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Cao Yang recommends “Aurora”, a work to keep out the cold in winter. The design of the new album cleverly conveys the musical concept

Cao Yang recommends “Aurora”, a work to keep out the cold in winter. The design of the new album cleverly conveys the musical concept


On December 19, the press conference for the new album “Aurora” by Cao Yang, a male singer and songwriter from Jewel Music, was held in Beijing, kicking off an extremely romantic time and space journey. Previously, the album’s first lead song “I Can’t Drive You Away” was performed live at Jay Chou’s concert the day after its release. It topped the charts on various social platforms that night and received widespread praise. This time, the new album “Aurora” will be launched digitally at midnight on December 20, and the physical album will be officially released on the 29th of that month.


  Dressed in a retro suit, he debuted the first song of a new song and started his music journey.

On the day of the press conference, Cao Yang looked handsome in a retro suit with black and white patterns, transforming into a traveler chasing the Aurora. Nearly three years after the release of his last album “Prescribed Situation”, he released his most sincere and touching second album “Aurora”. At the scene, Cao Yang sang four new songs, using his warm and delicate voice to lead everyone on this musical journey. Among them, the title song of the same name of “Aurora”, with its warm singing voice and lyrics, as well as the MV with movie-like images and brain-burning plot, set off a wave of discussion among the guests and media in the audience.

It is worth mentioning that two of the works, “Santa Monica with You” and “Slowly Forgetting Who You Are” were the first to be sung with exciting melodies, allowing the guests and media in the audience to feast their ears in advance and immerse themselves in romantic music. traveling. Cao Yang introduced: “The song “Santa Monica With You” was composed during the flight. The lyrics and music were written on the plane. At that time, I asked the staff on the plane to borrow a pen and wrote it on the vomit provided on the plane. On the bag.”

At the scene, Cao Yang’s fellow student Jay Chou, well-known lyricist Fang Wenshan, “The Voice” mentors Nicholas Tse and Li Ronghao, as well as friends in the industry Pai Weijun, Captain, Jude, Suppermoment, Yan Renzhong and other artists sent surprise congratulatory videos. Regarding this, Cao Yang said: “I’m so excited! It’s very warm and full of power. Some of them are seniors, idols and musicians of the same age. It is an extremely honor to be blessed.” When asked what he wanted to say to his boss Jay Chou, Cao Yang said: “I will work hard and won’t let you down!”


  The album’s name is romantic and meaningful, inviting you to witness the most beautiful miracle together.

“Aurora”, as the title of Cao Yang’s second album, gives people a positive, optimistic and imaginative feeling. Regarding naming the second album “Aurora”, Cao Yang said that for many people, 2023 will be the time when people with travel dreams can finally embark on a journey after the global epidemic has slowed down. “Aurora” is the most well-known natural phenomenon in the northern hemisphere, and it is also one of the travel goals that many people hope to see throughout their lives.

Cao Yang said with a smile: “Although I haven’t actually seen the aurora with my own eyes, for me, a person who loves to travel, the aurora is not only the most beautiful scenery on the earth, but it also symbolizes something in my heart that I haven’t yet seen.” A dream come true.” At the scene, Jewel Music presented Cao Yang with a “ticket”, hoping that he would bravely embark on a journey, explore the beauty of the world, and radiate his own light and heat.

Among the 7 songs included in the album “Aurora”, Cao Yang participated in the lyrics and composition of 6 songs. Together with many talented musicians, he recorded every frame of the sparkling scenery during the journey. Each piece is a delicate and moving piece of music, which contains Cao Yang’s private traveler’s notes, as well as the fate between people. Lovely story drawn.

In the “Aurora” album, you can hear Cao Yang’s whims and fantasies, and you can also see Cao Yang’s sincere tears. When asked about the feelings he most wanted to share with fans and friends about this album, he said: “Although a lot of the music in the album comes from my emotional stories when traveling, I also hope that you can reflect it from the album “Aurora” Your resonance also welcomes you to put on your headphones and listen to my songs when you embark on your journey, and let my music accompany you to pursue your aurora!”


  The physical album design is full of ingenuity and reveals the 2024 tour plan

Surprisingly, the physical version of the new album “Aurora” was released offline for the first time. Cao Yang personally opened the album at the scene, “vacuum packaged”, jokingly called it “keeps fresh all over the country”, and introduced the design concept of this physical album: “‘Vacuum-packed’ The concept of “compressed packaging” means that all the beautiful memories during travel should be worth collecting.”

A few days ago, the physical album has opened pre-order channels and will be fully released on December 29. On the day of album pre-order, fans were so enthusiastic that the website server was paralyzed. Fans who participate in the pre-order will receive an additional 28-page exquisite “Aurora Hotel Butler’s Notes”, which contains atmospheric photos of butler Cao Yang and blank note pages, so that everyone can write down traces of their moods during the trip. When introducing the items in the physical album, Cao Yang held up the customized photo card and said: “My favorite is this NFC photo card. It will pop up when it is close to the phone. Because I am also a star chaser and like to collect photo cards, it is very meaningful.”

When taking photos for the cover and inside pages of the “Aurora” album, the photography team carefully planned a series of shooting plans that fit the theme of “travel”. In particular, they spent a lot of money to rent elegant European-style venues and build them into beautiful hotels. . As the main scene of the album photography, “hotel” has become the core of the visual concept that best symbolizes the album “Aurora”.

During the interview session at the press conference, when asked if he had any tour plans, Cao Yang revealed to the media: “It has been put on the schedule, and I hope that one day it will be able to open to tens of thousands of people.” Since his debut, Cao Yang has developed a lot, in music and variety shows There have been gains in the fields of music, film, television, drama and other fields. I look forward to next year’s tour and going on this musical journey with the fans.

Previously, Cao Yang’s second album “Aurora”‘s first wave of hits “I Can’t Drive You Away” and the title song “Aurora” of the same name have both been released online and are very popular among fans. The Zero Point album will be digitally launched on December 20th, and the physical album will be released on December 29th. It contains 7 auspicious pieces of traveler scenery and 1 sparkling music note. Jewell wholeheartedly recommends this exclusive romantic work to keep out the cold in winter.

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