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Chengdu Huiyang Investment Quantum computing empowers thousands of industries and has broad market prospects!

Chengdu Huiyang Investment Quantum computing empowers thousands of industries and has broad market prospects!

  [Quantum computing may become a disruptive force to solve the bottleneck of AI computing power]



Quantum computing is a computing model based on the unique behaviors of quantum mechanics (such as superposition, entanglement and quantum interference), and the basic information unit is qubit. According to Microsoft, in physics, a quantum is the smallest discrete unit of all physical properties, usually referring to the properties of atoms or subatomic particles such as electrons, neutrinos, and photons. Qubits are the basic information units in quantum computing. They play a similar role in quantum computing as bits do in traditional computing. However, classical bits are binary and can only store 0 or 1 bits, but qubits can store all possible bits. superposition of states.

Compared with traditional computing, quantum computing can bring stronger parallel computing capabilities and lower energy consumption. At the same time, the computing power of quantum computing increases exponentially according to the number of qubits, and has great potential in the field of AI.

Overseas technology giants drive the development of the quantum computing industry. IBM, Microsoft, Google and other companies have successively released quantum computing roadmaps. At the same time, the gap between the domestic quantum computing industry and overseas technology giants continues to narrow. On January 16, 2024, my country’s third-generation independent The superconducting quantum computer “Original Wukong” can issue and execute 200 quantum circuit calculation tasks at once when it is online, which has a greater speed advantage than similar international quantum computers.

  [Quantum computing software and hardware infrastructure continues to mature, and commercialization may be accelerated]

Currently, major technical routes for quantum computers have been formed around the world such as superconducting, ion traps, optical quantum, neutral atoms, and semiconductor quantum, as well as a performance evaluation system composed of core indicators such as the number of quantum gates, quantum volume, and the number of qubits.

The quantum computing cloud platform combines quantum computer hardware or quantum computing simulators with classic cloud computing software tools, communication equipment and IT infrastructure to provide users with intuitive and instantiated quantum computing access and computing power services.

In terms of software, quantum algorithms are constantly developing. Under current hardware conditions, the focus is to comprehensively consider the balance between the fault tolerance cost and algorithm performance of the NISQ algorithm. The quantum software system is in the early stages of open R&D and ecological construction and is continuing to mature.

  [Quantum computing is expected to empower thousands of industries and has broad market prospects]

The global quantum computing market will be approximately US$4.7 billion in 2023, and is expected to exceed US$800 billion in 2035. According to ICV, with the continuous evolution of quantum computing technology and the rapid development of AI technology and other fields, the application boundaries of quantum computing are constantly expanding. In 2023, the global quantum industry will reach US$4.7 billion, with an average annual growth rate from 2023 to 2028 rate (CAGR) reached 44.8%; special quantum computers are expected to achieve performance breakthroughs in 2027, driving the overall market size to US$10.54 billion. Referring to IBM’s 2023 quantum computing roadmap, the number of quantum gates, error correction and other computing technologies will be Reaching a more mature stage, the market size will continue to expand rapidly from 2028 to 2035. Benefiting from the technological progress of general-purpose quantum computers and the widespread application of special-purpose quantum computers in specific fields, the total market size is expected to reach US$811.7 billion by 2035.

According to the Academy of Information and Communications Technology and others, the fields of finance, chemical industry, and life sciences are expected to benefit more from the development of the quantum computing industry: Financial field: Quantum computing applications are expected to produce advantages in issues such as optimized predictive analysis, precise pricing, and asset allocation. Cases include the French CIB, Pasqal, and Multiverse jointly releasing verification results of quantum computing financial application solutions in 2023, reducing the computing resources consumed in financial derivatives valuation calculations, improving evaluation speed and accuracy, etc.;

  Chemical industry:Quantum computing application exploration mainly achieves the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing resource consumption by simulating chemical reactions. Cases include the German Jülich Center using quantum computing to improve the success rate of finding the lowest energy structure of proteins in 2023, and the University of Oxford implementing grid-based quantum computing chemical simulations to explore capabilities in ground state preparation, energy estimation, scattering and ionization dynamics, etc. ;

  life sciences:Quantum computing can be used to evaluate experimental values ​​such as cost, time, and performance of drug development. Case studies include AWS Pharmaceutical Solutions, which perform quantum computing to complete tasks through built-in sample codes for certain drug development problems, such as molecular docking, protein folding, RNA folding, and retrosynthesis planning;

  Cryptography:Various cybersecurity methods for encrypting and transmitting secure data using quantum secrets. But it has the potential to be much more secure than previous encryption algorithm types, and even theoretically unbreakable;

  Transportation and logistics:Quantum computing applications mainly focus on combinatorial optimization problems, achieving route planning and logistics assembly with better solutions, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Examples include Terra Quantum and Thales demonstrating use of hybrid quantum computing to enhance satellite mission planning processes and improve satellite operations in 2023, and Nvidia, Rolls-Royce and Classiq using quantum computing to improve jet engine efficiency ;

Quantum computing is expected to subvert the classic computing architecture and become a disruptive force to solve the bottleneck of AI computing power, or become an important starting point for the development of new productivity! It is recommended to pay attention to Guodun Quantum, USTC Guochuang, China Information, Kehua Data, China Great Wall, Quantum computing-related targets such as Guangxun Technology, as well as quantum encryption communication targets such as Dianke Network Security, Jida Zhengyuan, Geer Software, Guoxin Technology, Zhejiang Dongfang, Hengtong Optoelectronics, etc.

  We have screened out the following potential targets:

  Guodun Quantum(688027)The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and technical services of quantum communication products. It systematically provides software and hardware products for the construction of various optical fiber quantum secure communication networks and satellite-ground integrated wide-area quantum secure communication ground stations, and provides services to government affairs, finance, and electric power. Provide networking and quantum security application solutions for industries and fields such as , national defense and so on.

  Tongniu Information(300895)The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guoke Quantum. The two parties will work closely to actively promote the marketization and industrialization process of quantum communication technology, strengthen cooperation in link encryption, quantum applications, etc., and jointly expand the cloud security service market.

  Kehua Data(002335)The company cooperates with HKUST Guodun on quantum communication security technology. The two parties jointly expand the application of quantum communication technology, which has not yet been applied on a large scale.

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