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“Building a Family from scratch – Outstanding Commendation Award for ASEAN Chinese” 2023 will be held for the first time in Northern Malaysia. On July 23, it will be grandly held at the Van Gogh Hotel in Bukit Mertajam. The designated media of Guangming Daily| Business News

“Building a Family from scratch – Outstanding Commendation Award for ASEAN Chinese” 2023 will be held for the first time in Northern Malaysia. On July 23, it will be grandly held at the Van Gogh Hotel in Bukit Mertajam. The designated media of Guangming Daily| Business News

(Penang News) In recognition of outstanding Chinese businessmen, the “Building a Family from scratch – ASEAN Chinese Outstanding Recognition Award” 2023 will be held for the first time in North Malaysia. The grand opening of the Van Gogh Hotel at the foot of the mountain will honor the oriental wisdom spirit and model of outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and outstanding art and cultural practitioners who strive for self-improvement and make contributions. The purpose of “Building a Family from scratch – ASEAN Chinese Excellence Award” is “Building a family from scratch, building a career, and shining a role model”.

This activity is jointly organized by Money Compass Media and SME Association of Malaysia (SME). Guangming Daily is the designated media. Promote the great achievements left by Chinese ancestors; for the first time in North Malaysia, jointly host the 2023 award ceremony of “Building a Family from Scratch – ASEAN Chinese Excellence Award” to bring together Chinese businessmen from Penang and Perak to create a platform that is in line with ASEAN Entrepreneurs at home and abroad, to achieve a network of mutual assistance and interaction and to create a communication platform that integrates corporate culture.

Shi Hui, founder of the Self-made Family Recognition Records Book, said: “The Self-made Family is not only a recognition of Chinese businessmen with outstanding performance, but also upholds the mission of inspiring the younger generation of business talents. The organizing committee will work hard to connect local entrepreneurs Chinese entrepreneurs from all over the world promote the interconnection of ASEAN Chinese businessmen, actively promote the new pattern of development and development of Malaysian enterprises, and continue to create countless miracles of building a family from scratch in the future. “

Dr. Huang Xinglong, chairman of the first preparatory committee of the North Malaysia District, said he had high hopes for this meaningful commendation conference. He believed that small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia have always been a major pillar of the local economy, and outstanding Chinese businessmen are endless. Countless, Chinese businessmen have inherited the spirit of perseverance and diligence handed down from Chinese ancestors, and have been working quietly with firm beliefs. Their efforts and hardships are often unknown, so the birth of the Self-made Family Award is just right It is possible to praise and affirm the great role models set by outstanding Chinese businessmen, so that their efforts and success can be widely seen by the society and perpetuated.

A total of 15 awards were presented this time to 15 Commendators from Malaysia in recognition of their success and achievements in their respective fields.

List of Self-made Commendators:

1. KHOR YONG HOOI-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award (Agricultural Machinery)/Ipoh

2. Dato’ MICHAEL LOO LEEP CHYE-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award (Housing Development Contractor) / Ipoh

3. Liao Zhihe-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Commendation Award (Chinese Food and Food Industry)/Kuala Lumpur+He

4. Liao Aixi JENNIFER – ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award (Social Welfare Service) / Ipoh

5. Professor Dato’ Seri Dr. Jiang Defa-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award/Kuala Lumpur

6. Chen Changfa JAMES TAN – ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (Buffet Catering Industry) / Penang

7. Ma Yantu-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (Cultural Inheritance Contribution)/Taiping

8. Lu Xuewei JESSICA LOO-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (Music Artist)/Penang

9.DR.ANDREW-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (College Education and Technical Education)/Penang

10. Dato’ Chen Zhihong-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (Biotech Finance)/Penang

11. The Boys at the Foot of the Mountain-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (Folk Song Group) / Bukit Mertajam

12. Gu Tianfa-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Commendation Award (South Sea Oil Painter)/Penang

13. Leslie Cheung-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Award (Film and Television Production)/Penang

14. Huang Weiwei Eric Ng-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award (Packing Production)/Penang

15. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong Shijie-ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Lifetime Achievement Award/Kuala Lumpur

The Self-made Family Awards Luncheon will be held on 23rd July (Sunday) at 11:00 am at Van Gogh Hotel Bukit Mertajam. At that time, the guest of honor of the conference, the president of the Malaysian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises – Tan Fangxin, the national president, will kick off the luncheon. In addition to the awards ceremony, the conference invited Malaysian international violinist Lv Xuewei to be a special guest performer, who will collaborate with Nanyang oil painter Koo Tien Fat on “The Poetry and Painting of the Paddy Fields in Perai Province” on-site oil painting and violin performance, especially in conjunction with impromptu The performance will be used for the charity auction, and the charity auction of famous paintings will be held on the same day, and the proceeds will be donated to specific charities as care funds.

Starting a Family from Scratch – ASEAN Chinese Excellence Award has successfully gone through 3 sessions, and now it is planning “Building a Family from scratch – Records of ASEAN Chinese Entrepreneurs” to collect the success stories of hundreds of ASEAN entrepreneurs, recording the pioneering spirit and perseverance of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia The indomitable spirit portrays the legendary stories of ASEAN Chinese entrepreneurship. This special issue will be distributed to major Chinese libraries and business groups in ASEAN countries, and the biographies of the recorded entrepreneurs will be widely circulated. The Book of Records upholds the spiritual totem of cultural inheritance, and has been highly valued and actively participated by successful Chinese entrepreneurs at home and abroad, including time-honored and emerging companies, as well as outstanding Chinese in ASEAN.

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