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Carry out multi-dimensional insurance publicity China Life Insurance cheers for the strugglers

Carry out multi-dimensional insurance publicity China Life Insurance cheers for the strugglers

Since June, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) has carried out a series of “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” activities with rich content through the integration of “online + offline” around the theme of “insurance power, work harder for you”. From the perspectives of knowledge popularization, risk warnings, service cases, consumer rights protection, etc., extensive and continuous financial consumer education and publicity are carried out for business teams, customers and the public, so as to narrow the distance between the public and insurance.

Respond to the call of industry associations, and carry out joint and efficient publicity activities

As the industry leader, China Life Insurance Company adheres to the “people-centered” development idea, focuses on the political and people-oriented nature of the insurance industry, responds to the call of the Insurance Association of China, and organizes branches in various provinces and cities to carry out a series of popular publicity activities according to the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” Activity Plan”.

Branches of China Life Insurance Company in various provinces and cities actively participated in activities led by industry associations such as “Healthy Life Every Day” insurance publicity publicity, “Sing a new journey, run green”, “Insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling” live broadcast, “Insurance Five Entry” and other activities led by industry associations, and incorporated regional characteristics to expand the publicity effect. In conjunction with the industry association’s “Singing the New Journey, Running Green and Environmentally Friendly”, the Party Committee of China Life Insurance Shaanxi Provincial Company organized all party members to go to the Soviet Government Memorial Hall in Gepai Township, the Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi Base Area, to carry out the theme party day activities of “re-taking the revolutionary road of the sages, keeping in mind the original intention and moving forward bravely” and “insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling”. During the event, everyone sang patriotic songs for the Party and the country through brisk walking, pulling songs, competition songs, flash mobs and other singing forms, showing the high-spirited style of “forging ahead on a new journey and making contributions in a new era”.

(Picture: All Party members of the Party Committee of China Life Insurance Shaanxi Provincial Company went to the Hubei, Henan and Shaanxi bases)

China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch combined the theme of “Healthy Life Every Day” with “Five Accesses to Insurance”, and cooperated with Chongqing Haigeia Hospital to carry out public welfare consultation activities of “Five Accesses to Healthy Life Every Day” in the community, and actively carried out a new model of knowledge publicity of “Insurance + Medical + Public Welfare”.

(Picture: “Healthy Life Every Day Insurance Five Entry” public welfare consultation activity site)

Similar activities were numerous during the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, and branches in Fujian, Qinghai, Tibet, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Yunnan, and Heilongjiang all participated. According to incomplete statistics, during the “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day” event of China Life Insurance Company in 2023, nearly 65,000 people from branches in various provinces and cities participated in the “Singing the New Journey, Going Green” insurance public welfare walking activity; a total of 205 institutions participated in the live broadcast event of “Insurance Power, Work harder for you who are struggling”, with a total of 46 live broadcasts, and the total number of short video works released on various social network platforms received over one million likes; .

Give full play to subjective initiative and carry out multi-dimensional innovative publicity

In addition to carrying out the regular publicity uniformly launched by industry associations, China Life Insurance Company also actively carried out independent publicity service activities in various forms, rich in content, and novel in experience, which effectively expanded the content and methods of the activities and attracted more people to participate in them, acquire knowledge, and enjoy insurance.

In Shanghai, the large LED screen with the theme of “7.8 National Insurance Public Day” shines on the banks of the Huangpu River. Since July 5th, China Life Insurance Shanghai Branch has placed outdoor LED screen advertisements at the China Financial Information Center, a landmark building in Lujiazui, and the Hongqiao High-Speed ​​Railway Station, conveying the power of insurance.

(Picture: Outdoor LED screen of China Financial Information Center

  (Picture: LED screen in Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station)

In Jiangsu, leading media reporters to go deep into the front line of the insurance business has become a unique landscape of the local “7.8 Propaganda”. China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch organized reporters from Jiangsu TV Station and Xinhua Daily to go to Taizhou, Nanjing, and Wuxi to interview and film long-term care insurance projects. They visited beneficiary families, nursing institutions, the National Medical Security Bureau, China Life Insurance Company Long-term Care Insurance Processing Center, etc. to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of long-term care insurance work in various places, policy features, and feedback from the masses.

In Anhui, one hotline has become a bridge connecting the public and insurance. China Life Insurance Huangshan Branch used the radio program “Government Trend Hotline” to introduce the development of China Life Puhui Insurance in recent years to the audience friends in the city, and answered calls from the audience friends for consultation. How to make a claim after an accident? Is it duplication to purchase accident insurance for the elderly after participating in medical insurance? Wait for answers to the insurance questions that the public cares about.

(Picture: The scene of the radio program “Government Trend Hotline”)

In Guangdong, elderly care services have become the focus of publicity in many cities. China Life Insurance Guangzhou Branch focuses on the elderly group, and helps the elderly improve their ability to identify fraudulent tricks and enhance their awareness of financial risk prevention by distributing promotional leaflets, explaining risks with cases, and interacting with questions. The Dongguan Branch of China Life Insurance carried out training activities on the use of smartphones and anti-fraud for the elderly in the “Silver Age Health Action” series of activities throughout the city.

In Guangxi, insurance knowledge dissemination is combined with sports, entertaining and entertaining. China Life Insurance Nanning Branch launched the “7.8 Insurance Public Day” basketball invitational game during the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, and set up insurance knowledge popularization education during the game to promote insurance culture and financial insurance knowledge. While arousing the public’s awareness of sports and health, it also improves consumers’ financial literacy.

(Picture: “7.8 Insurance Public Day” Basketball Invitational Tournament)

In Shandong, agricultural assistance activities have made “China Life Green” the background color of the beautiful countryside. During the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, China Life Insurance Shandong Branch held the “Love to Help Farmers and Revitalize Rural Areas” event, organized 17 paired assistance villages across the province, and brought together characteristic agricultural and sideline products in the local China Life Building. By building a platform for product display and sales assistance, it broadened the sales channels of characteristic agricultural and sideline products in the aided villages, demonstrated the new atmosphere of happy villages, and consolidated and expanded the achievements of consumption assistance to effectively connect with rural revitalization.

(Picture: The scene of the activity of “Helping Farmers with Love to Revitalize the Countryside”)

In addition, wonderful activities were staged successively in Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Gansu, Guizhou, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other places. In the future, China Life Insurance Company will continue to carry out insurance publicity activities to popularize the functions and value of insurance, provide consumers with warm products and services, and protect the people’s better life with the power of insurance.

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