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Casarte upgrades service standards: home appliance services need to move towards integration and scenario-based services

Casarte upgrades service standards: home appliance services need to move towards integration and scenario-based services

Recently, the fourth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission proposed that the implementation of large-scale equipment updates and the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones will effectively promote investment and consumption. In the field of home appliances, the trade-in policy has also brought new opportunities to high-end home appliances. Xu Dongsheng, vice president of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, pointed out that China’s home appliance market has entered a stage that focuses on updating, and many users have the need to trade in old ones for new ones. When choosing home appliances, users not only pay attention to brands and products, but also have higher requirements for service quality.

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the AWE site, Casarte launched its new Zhijing series products in the world, bringing high-end life into the fully embedded era. Coinciding with the International Consumer Rights Day on March 15, this year’s theme is “stimulating consumption vitality”, and the Zhijing package released during this period has also triggered the industry’s thinking on high-end home appliance services. It is worth noting that Casarte pioneered the “Creative Art Butler Seven-Star Service Standard” in 2016, creating a community service ecosystem with users as the core driving force, aiming to build a full-process service system for pre-sales, sales and after-sales. It has been continuously iterating. In 2024, Casarte will once again upgrade its “two exclusive, two professional, and three exclusive” service standards to guide high-end home appliance services towards integration and scenario-based services.

  Exclusive service double guarantee: coordination and communication, timely response

Today, integrated design has become a trend in high-end home appliances. The “2023 China High-end Home Appliances Market Report” points out that integrated home upgrades, personal quality enjoyment, smart and simple life, and product aesthetics are the four major trends in the high-end home appliance market. However, some high-end home appliances have failed to keep up with the design pace at the service level. Product design does not fully consider the effect of home integration. Problems such as installation, after-sales and user needs are still out of touch.

In contrast, Casarte’s newly upgraded service standards provide the dual guarantee of exclusive service channels and dedicated service experts. This can enable users to quickly respond to their needs and reduce the tedious waiting and communication links in traditional services; when a home appliance breaks down or needs consultation, just contact the service manager and you can get one-to-one customized services such as on-site debugging and explanation, eliminating the need for Users have no worries.

  Professional service double support: precise design and precise installation

As a high-end home appliance, we must not only pay attention to design, but also need matching high-quality services. Take the Casarte Zhijing package released by AWE on-site as an example. Although it brings users a new aesthetic experience of a fully built-in kitchen, it also puts forward higher requirements for design and installation. How to seamlessly integrate home appliances with your home? How to achieve precise embedded installation of products?

Supported by upgraded service standards, Casarte provides users with strong protection with professional integrated integrated design and professional one-stop exquisite installation services. In terms of design, Casarte provides complete set of scene design, embedded scene design, and integrated cabinet and electrical integration design services. Just like AWE’s on-site Zhijing set, the integration effect of home appliances and home furnishings was considered at the beginning of the design. From size to color matching to skirting lines, everything was strived to perfectly match the home environment. In terms of installation, Casarte can provide refined services such as complete set delivery and embedded minor modifications.

Not only that, Casarte also relies on the Three-winged Bird platform to integrate multiple resources such as home appliances, home furnishings, and home decoration to provide users with full-process scenario service solutions. This allows users who choose Casarte complete sets of home appliances to enjoy various services based on actual needs. One-stop scene services such as full scene design, complete set delivery, single product modification, trade-in, etc.

  Exclusive commitment triple guarantee: comprehensive repair, exclusive maintenance, lifetime warranty

In addition to installation and design, Casarte also provides users with customized services including exclusive 365-day repairable/replaceable warranty, exclusive cleaning and maintenance, and exclusive VIP user lifetime warranty. Especially for complete sets and fully embedded home appliances such as the Zhijing set released by AWE on-site, once a certain home appliance is replaced with another product due to failure, it will be difficult to achieve the original integration effect. But with the exclusive 365-day repairable/replaceable warranty, users no longer need to worry about repairs or replacements, achieving a worry-free experience.

In addition, exclusive cleaning and maintenance services provide comprehensive and meticulous cleaning and maintenance of home appliances. On the one hand, it ensures that users always enjoy efficient performance; on the other hand, it extends the product life and improves the user’s home experience.

The exclusive VIP user lifetime warranty reflects the user’s long-term commitment to high-end brands. By providing a lifetime warranty to VIP users, it not only demonstrates Casarte’s confidence in product quality, but also provides protection for the entire life cycle of the product, allowing users to obtain a differentiated high-end service experience.

Casarte has solved the problem of mismatch between traditional services and high-end home appliances by upgrading service standards. Its comprehensive and professional service system not only allows users to enjoy high-quality home appliances, but also feels the brand’s dedication and warmth, and has also set a new benchmark for the home appliances and home decoration industry. In the future, Casarte will continue to innovate and iterate the service system to bring users a more high-end life experience that is more comfortable, worry-free and labor-saving.

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