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Building a business district and expanding the ecology Bohai Bank is doing a comprehensive job of promoting consumption with a “combination punch”

Building a business district and expanding the ecology Bohai Bank is doing a comprehensive job of promoting consumption with a “combination punch”

On October 27, the press conference of “Promoting Consumption and Boosting the Economy, Bohai Bank in Action” was held at the headquarters building of Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) located on the bank of Haihe River in Tianjin.

Leaders of Tianjin Municipal Commerce Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Commission, Tianjin Sports Bureau, Tianjin Financial Work Bureau and other relevant government departments, leaders of China UnionPay Tianjin Branch, representatives of Yili Group, 58 Group and other partners, leaders of Bohai Bank and Dozens of guests from various industry associations and news media friends in Tianjin attended the event.

This event conference is a key measure for Bohai Bank to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively implement the deployment of Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”, and promote the implementation of actions to create high-quality life. Bohai Bank will take this opportunity to resolutely fight and win the “Ten Tough Battles”, improve its ecological customer expansion capabilities, help create high-level commercial consumption scenarios, and strive to give back the people’s new expectations for high-quality life.

  The new model of “smart business district” stimulates new consumption momentum

Since the second half of the year, a series of measures to expand domestic demand and promote consumption, including the “Measures to Restore and Expand Consumption” and the “Notice on Financial Support to Restore and Expand Consumption,” have been introduced. Consumption has become an important engine and main driving force for economic recovery.

Bohai Bank adheres to the business philosophy of “finance makes life better”, resolutely implements the “Ten Actions” decision-making and deployment of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, adheres to the original intention and mission, does practical things to benefit the people, actively responds to the national smart business district construction deployment, and uses mobile phones to Relying on the bank APP “Bolanhui” financial + life ecological platform, we continue to improve comprehensive life scenes and rights-related services such as convenient payment, member areas, local business districts, and quality shopping malls, and carry out various forms of preferential promotions, standard and polite, and installment Special promotions such as full discounts help people truly enjoy consumption discounts and improve consumption quality.

The bank innovatively launched a business district ecological comprehensive financial service system with “Bolan Member Pass + Cheng E-deposit” as the core on the “Bolanhui” smart business district ecological platform, effectively realizing unified management of individual members, providing targeted stored value, Membership system, deposit management, consumption payment and other comprehensive scenarios + financial product services play a role as a financial bridge in creating a new consumption environment, serving new consumption formats, and building new consumption scenarios, and work together with high-quality merchants to build ” “Smart Business District” serves to create a “15-minute convenient living circle” so that people can easily “will spend”.

  “People-Benefiting Products” Strong Brand Supply and Demand Work in Two Directions

Bohai Bank has a deep grasp of market demand, explores real consumer demand from the dual perspectives of merchants and consumers, builds bridges at both ends of supply and demand, and comprehensively implements a “combination punch” to promote consumption to promote high-quality development in the consumer field.

Focusing on the demand side, Bohai Bank aims to become the “modern financial manager with the best experience” as its vision. By building an open wealth product and service platform, it continues to improve Bohai Bank’s E-finance products in all markets, all strategies and all channels. Pedigree, further launch the more convenient and flexible live money management financial products such as “Tianjinbao” and “Chenxiying” that support multiple consumption scenarios, establish a professional team of wealth managers, and launch intelligent investment management tools to comprehensively enhance wealth The ability to create value, improve income growth expectations, meet customers’ needs for consumption improvement and upgrade, and enable ordinary people to “consumption” safely and stably.

From the supply side, Bohai Bank gives full play to the role of finance in expanding domestic demand and benefiting people’s livelihood, and tailors “merchant loans” for small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households to meet the needs of small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households. to meet the demand for small, frequent and fast loans; promptly promote the reduction of existing first-home loan interest rates, effectively alleviating the pressure on customers’ mortgage expenditures; launch consumer credit products such as “Jinling Loan” and “Suubao Loan” to solve the problem of residential housing, Financial needs such as home improvement, car purchase, education, consumption, etc.; innovatively launched digital credit card Hi Card, created Hi Card membership system, increased preferential credit card installment interest rates, reduced customer consumption costs, and allowed people to “dare to spend” in a down-to-earth manner.

In recent years, Bohai Bank has strictly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, proactively integrated into and served the new development pattern, adhered to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and actively transformed methods, adjusted structures, increased momentum, and opened new situations, so as to take practical actions that benefit the people. , accelerate business recovery, accelerate the release of consumption potential, and contribute the vigorous power of Bohai Bank to “promote consumption and boost the economy”.

  At the press conference, under the witness of all parties present, Bohai Bank solemnly launched the “Promote Consumption to Boost the Economy” action initiative and signed a letter of initiative with all parties to further strengthen in-depth cooperation between the two parties, jointly serve the real economy, and boost consumption vitality. and potential are constantly released, allowing the masses to share a better life.

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