CCTV praises FLOSSOM, which promotes the standardized development of the household beauty instrument industry

CCTV praises FLOSSOM, which promotes the standardized development of the household beauty instrument industry

In recent years, surrounded by beauty seekers, the category of household beauty instruments has grown to a market size of tens of billions, but consumers’ scientific cognition has not yet formed. As a state-level authoritative media, CCTV took the initiative to undertake this important task of science popularization. In order to improve consumers’ awareness of scientific anti-aging, on March 2, CCTV planned a feature film with the theme of “Anti-aging Efficacy of Popular Science and Home Beauty Devices” on CCTV’s website, Weibo, Douyin, and video accounts. The channel’s “CCTV” official account was officially broadcast. In the feature film, Cao Xuanyi, the host of CCTV, and Professor Zheng Zhizhong, an authoritative expert with more than 40 years of research experience in the field of dermatology and former director of the Dermatology Department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, discussed issues such as “how to view the anti-aging effect of home beauty devices” In-depth dialogues were held, and the actual measurement process of the human body efficacy of the domestic household beauty instrument brand FLOSSOM Huazhi was discussed, and the 28-day efficacy test data of the Huazhi RF beauty instrument was professionally interpreted.

It is understood that this column of CCTV aims to help consumers establish a comprehensive scientific understanding of the anti-aging effects of home beauty devices by inviting professionals with medical background in dermatology as science popularizers, and using professional brands as examples The industry is developing in the direction of specialization, science and standardization. Although FLOSSOM is a young brand, while improving product strength, it has been promoting consumer awareness education and industry standardization development, which coincides with the starting point of As far as we know, FLOSSOM is currently the only domestic household beauty instrument brand that has been listed on CCTV and has been recognized as effective.

CCTV, experts, and FLOSSOM join hands to answer questions and help consumers scientifically understand “home beauty instruments”

In recent years, along with consumers’ higher pursuit of beauty, in the field of skin care, the professional demands for beauty and skin care products have gradually increased. Household beauty products are characterized by convenience and professionalism, allowing consumers to enjoy professional care at the level of beauty salons without leaving home, and thus are favored by consumers. “I’m very excited, but I don’t know if it’s safe to use it on my face.” “I heard it’s quite effective, but it seems that I need to keep using it.” “I think it should be useful, but I don’t know how to choose the one that suits me.”. ….. It is not difficult to see from the consumer responses in the CCTV feature film that everyone wants to try this new category of beauty instruments, but due to the limited professional and authoritative information available, I don’t know how Judging and choosing a safe, effective and reliable household beauty instrument, most consumers are still on the sidelines.

In response to these doubts of consumers, Professor Zheng first scientifically interpreted the working principle of the radio frequency beauty instrument, which is highly concerned by consumers, based on the existing academic research: “Radio frequency generates heat by emitting high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves to stimulate the dermis. The fibroblasts in the layer can promote the synthesis of collagen, thereby achieving the cosmetic effect of improving fine lines and firming the skin.” From Professor Zheng’s interpretation, it can be seen that radio frequency is not an “IQ tax” that was once spread on the Internet, but It is a real and effective anti-aging technology.

Scientific certification of the effectiveness of technology is the first step. How to judge whether a product equipped with technology is effective is also very important to consumers. On this issue, Professor Zheng said: “To verify whether a home beauty device is effective, you must look at its experimental data. For efficacy, the highest level of testing evidence comes from human clinical experiment reports made by authoritative public institutions.” Due to different The authority of the experimental data is different, so when consumers buy a home beauty instrument, in addition to judging whether it has an efficacy test report, they should further judge the authenticity of the report and the credibility of the testing agency.

In fact, the professional and easy-to-understand science popularization of home beauty instruments like is very important to consumers. It not only requires the participation of dermatology experts and authoritative media, but also professional brands of home beauty instruments. At present, a group of professional brands are actively carrying out consumer science education activities, such as the domestic home beauty instrument brand FLOSSOM mentioned in the video.

It is understood that since FLOSSOM went public, it has been working with authoritative doctors and industry experts to popularize the science of radio frequency beauty instruments for consumers. For example, in June last year, FLOSSOM joined hands with four experts in the field of dermatology, Li Kai, Tu Handeng, Dai Ru, and Zeng Xiangru, to export science to consumers from multiple dimensions such as home beauty instrument technology, safety judgment, and effect evaluation. And professional knowledge about radio frequency beauty instrument.

With the continuous development of the home beauty instrument industry, joining hands with professional forces to actively carry out consumer science education should become the only way for all home beauty instrument brands to achieve professional development. In helping consumers understand and use home beauty instruments more scientifically At the same time, it also helps the brand to continuously improve its professionalism and better convey product power and brand power to consumers.

  CCTV discusses the efficacy test of FLOSSOM spent up to 28 days, and the joint experts interpret the results to be true and effective

In order to let consumers have a comprehensive understanding of the efficacy testing process of the home beauty instrument, CCTV also discussed the 28-day human body efficacy test of the FLOSSOM RF beauty instrument with Professor Zheng. It is understood that this experiment recruited 31 Chinese women aged 35-50 for a period of 28 days of observation, from the three dimensions of instrument measurement, doctor’s clinical evaluation and subject self-evaluation, to the FLOSSOM beauty instrument. A comprehensive evaluation is carried out at two levels of human efficacy and safety.

CCTV made a professional interpretation of the test results based on the authoritative test report: “The test results show that after using the FLOSSOM beauty instrument for 28 days, the collagen in the dermis of the test subjects’ skin was effectively activated. The number of crow’s feet and under-eye lines is obvious. At the same time, the nasolabial folds, forehead lines, and Chuanzi lines on the face have been effectively diluted, and the overall elasticity, firmness, and gloss of the skin have been significantly improved.”

In fact, carrying out product safety and effectiveness testing based on evidence-based medicine is what FLOSSOM has been doing since its establishment. From FR100 to FR100 Pro, before each product goes on the market, rigorous and scientific safety and effectiveness tests must be carried out in authoritative institutions.

It is understood that FLOSSOM is the first domestic brand of home-use beauty devices to conduct a multi-center clinical safety study in a public hospital. In 2022, FLOSSOM, together with experts, professors and laboratory leaders from 10 domestic tertiary hospitals, recruited 120 Chinese women as subjects, and conducted a 28-day clinical trial. The test results showed that the FLOSSOM Huazhi RF instrument has good security. It is understood that there is currently no uniform standard and scientific human body safety testing standard for the safety of home-use beauty devices in China. Huazhi’s national, large-scale, and large-sample safety clinical trials have filled the gap in the human body safety test of domestic beauty devices and promoted It has standardized the safety of China’s household beauty instrument industry.

In addition, FLOSSOM is also one of the few brands in China that conducts human efficacy clinical trials in authoritative tertiary hospitals. At the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, an authoritative tertiary hospital in China, it has completed 4 tests on 34 Chinese subjects with a third-party testing agency. 1 week & 8 weeks of human efficacy clinical trials, the test results show that after the subjects use the FLOSSOM RF instrument, all the indicators have been greatly improved.

To measure FlOSSOM with the criteria for judging the efficacy and safety of home beauty devices mentioned by Professor Zheng at the beginning of the feature film, there is no doubt that FlOSSOM has been using high requirements and strict standards to improve its product strength and provide consumers with Safe, effective, easy-to-use and high-quality beauty technology products demonstrate the strength and sense of responsibility of a professional domestic brand.

 FLOSSOM participates in the formulation of functional group standards, and CCTV brings experts to interpret the value of the standard industry

As Professor Zheng said, although the safety and efficacy of home beauty instruments have always been the focus of consumers, brands, and the industry, the current industry standards for home beauty instruments mainly focus on safety claims, and there is no specific specification for The testing requirements and evaluation standards for product efficacy, in order to fill this gap and help the standardized development of the home beauty instrument industry, in 2021, Professor Zheng, as the chairman of the Skin Committee of the China Association of Non-public Medical Institutions, united many dermatologists. Experts, instrument efficacy testing experts, and a number of home beauty instrument companies represented by FLOSSOM launched the formulation of the first domestic “Group Standard for Home Beauty Instrument Efficacy”. It is reported that the standard will be officially released this year.

Since the “Group Standard for Efficacy Evaluation of Home Beauty Devices” is a normative document with industry status, it is of great significance to relevant regulatory authorities, enterprises and clinical medical workers, so it also has a high standard in the selection of participating enterprises. FLOSSOM was selected as a company representative to participate in the formulation of the world’s first “Efficacy Evaluation Group Standard for Household Beauty Devices”, which marks that FLOSSOM’s product strength, innovation, professionalism and high sense of brand responsibility have won the industry and authoritative experts. Recognition and affirmation.

It has won multiple authoritative recognitions in a short period of time, thanks to the fact that FLOSSOM has always adhered to the development model of “research, production and sales” + “evidence-based medicine”, and has built a comprehensive system from cutting-edge technology pre-research to The full-link self-research system of the human body application layer is equipped with a research and development laboratory invested tens of millions of dollars, covering four major functions: technological innovation, skin research, efficacy testing and performance testing, and has established a high-tech research and development team. Domestic and foreign senior professional R&D talents in the fields of physics, electronics, materials, medicine, chemistry, biology, etc. Therefore, in the third year since its establishment, FLOSSOM has obtained 33 patent authorizations and passed 22 quality and safety verifications.

In addition, because the home beauty instrument is a multidisciplinary product that combines physics, biology, and chemistry, the product development process requires the joint participation of multidisciplinary experts to ensure the professionalism and high quality of the product. Therefore, FLOSSOM was specially established An expert committee with Professor Zheng Zhizhong as the chief dermatology consultant was established, covering 10 Chinese and foreign authoritative experts from various fields such as dermatology and engineering. It is worth mentioning that FLOSSOM is also one of the few beauty instrument brands in China that has an expert committee.

In the process of implementing the quality power plan, FLOSSOM, driven by technological innovation, was able to compete with international big names on the home beauty instrument track with a high technical threshold. , the attention and recognition of the industry, this landing on CCTV is a further recognition of FLOSSOM’s brand value and professional strength by authoritative media. In the future, Huazhi will continue to uphold its original intention and devote itself to creating a beauty technology brand that can represent China’s intelligent manufacturing.

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