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Cases to talk about insurance: ensure the accuracy and safety of document information and enjoy insurance rights and interests

Cases to talk about insurance: ensure the accuracy and safety of document information and enjoy insurance rights and interests

In order to effectively protect the eight rights of consumers, including the right to property safety, the right to know, the right to independent choice, the right to fair trade, the right to claim compensation according to law, the right to education, the right to be respected, and the right to information security, through a series of consumer education and publicity work, Improve consumers’ financial literacy and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

In 2023, New China Insurance will focus on various scenarios in the whole process of insurance consumption and service, carefully compile consumer risk reminder cases, and regularly issue “cases to tell you about insurance” consumer risk reminders, focusing on the elderly, young people, new citizens and special needs Focus on investor appropriateness education, guide consumers to establish rational investment and value investment concepts, remind consumers to protect the eight rights of financial consumers, remind consumers to raise awareness of consumption risk prevention, and help Consumers stay away from illegal financial activities such as fraud, misleading, and illegal fundraising. New China Insurance takes practical actions to build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment, enhance consumer satisfaction, and strive to improve the financial literacy of the people. Consumers are welcome to continue to pay attention.

Case introduction

In March 2023, Mr. Zhao, a financial consumer, went to the customer service center of the insurance company to go through the formalities of receiving the policy upon expiration. Mr. is now providing an 18-digit ID card. In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the staff of the insurance company re-identified Mr. Zhao’s customer information, carefully checked Mr. Zhao’s valid ID card, and verified that Mr. Zhao’s ID number was a normal upgrade, and then processed for Mr. Zhao The procedures for collection at the expiration date, and at the same time changed the certificate number on Mr. Zhao’s other insurance contracts. After the formalities are completed, the staff of the insurance company reminded Mr. Zhao that if the personal information such as certificate information, address, and contact number changes, he can contact the financial and insurance institution to make changes, so as to ensure that the financial and insurance institution retains the latest information of consumers, and better Protect your own legitimate rights and interests.

case analysis

Article 16 of the “Anti-Money Laundering Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates: “If a financial institution has doubts about the authenticity, validity or completeness of the previously obtained customer identity information, it shall re-identify the customer’s identity. When an institution establishes a business relationship or requires a financial institution to provide it with a one-time financial service, it shall provide a true and valid identity certificate or other identification documents.”

Article 14 of the “Administrative Measures for Customer Identification and Customer Identity Data and Transaction Record Preservation of Financial Institutions” stipulates: “When the insured or the beneficiary requests the insurance company to indemnify or pay the insurance money, the insurance company shall check whether the insured or the beneficiary valid identity certificate or other identification documents of the insured, confirm the relationship between the insured, the beneficiary and the policyholder, and register the basic identity information of the insured and the beneficiary…”

In this case, when Mr. Zhao went to the insurance company to apply for the expired payment, the staff of the insurance company found that Mr. Zhao’s second-generation ID number was inconsistent with the ID number used when applying for the insurance. Mr. Zhao’s customer identity has been re-identified. Mr. Zhao’s situation is a natural upgrade of his ID number. The staff of the insurance company assisted Mr. Zhao in handling the procedures for changing the ID information of the insurance policy and receiving the policy upon expiration, which made Mr. Zhao both convenient and efficient. Safely enjoy insurance benefits.

  Consumer Risk Reminder

Xinbaoxia hereby reminds consumers:

When handling the insurance, preservation and claim settlement business of the insurance contract, the staff of the insurance company will check the basic information of the customer’s identity. It is very important for consumers to provide true, valid and complete personal information to insurance companies. Consumers should actively cooperate with insurance companies to identify themselves, and they should try their best to handle insurance business closely related to their own interests in person. If the personal information of consumers changes, they should contact the insurance company to make changes in time to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information and better protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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