CCTV, Xinhua Daily and other authoritative media visited Guanling Chubao Sheep Colostrum Production Base


The star product of Guanlingyang – Guanling Chubao Sheep Colostrum Probiotic Powder has attracted great attention from consumers since its launch. Recently, Guantong Chubao sheep colostrum was “exposed” again and appeared on, International Online, Xinhua Daily, Nanjing TV and other media platforms.

From March 21st to 22nd, authoritative media such as China Central Radio and Television Station’s CCTV Network, International Online, Xinhua Daily, and Nanjing TV Station visited the Aiyonuo factory, the production base of Guanlingxing Guanling Chubao, and used a third-party vision to learn from the products. Visit modern high-tech dairy enterprises from the perspectives of raw materials, production workshops, and finished product warehousing, and witness the ingenuity of Guan Antelope to provide consumers with high-quality and safe products with the best milk sources, best processes, and preferential formulas.

Colostrum, the precious “milk of life” of mammals, is scarce and nutritious, and even more precious. Zeng Xiaofei, director of the R&D center, said that sheep colostrum has extremely high nutritional value. It is not only rich in minerals, but also contains more immunoglobulins. The crowned antelope colostrum adopts the probiotic encapsulation method to enhance the activity of probiotics. This greatly leverages the advantages of crowned antelope colostrum and plays a greater role in enhancing human health.

Guanling Colostrum comes from high-quality milk sources in the Netherlands. It selects high-quality colostrum from dairy sheep within 12 hours after giving birth. On this basis, it is specially fortified with immune globulin, lactoferrin, yeast β-glucan, Nutrients such as taurine and probiotics can meet the nutritional needs of the human body and protect the health of the whole family.

Pu Xiaochun, director of the factory quality center, introduced the production process and testing of Guanlingyangxing dairy products. He said that Guan Antelope has effectively connected the production department, customer service department and supply chain center to form a system, which makes the production of dairy products more efficient. Guan Antelope holds all dairy products to the same high standards, adheres to its original intention, and makes products that make people feel reassured.

It is reported that Aiyonuo’s factory testing center invested nearly 20 million yuan and passed the national CNAS certification laboratory to establish a complete quality management system, all conducted in accordance with national testing methods. The testing center now has more than 120 testing instruments/sets and conducts more than 100 tests. In addition to completing all 66 items in the national infant formula milk powder standards for Guanling Chubao sheep colostrum, it also conducts additional tests. It has carried out risk detection projects such as antibiotics, pesticide residues, and plasticizers, and currently has a monitoring capability of 94 items, using expertise to protect product quality and safety.

At the same time, advanced fully automatic quantitative packaging equipment, intelligent assembly lines throughout the entire process, 100,000-level purification GMP production workshop machinery and equipment and air cleanliness have reached medical and pharmaceutical standards, protecting the nutrition of sheep colostrum to the greatest extent and using professional protection product quality.

One can, one code, quality traceable. The company has a safety traceability system that can be traced back to every small package, so that consumers can eat with confidence. The entire production process of Guanling Chubao sheep colostrum is sterile, which is scientific, transparent and traceable. From the testing of raw materials to the delivery of products, we continue to pursue the ultimate and perfect in process details, striving to use high-quality goat milk to help protect national health.

This year is the beginning of Guanlingyang Bank’s second ten-year journey. Jing Tao, general manager of Nanjing Guanlingyang Bank Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., talked about the 2024 corporate development plan and said that Guanlingyang Bank’s goat milk powder has great nutritional value for the common people. Gao will continue to expand stores, enrich product categories and innovate service methods in the future.

In the next ten years, Crown Antelope will stick to its original aspirations and continue to adhere to the concept of “quality first, health first” to bring more high-quality, healthy and nutritious sheep dairy products to consumers. Adhering to the deep cultivation of goat milk industry is the continuous pursuit of Guan Antelope. In the future, Guan Antelope will also promote its products to thousands of households with the theme of “warming the whole body”.


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