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Building Dreams? Ding Xin? Pierre Cardin? 2023 Tianjin Fashion Week closes tonight

Building Dreams? Ding Xin? Pierre Cardin? 2023 Tianjin Fashion Week closes tonight

Fashion, as a city exudes cutting-edge temperament from the inside out, is the common memory of a city. Tianjin Fashion Week, as one of the symbols of Tianjin’s fashion business card, has grown and changed from scratch, from budding to development, and has witnessed and promoted the magnificent changes in the construction of Tianjin’s fashion capital.

Over the past five years, relying on Tianjin’s profound historical and cultural heritage and unique resource endowment, Tianjin Fashion Week aims to build a fashion art display platform, a fashion technology exchange platform, and a fashion product trading platform. The integration of industries has demonstrated the powerful efficiency of the coordinated development of the industrial chain, and has driven the solid progress of the construction of a strong brand and a strong quality country.

Everything is renewed, just in time, a fashion feast to let you remember this city. From May 25th to June 2nd, Pierre Cardin · 2023 Tianjin Fashion Week, with the theme of “Building Dreams·Dingxin”, will be held in Minyuan Square, Heping Commercial Pedestrian Street, Dayang Fashion Museum, and the water curtain T stage of Tianfang Building. Waiting for the grand opening of many venues. In the 9-day fashion schedule, a high-end seminar on China’s textile fashion trends started, covering nearly 50 fashion shows, three major academic conferences, four major cultural and art exhibitions, and multi-category fashion shopping. The experiential activities were successively presented wonderfully.

Planting plane trees attracts phoenixes. On May 25th, “Clothes in Clothes High-end Seminar on China’s Textile Fashion Trends” opened the prelude to Pierre Cardin 2023 Tianjin Fashion Week. Dozens of well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad, brand designers, fashion event managers and fashion trend research institutions were invited to participate, and published forward-looking results of fashion trends in the form of seminar speeches and guest dialogues to guide the development of the fashion industry direction. Among them, professors and scholars from Tsinghua University, Academy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, designers of China Golden Top Award, top ten designers of China, international experts and scholars from Dankook University of Korea, and China Textile Experts and scholars from the Federation of Industry, Qingdao University, and Tianjin University of Science and Technology conducted an in-depth interpretation of fashion vocabulary from an international perspective and a professional perspective. And around the future fashion trend, it conducts in-depth discussions from various aspects such as oriental aesthetics, fashion culture, fashion design, fashion consumption habits, etc., to enlighten wisdom and shape beauty.

At the same time, the National Textile Science and Technology Innovation Conference of “Building Dreams for the Future, Dingxin and Smart Manufacturing” and the “Green and Empowering” National Textile Standard Quality Technology Summit were successfully held at the same time. Research and judgment on new standards. More than 400 representatives from brand enterprises, production enterprises and testing institutions from all over the country attended the meeting. The three major academic exchange activities jointly create a platform for pioneers in the fashion field to discuss with authoritative perspectives and the latest theories, outline a more forward-looking fashion future, and help Tianjin Fashion Week create a new highland for fashion theory.

As a continuation of the opening show, from May 26 to the evening of June 1, there will be an open and immersive show with the starry sky as the curtain and the green space as the seat, integrating historical buildings, natural beauty and starry sky T stage. The big show brings a new fashion experience to the general public. Including 33 fashion brands, 6 college students, 7 major children’s brands, 2 time-honored fashion brands, 4 outstanding designer works and 1 wedding dress brand, including Jixiang Clothing, KOREANO, yoyooblue, Anta, White Rose, Jihua , Pierre Cardin, Luke, Dior, Charworth, Jiuxi and other 33 brands are beautifully presented one by one, perfectly integrating the natural environment, fashion design, historical landmarks, cutting-edge art, and trendy culture. Brand value, vividly displaying fashion vitality, offering beautiful visual feasts one after another for the general public, showing the trendy personality and fashion style of the current era. In particular, a show with the theme of “Quiet Tranquility” brought by students from Tianjin University of Technology for the Deaf and Mute, brought the ultimate shock of beauty in the silent place, and pushed the atmosphere of the show to a new climax.

“The fashion week held this time allowed me to see the fashion charm of Tianjin”, “This scene is really grand”, “This is the most special fashion week opening ceremony I have ever participated in”, “I saw the combination of Chinese and Western designs Concept”… Facing the camera, the audience couldn’t help expressing their fashion experience and feelings. During the fashion week, many citizens and tourists were attracted to check in and record the beautiful moments of Tianjin Fashion Week at the main show of Minyuan. The cumulative daily flow of people reached nearly 100,000.

Different from the previous ones, on May 28th, outside the main show of Minyuan Square, there was an ingenious, unique fashion pop-up show showing youthful vigor, at Robin Department Store, Golden Street, Binjiang Road, Heping District, Central Plains Department Store and Tee Mall Commercial Pedestrian Street debuted stunningly for the first time. Models dressed in different styles of brand clothing, with light steps and elegant postures, shuttled through the pedestrian street full of people, forming a flowing and beautiful landscape, allowing fashion to take to the streets and into the crowd, blowing the wind of fashion into the fireworks of the city In the middle, an immersive visual feast will be offered to the citizens, adding new colors, injecting new vitality and enhancing new value to this Tianjin Fashion Week. The three flash shows that were presented at Golden Street on Binjiang Road that day had countless fans, and the flow of people and passenger flow doubled compared with the usual. According to the feedback from the person in charge of the mall, the growth trend of the mall’s turnover has increased significantly due to the support of Tianjin Fashion Week activities and the integration of promotional activities with the business district.

June has come, the summer solstice is approaching, and the 2023 Tianjin Fashion Week will draw a perfect conclusion tonight. On June 2, the closing ceremony of Pierre Cardin·2023 Tianjin Fashion Week will be grandly held on the water curtain runway of Tianfang Building. The five-year-old Tianjin Fashion Week has dressed up again and again in the trials, explorations, and baptisms. It has ignited the fashion industry and the trend circle, and brought infinite surprises to people. It all proves that Tianjin Fashion Week, Tianjin fashion industry Well, the business card of Tianjin Fashion Capital is pretty! Fashion and charm work hard before the “tide” and start a new journey!

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