Card Friends Zone Love Heart Cheng Donation Joins hands with Suo Tuo Rui’an to send heart-warming strength to truck drivers


Recently, the project team of the Card You Zone Love Heart-to-Heart Donation Project teamed up with the relevant person in charge of the Caring Enterprise, Tuo Rui’an, to visit the families of truck drivers who are in need. widow), Guangyuan Kayou Master Luo, sent 10,000 yuan in condolences and heart-warming gift packages to each Kayou family.

Gather charitable forces to care for truck drivers

Truck drivers run on the front line of transportation all year round, eating and sleeping in the open, accompanied by risks. In the event of an unexpected illness or accident, the family economy will suffer. In December 2022, China’s leading commercial vehicle “progressive” intelligent driving company, Sotorian, joined hands with China’s largest truck driver community, Kayouzone, to launch the Sotorian·”Anxing” public welfare plan on the Kayouzone charity platform. .

Suo Tuo Rui’an “Safe Travel” public welfare plan has set up a public welfare relief fund of one million to bring together charitable forces from the entire industry, targeting truck drivers across the country, especially for truck drivers and their spouses, children, and parents who have long-term labor capacity decline or loss due to traffic accidents Financial assistance will be given to those in financial difficulties who have died or died, to help them overcome their difficulties in life.

On the card friend zone love mileage donation public welfare platform, card friends from all over the world collect mileage, donate mileage and dedicate love every day. This is a very characteristic public welfare activity in the logistics industry, connecting enthusiastic card lovers and caring enterprises, and caring for the group of truck drivers together.

During the visit and condolences, the staff were also touched by the self-improvement of card friends. “With everyone’s concern and encouragement, I will definitely look forward positively, support my family, and raise my children!” Ms. Kasaowu said while wiping tears.

The condolence money of 10,000 yuan is not a large amount of help, but it is a seed that gathers the love of tens of millions of card friends, Suo Tuo Rui’an and all colleagues in the card friend zone, planted in the hearts of card friends, card sister-in-law, and card boy In my heart, give them the power to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly, Nirvana? Rebirth.

More than public welfare, the second phase of the helping action is launched

Up to now, including the 3 groups of families visited this time, the first phase of the “Anxing” public welfare program has helped 13 cardholder families in need, and nearly 30,000 enthusiastic cardholders have participated in the mileage donation of the “Anxing” public welfare program .

Walk with public welfare, and care at the same frequency. Love Heart Cheng Donation and Sutuo Rui’an · “Safe Travel” public welfare program continue to send warmth to truck drivers. The second phase of the public welfare operation was officially launched on March 15, and plans to help 37 families of card lovers in need.

In spring, the earth revives and is born facing the sun. The card friend zone love heart journey donation public welfare platform brings together thousands of card friends and caring companies to support Ryan, and will continue to send heart-warming strength to truck drivers. I also hope that more and more truck friends and caring companies will participate in the heart-to-heart donation action, and use our light to warm more truck people.


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