Check the code on the official website of Kangzi Baide to see the authenticity and fakeness of mattresses at a glance, and enjoy shopping fun


Check the code on the official website of Kangzi Baide to see the authenticity and fakeness of mattresses at a glance, and enjoy shopping fun

Kangzi Baide pays attention to the health of the spine during sleep and develops a spine-protecting mattress suitable for Chinese people to solve problems such as low back pain and cervical pain. Made of high-quality knitted fabric, it is comfortable and caring for the skin, and focuses on providing a comfortable sleeping environment. Kangzibaide’s spine protection technology can fit the body curves and relieve physical fatigue and soreness. Create a moderately soft and firm mattress that meets your needs and protect your spine health.

As a well-known sleep brand, Kangzibaide pays attention to people’s spinal health problems during sleep and develops a series of spine protection products to solve everyone’s problems. Mattresses are carefully developed based on ergonomics, materials science and other disciplines to design products that are more suitable for Chinese people. It helps Chinese people relieve bone pressure, combat physical fatigue, and protect Chinese people’s healthy and comfortable sleep. Kangzi Baide Group Co., Ltd. regards product quality as the life of the company. The raw materials of mattresses are provided by specialized suppliers. After various safety and durability tests, they can provide consumers with a suitable sleeping environment.

Kangzi Bade mattress uses spine protection technology, which can support the body in different areas, and can also sensitively respond to changes in the body and sleeping posture to provide the most suitable support for the body. The mattress is composed of a soft finger layer, a strong high-resilience polyurethane layer, and a foam PS/PP basic cushion body. It can not only provide the right support for the body, but also closely fit the body curve. It is very consistent with the principles of ergonomics and can better protect your spine, keep all parts of the body in a stress-free state, relieve body fatigue and soreness, and also reduce the number of turning over at night due to discomfort, ensuring that the cervical spine and spine are protected. Complete relaxation.

The surface of the mattress is made of high-quality knitted fabrics. These fabrics are not only soft and comfortable to the touch, but also highly moisture-wicking and breathable. They are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the whole family. Moreover, there are a large number of honeycomb holes designed inside the Kangzibaide mattress, which can absorb moisture and breath, reducing the feeling of stuffiness. It not only ensures the release of human body heat, accelerates air flow and heat dissipation, but also destroys the breeding environment for bacteria and mites, and protects the skin from immunity. Suffer from allergies and other discomforts.

Nowadays, Kanzibide mattresses have become the focus of much attention in the market with their unique spine protection technology and high-quality sleep experience. It not only has ergonomic design concepts and superb technical support, but also pays attention to health, comfort and clean sleeping environment. In the future, as an advocate of healthy sleep, Kangzhibaide will always be committed to providing consumers with high-quality sleep experience.


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