increase in brand entropy has begun to flood the market, making the possibility of growth quiet. What is left for domestic brands is a commercial fork full of uncertainties.

Chengmei Consulting said: In the current market environment, the “explosive product thinking” that uses short chains to promote transformation as the main strategy is already an outdated version. The marketing paradigm that domestic companies are accustomed to makes it difficult to realize the emotional link and trust accumulation between brands and users. . This directly makes it difficult to accumulate brand equity and cannot support the shaping of long-term brand value.

Therefore, the password to break the game is to seize the customer’s mind, concentrate limited resources on the source of the customer’s mind, make a breakthrough, and firmly occupy a certain position in the customer’s mind. Just like when it comes to air conditioners, many people will think of Gree, and when it comes to drinks that prevent getting angry, many people will think of Wanglaoji. Through the case of Chengmei Consulting, we can have a deeper understanding of brand strategy.

The cooperation between Chengmei and Aomu can be traced back to 2012. At that time, the Jiaduobao team led by Tao Yingze chose to start his own business after ending the cooperation with Guangyao. Since Tao Yingze cooperated with Chengmei Consulting on a series of successful products such as Wanglaoji boxed herbal tea and three-doll children’s seven-star tea when he was in Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical, he naturally thought of Chengmei Consulting as a “strategic military advisor” at the first time when he started his business.

From the selection of products, Chengmei proposed to make an imported children’s milk based on the actual situation, jumping out of the price competition with imported milk for adults, and conforming to the consumption mentality of Chinese parents. The positioning of the product is determined after repeated research by Chengmei. Since there are too many non-milk ingredients in children’s milk ingredients on the market, mothers hope that their children will drink authentic imported milk, and “natural and delicious, less processed “This is the advantage of AOM. In the end, Tao Yingze determined the brand name to be Aomu, and Chengmei Consulting positioned Aomu as: high-end imported children’s milk; the slogan was “Aomu imported children’s milk, imported from Australia”.

In 2018, Aomu, which had been on the market for five years, achieved sales of 1 billion. Unlike Dali Doubendou, which also sold a single product of 1 billion at that time, Aomu invested even a fraction of Doubendou in advertising. insufficient. It also verifies that the positioning of Australian animal husbandry has successfully occupied the minds of consumers.

Creating explosive products can only win a temporary market share, but it cannot maintain a leading edge for a long time. Chengmei Strategic Positioning Consulting Co., Ltd. has changed the entire business warfare model with strategic positioning, allowing enterprises to clarify strategic positioning, make a hole, gather strength to attack, and let the brand Play a bigger role and build a long-term moat.

Chengmei Consulting has focused on the field of strategic positioning for 24 years, and has completed 132 strategic positioning projects and served 77 customers, including 15 tens of billions of enterprises. Even though it is recognized in the industry as the actual authority of China’s brand positioning strategy, Chengmei still adheres to the spirit of not forgetting the original intention, bearing in mind the mission of “assisting Chinese enterprises to build strong brands”, combining the characteristics of Chinese consumers and the stage of enterprise development, to find out for enterprises The most suitable strategic positioning opportunity, vigorously forging a strong brand, and drawing a new blueprint for the take-off of national enterprises.

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