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Chen Tao, the finale of “The Legend of Anle”, forges ahead, and the small role also has a big growth

Chen Tao, the finale of “The Legend of Anle”, forges ahead, and the small role also has a big growth


Produced by Shanghai Film and Television Media, Cheng Ziyu is the chief director, Su Fei, Li Hongyu, Ma Huagan are the directors, Di Lieba, Gong Jun, Liu Yuning are the leading actors, Xia Nan, Pei Zitian, Chen Tao, Li Shuting, Wang Yiting, etc. The members of “An Le Biography” ended.

The show was launched on Youku on July 12, and it has come to a perfect conclusion so far. This dream-chasing journey of family, country, love and affection has also come to a successful conclusion.

“The Legend of An Le”, as a highly anticipated summer drama this year, has been broadcast on Youku for almost a month since July 12, and has aroused heated discussions among countless netizens. With Ren Anle/Di Ziyuan and Han Ye joining hands for a lifetime, the series officially bid farewell to the majority of netizens and audiences, and also represents the official ending of the series for Youku VIP members.

During the broadcast period of the finale, many netizens commented and expressed their reluctance to say goodbye to “The Legend of Anle”, Ren Anle and Han Ye. One of the netizens commented, “I have never felt so hard to let go after the ending of a drama. Thank you “The Story of An Le” for bringing me laughter and warmth. Thank you “The Story of An Le” for letting me know Wen Shuo and Di Jinyan.” “.

I believe that many netizens watched “The Legend of An Le” for Di Lieba and Gong Jun, but in the end they were inadvertently attracted by Chen Tao’s Wen Shuo and Di Jinyan.

The role played by Chen Tao is the same as that of Di Lieba, a character with double identities superimposed. He is the alert servant boy who will never forget the prince Han Ye, and also the younger brother of Emperor Ziyuan. However, it is different from Ren Anle/Di Ziyuan played by Di Lieba. Compared with Ren Anle/Di Ziyuan, who bears the heavy shackles of the emperor’s family and 80,000 heroes, he is lucky. Fortunately, he was rescued by Han Ye Raised by his side, although he has lost his prominent status, he has been protected by Han Ye and lives an upright and carefree life. It is precisely because of Han Ye’s teaching and protection that he is so clever and lively. He has brought a lot of warmth from “Anju Leye”, and tried his best to match the hero and heroine when he didn’t know his true identity. He often talked to the heroine and asked her to treat himself as a younger brother. He also brought a lot of joy to the audience.

And he himself is also a very lovable character. Although Han Ye is taking care of him, he has always been lonely without his family. He always thought he was an orphan. Stay with my sister and clean up the family’s grievances together. And quickly completed the transformation from “protected” to “protector” in the process. The happy and carefree little Mr. Wen finally broke out of the cocoon and became a butterfly, shouldering his own mission, protecting the thousands of people behind him. Dajing people. This also reflects the positive values ​​​​contained in “The Legend of An Le”. Through the role of Wen Shuo/Di Jinyan played by Chen Tao, the positive spirit of “growth in adversity” is released.

Speaking of Chen Tao, many viewers were attracted by his performance in “The Legend of An Le”. They only knew that he had participated in “Youth with You” and he was good at singing and dancing. They didn’t expect that he was not inferior in acting. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy and participated in some works before, until the role of Wen Shuo/Di Jinyan in “An Le Biography” was seen by everyone as an actor’s talent. I don’t know Chen Tao’s upcoming new drama “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” What surprises will “Yuehong Chapter” and “Lovesickness Order” bring to everyone? This is really worth looking forward to, “Look, the seed buried in spring has grown a flower bud.”

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