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Cainiao: The next-day delivery rate for first-day orders increased by 50% year-on-year

Cainiao: The next-day delivery rate for first-day orders increased by 50% year-on-year

November 11th is the official day of Double 11. The reporter learned from Cainiao that despite the increase in order volume, this year’s Double 11, whether it is international or domestic, the overall logistics is compared with the same period last year, and the delivery time is fast and the service is good, which is reflected in door-to-door delivery, large-scale delivery, disassembly, and assembly. Services such as half-day delivery, next-day delivery and international 5-day delivery will not be offline. Among them, among the orders placed from 20:00 on October 31 to 24:00 on November 1 on the first day of Double 11, the daily delivery rate of Cainiao Warehouse Delivery increased by 50% compared with the same period last year.

Some insiders believe that during this Double 11, logistics companies represented by Cainiao accelerated their transformation to high-quality development, showing faster speed, better quality, better cost, and greener carbon reduction and recycling. and the trend of internationalization.

At 20:00 on October 31, the first wave of Double 11 sales officially went on sale. Within an hour, consumers across the country received packages delivered by Cainiao Express. The extraordinary speed has led many consumers to “show off” their packages on social media, and even start to “compete” with each other to see who was the first to receive the package.

Cainiao Warehouse and Cainiao Express, a supply chain model integrating warehousing and distribution, are the key to accelerating domestic logistics this year. Through intelligent prediction, the goods in the warehouse are pre-packaged in advance and sent to city warehouses and express delivery outlets in advance, so that the parcels run faster. Taking the beauty and health industry of Cainiao Supply Chain as an example, millions of products are pre-packaged in advance, and on the first day of the promotion, 80% of orders were shipped on the same day.

When buying large items of home decoration or electrical appliances, not only does it need to be fast, but it also needs to be on time as scheduled, with new items delivered and old items picked up, and all installed in one go. During the first wave of Double 11 promotion, from 20:00 on October 31 to 24:00 on November 3, Cainiao’s integrated service of delivery, disassembly, pick-up and installation of major appliances will not be offline, and the on-time rate of major appliances delivery exceeds 98%. In addition, this year, large-scale furniture has also achieved product sinking for the first time. Take Xilinmen mattresses as an example. Before the big promotion, a batch of mattresses changed the link that used to be shipped from Shaoxing to Zhuji warehouses to cities in East China, and were directly sent to city warehouses such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, which not only saved the cost of transit Cost, and because the goods are shipped nearby, the delivery time is at least one day earlier, allowing merchants to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In Shanghai, the same-day delivery and acceptance rate of Xilinmen mattresses is much higher than the average level in the large home decoration industry.

This Double 11, not only has fast logistics and good experience, but also consumers are more enthusiastic about recycling. This year is the seventh consecutive year that Cainiao has launched express packaging recycling. Consumers can participate in express packaging recycling at Cainiao Stations across the country and receive recycling funds on the Cainiao APP “Cainiao Recycling”. As of 10:00 on November 11, consumers have recycled express packaging, used clothes, used shoes, etc. through Cainiao more than one million times, and the green recycling atmosphere in the whole society has become stronger.

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