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Breaking through 500+ stores, Hefu Lo Mein’s new ten-year plan is revealed

Breaking through 500+ stores, Hefu Lo Mein’s new ten-year plan is revealed

In the past ten years, as a leading Chinese catering brand, Hefu Laomian has successfully expanded to more than 500 stores through the direct operation model, has more than 20 million brand members, and has established an efficient supply chain and advanced digital intelligence system. . Relying on the trust of consumers and the product strength of traditional characteristics, Hefu noodles have been awarded the titles of “No. 1 Brand of Chinese Noodle Shops” and “Pioneer of Chinese Healthy Noodles” issued by Frost & Sullivan, an international authoritative consulting organization.

At the beginning of the new decade, Hefu Lo Mein recently announced a new brand strategy and opened a joint venture partner model, starting a new journey.

  HefuLo Mein strategy upgrade,Ranked as the No. 1 brand of Chinese noodle restaurants

Li Xuelin, the founder of Hefu Lo Noodles, officially announced the 2.0 upgrade strategy at the brand launch conference held at the end of 2023. In the future, Hefu Laomian will carry out product upgrades focusing on “health, green, and inclusive”, further broaden the price range, and highlight quality and cost performance.

Different from street fast food restaurants that only solve the problem of fullness, Hefu Lo Mein reinterprets noodle restaurants with “quality-price ratio”, ensuring that consumers can eat well while being full. “A valuable brand must solve industrial conflicts.” Li Xuelin said.

Hefu Laomian has broadened the product price range and launched products suitable for different consumer groups, such as a variety of noodles within 30 yuan, which has improved the quality while also achieving price reductions. Based on rich price stratification, Hefu Lo Mein strives to allow every consumer to find a comfortable price range, enjoy high-quality services, and meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In China, Chinese fast food accounts for 70% of the fast food market, and noodles are one of the most popular foods in Chinese fast food. However, the degree of chaining of noodle restaurants is relatively low, but they have huge branding potential and are known as An industry with the “Wandian gene”. According to the latest “Blue Book of China’s Noodle Industry”, as of September 2023, Hefu Laomian ranks first in the domestic noodle market in direct-operated revenue, and both the growth rate of direct-operated revenue and the growth rate of directly-operated stores lead the industry, ranking first in the industry. The number one brand of Chinese noodle restaurants.

  The first year of open joint venture begins“Wandian”blueprint

The “10,000-store model” is a hot word in the catering industry, corresponding to the industry development model of large-scale, large-scale products, and efficient operations. Although there are many catering brands that use the slogan “Wandian”, judging from the results, “Wandian” is not an absolute barrier. There are even similar leading brands. There are lessons learned from the past when the number of stores exceeded 10,000 and then turned downward.

Li Xuelin believes that growth must be logical and the result of planning, not the result of barbaric growth. At the press conference, facing the next ten years, Hefu proposed the strategy of “finding friends, sinking down, going to sea, and deepening the layout”. In the future, Hefu will build a global and inclusive premium brand so that every street in the world has a Chinese flavor. In Li Xuelin’s view, this is a “responsible transformation.”

In order to achieve this goal, Hefu will continue to invest in all aspects in the future. In terms of supply chain, in addition to the modern food industrial park of nearly 100,000 square meters and one of the largest central kitchens in the country, Hefu will continue to strengthen the construction of four major base centers of production, research and development, logistics, and management to prepare for a new round of rapid expansion. Have plenty of “ammunition” in reserve. On the other hand, Hefu Laomian has accelerated the pace of opening up its brand ecology and regards 2024 as the “first year of joint ventures”. Hefu Laomian hopes to build high-quality, high-quality joint ventures instead of “cutting leeks” that is generally criticized in the industry, so as to achieve controllable growth.

Hefu’s strength lies in high human efficiency and high square footage efficiency, but the performance period in the commercial real estate market is relatively short. They hope to “solve this social problem through market-oriented means.” For the joint venture partners, it mainly solves the problem of storefronts and Funding issues, coupled with Hefu’s management and control system, operational capabilities and subsidy mechanism, can basically guarantee a high success rate for the project. Next, Hefu Laomian hopes to lower the threshold for joint ventures and reduce the hard investment capital to less than 900,000 yuan.

In the next ten years, Hefu Laomian will not only focus on the high-quality development of the brand itself, but also make full use of social resources and the power of all walks of life to jointly promote the development of China’s pasta industry chain. As Li Xuelin said: “For a company to achieve great success, many people must want it to succeed.” Only by becoming a social company can it gather more driving force and move towards more ambitious goals.

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