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Can the HPV vaccine be used? how to spell?make it clear

Can the HPV vaccine be used? how to spell?make it clear

  How should the HPV vaccine be given?The Swedes have studied this matter, and they have investigated more than1.6 million women, and published the results in the New England Journal of Medicine.The results show that theHPV vaccine can reduce the incidence of cervical cancer by 63%.but ifexistGet vaccinated before age 17the incidence rate decreased more significantly.

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  As can be seen from the picture,Vaccination before the age of 17 greatly reduces the incidence of cervical cancer.

  Seeing this, you may have such doubts: NowYou can get the HPV vaccine at the age of 9, so you don’t have to wait in a hurry, or is it better to get it at a younger age?

  actually,There is a golden age for the HPV vaccine——9 to 14 years oldwhich is also the group recommended by the WHO for vaccination,Vaccination during this period, the protective effect is better.

  The Wuqing District Party Committee and the District Government attach great importance to the health of women and children, and have launched the implementation ofHPV vaccination project, when many people are still worried about not being able to get HPV appointments, girls in Wuqing District can already enjoy free HPV vaccination. Yes, you read that right, there are several HPV vaccines that are really free! ! ! Starting from this year, Wuqing District has subsidized HPV vaccination for school-age girls in the district for three consecutive years.

  So which one is the free inoculation?HPV vaccine?

  How to choose the HPV vaccine?

  which age group“Flower Guduo”, can it be covered with a protective umbrella?

  What is the vaccination process like?

  Follow me to understand, moreHPV dry goods are waiting for you!

  Wuqing District will be divided into batches for the whole districtSchool-age girls born between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2013 without HPV vaccination history were subsidized 658 yuan per person for HPV vaccination. Parents can also choose to be vaccinated against HPV according to the principle of “informed, voluntary, self-paid, and appointment” according to their needs.

  Domestic bivalent vaccine againstGirls aged 9-14 can receive 2 doses at 329 yuan per dose, so the vaccination of domestic bivalent vaccines is completely subsidized by the district government, and individual vaccinations are free!

  Why is the scope of government subsidized vaccination determined in batches as age13-14 year old girl?

  It can be seen from the epidemiological data that Chinese women are at high riskHPV infection presents a “double peak” characteristic, and the first infection peak is young women aged 15-24. Therefore, before the age of 15 (9-14 years old), it is very necessary to receive HPV vaccine in advance to establish an immune barrier, thereby reducing the incidence of cervical cancer.

  World Health Organization (WHO) clearly pointed out in the HPV vaccine position paper that girls who have not had sex will be better protected when they are vaccinated! The younger the age, the better the antibody level produced by the vaccine. It is recommended that girls aged 9-14 be the primary targets for HPV vaccination.

  free inoculationHow much is the HPV vaccine? What is the protection effect and safety?

  The free HPV vaccination uses domestic bivalent HPV vaccines. The reason why the free vaccines use domestic bivalent HPV vaccines is a combination of various factors such as safety and accessibility. Parents can also choose to pay additional HPV vaccine at their own expense according to the principle of “informed, voluntary, self-paid, and appointment”.

  【List of listed vaccines】

  inoculationIs the HPV vaccine safe?

  The protective effect of HPV vaccine has been widely confirmed. At present, HPV vaccine has been approved for use in more than 130 countries (regions), of which 110 countries (regions) have included HPV vaccine in the national immunization plan, and the cumulative number of vaccinations has exceeded 300 million doses. For domestic HPV vaccines, clinical studies have proved that their effects are not inferior to imported vaccines. Long-term follow-up observation results show that domestic HPV vaccines have a high protection rate against HPV 16/18-related precancerous lesions and cervical cancer in women aged 18-45 in my country, and the protective effect is not inferior to imported vaccines. At the same time, the domestic bivalent drug used in our city is safe and highly recognized. Phase III clinical data and post-marketing vaccination data show that no serious adverse events related to the vaccine have been found for 9-14 years old.

  Domestic bivalent after inoculationCan other HPV vaccines be vaccinated after the HPV vaccine?

  At present domestic two priceThere are no clinical data supporting the interchangeable use of HPV vaccines with other HPV vaccines. However, those who have been vaccinated with the imported quadrivalent HPV vaccine can be vaccinated with the imported 9-valent HPV vaccine one year later. After the domestic bivalent HPV vaccine, it is expected to receive a higher-priced HPV vaccine.

  Can be vaccinated during menstruationHPV vaccine?

  menstrual period is notThe contraindications of HPV vaccine can be vaccinated, but if girls have different degrees of menstrual discomfort, it is recommended to vaccinate after menstruation.

  Age is not within the scope of free vaccination, want to getWhere is the HPV vaccine given?

  Vaccination subjects who are not under the age of free vaccination can go to the vaccination clinic near the place of residence to make an appointment for vaccination at their own expense.



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