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Business Philosophy | China Life launches corporate culture series of short films

Business Philosophy | China Life launches corporate culture series of short films

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Culture rejuvenates the country,Strong culture and strong nation.No high cultural confidence,Prosperity without culture,There would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. “For a nation, culture is the inheritance of blood and the source of rejuvenation; for an enterprise, it is the guidance of value, the core competitiveness and the moat that cannot be copied. In order to fully implement the spirit of the National Publicity Ideological and Cultural Work Conference, in-depth To practice the core socialist values, promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, promote the company’s corporate culture to be widely disseminated and take root, and accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise, China Life has launched “Corporate Culture Short Film Series”, through vivid pictures and fresh cases, interprets the connotation of each component of the corporate culture system and demonstrates the responsibilities of large state-owned financial institutions in the new era.

  As China Life’s corporate culture system, “Business philosophy“,”Integrity, innovation, humanistic values“It is an organic whole. The four are closely connected, interconnected and interact with each other to jointly build China Life’s business philosophy in the new era. It is an important basis for China Life to keep pace with the times and forge ahead with the people.

  Integrity” is a basic element of the socialist core values, and it is also the cornerstone for the survival of financial and insurance companies and the prerequisite for financial and insurance practitioners to settle down and live. The market economy is a credit economy, and China Life must adhere to the spirit of contract and abide by modern business ethics in the process of business development. , keep promises in practice, treat others sincerely, and “Sincere from the heart,Be trustworthy and trustworthy“The pursuit of value is to deeply cultivate the core socialist values, practice the sentiments of the people with practical actions, and carefully protect the happiness and security of the people and customers.

  Innovation“It is an inevitable choice for China Life to build a world-class financial and insurance group. Facing the new situation and new requirements, China Life must accurately grasp the new development stage, thoroughly implement the new development concept, actively integrate into the new development pattern, and adhere to reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force. Accelerate the transformation of development methods, promote technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, and vigorously promote digital transformation. Encourage everyone in the system to dare to venture and try, maximize the vitality of innovation, release development potential, and make innovation the key to promoting the high-quality development of China Life Powerful engine. Adhere to technological empowerment and meet diverse contact needs through convenient and efficient online service channels, allowing customers to fully enjoy convenient online services.

  Humanistic” Emphasizes that China Life must always adhere to the people-centered development philosophy. Unswervingly regard protecting people’s better lives and protecting consumer rights as the soul of corporate development, taking customer satisfaction as the starting point and end point of work, and creating new opportunities for hundreds of millions of customers. A happier and better life; at the same time, we should regard talents as the fundamental force to promote the development of the enterprise, vigorously cultivate a team of professional and proficient cadres, ensure that employees share the results of the enterprise’s development, realize, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of all members, and contribute to the high-quality development of China Life Provide a strong guarantee for quality development.

  value” Emphasized that China Life should put value in a more important position. It should adhere to quality first and efficiency first, comprehensively strengthen value creation, adhere to equal emphasis on economic value and social value, coordinate and calculate political accounts, economic accounts, and social accounts, and strengthen the group Oriented to maximize overall value, we will continue to improve the market-oriented incentive and restraint mechanism, promote each sector to form a development pattern with excellent structure, good benefits, and strong business, and become a pioneering and enterprising leader in the industry.

  China Life will unswervingly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, fully serve the country’s major strategies, deeply tap the potential of green finance in insurance, investment, banking and other fields, and continue to “green gene“Be deeply integrated into the company’s high-quality development, create unique competitiveness, and provide inexhaustible driving force for the continuous promotion of economic and social green development.

  Integrity, innovation, humanistic values“Together we will build China Life’s business and development philosophy in the new era. China Life has always walked in the same direction with the times, forged ahead with the people, and made continuous efforts to win the trust and support of customers and the general public.

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