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Breaking the bottleneck of Xianglian industry development and activating “a pool of spring water”

Breaking the bottleneck of Xianglian industry development and activating “a pool of spring water”

In recent years, in order to do a good job in local specialties, the county party committee and the county government have based on the advantageous Xianglian resources, adhered to scientific planning and high-level promotion, in order to break the bottleneck of high-quality development of Xianglian, improve the level of deep processing and deep processing of Xianglian in our county, recruit big and strong people , accurately improve the level of Xianglian processing, vigorously promote the development of Xianglian processing industry, and activate the “pool of spring water” of Xianglian industry.

1. Basic situation of Xiangtan Xianglian

Xiangtan Xianglian has a large planting scale, excellent quality, a famous brand, and strong influence. It is known as “Xiangtan is the best in the world, and Xiangtan is the best in Hunan”. Our county’s Xianglian industry ranks first in the country in four aspects: planting scale, processing scale, export scale, employment generation and benefits. The number of Xianglian planted in the county is stable at 100,000 acres all year round, and the people in the county plant more than 200,000 acres of Xianglian outside. There are nearly 100,000 employees in the county engaged in Xianglian planting, processing, acquisition, logistics, and outbound contracting operations, and the entire industry output value exceeds 10 billion. Yuan, creating tax revenue of 500 million Yuan, and export trade volume reaching 300 million Yuan.

2. Main practices for development and processing

1. Adhere to high-level promotion

The county party committee and the county government compiled and issued the “Xiangtan County Xianglian Plan”, which scientifically planned around the construction of the Xianglian agglomeration area, the Juanshui Basin economic development zone and the Huashi Xianglian characteristic town. Focusing on the direction of industrial development, we should clarify the development goals for 3, 5 and 10 years, truly give full play to the guiding role of planning, and provide scientific guidance for the development of Xianglian industry in the next stage. The “Opinions of the People’s Government of Xiangtan County on Promoting the Development of Xianglian Industry” was issued, clarifying special funds, solving the problem of element guarantee, supporting relevant preferential policies, strengthening and optimizing the Xianglian industry work organization, and providing good policy guarantee for the development of Xianglian industry. In order to promote the creation of the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, a creation leading group and a special work class were established, headed by the county party secretary and the county magistrate. The department responsibilities were clarified and a synergy was formed. The leading group implemented a quarterly regular scheduling system and major matters The dispatching system implements a mechanism for county leaders to contact key projects. The secretary of the county party committee personally organized the dispatching work promotion meeting, and the county mayor, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and deputy county magistrate organized several dispatching meetings to promptly study and solve problems and difficulties that emerged in the advancement of the work. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction of Xianglian Industrial Park, under the circumstances of extremely tight financial resources, it is clear that Lianxiang Company will undertake the construction of “three connections and one leveling” and related supporting infrastructure of the sub-project of the industrial park, Xianglian Processing Park, and ensure working funds. Currently, five Xianglian processing companies have settled in the processing park, and it is expected that all of them will be completed and put into operation by the end of July. After the completion of the processing park, it is expected that the new processing output value will reach 700 million yuan. The agglomeration effect will be more prominent, the management will be more standardized, the processing capacity will be greatly enhanced, and an industrialized system of production, processing, transportation and marketing will be formed, effectively promoting the logistics market and small towns. Construction, e-commerce and other industries have developed simultaneously. The park can provide supporting facilities for settled enterprises, water, electricity and sewage discharge supporting facilities for settled enterprises, reduce the pressure on enterprises, lay a more solid foundation for the development of intensive processing, promote the transformation and upgrading of Xianglian industry, and fully promote rural revitalization. At the same time, we must strive for strong support from leaders at all levels, win projects, and introduce relevant policies to form a strong synergy for the development of Xiangtan Xianglian. Xianglian, Xiangtan County, has successfully created a national modern agricultural industrial park, incorporated it into the Xiangjiuwei industrial cluster, and strived for projects such as national industrial strong towns and provincial agricultural characteristic towns. In the past five years, central provinces and cities have invested a total of 150 million yuan in special funds for Support Xianglian industry. The province and city have listed Hunan lotus in the catalog of alternative crops for planting structure adjustment, and guided the masses to plant Hunan lotus through policy incentives and subsidies.

2. Precisely recruit and nurture the strong

Focusing on the goal of “3:3:4” (primary processing accounts for 30%, deep processing accounts for 30%, and deep processing accounts for 40%) of Xianglian’s processing output value, we will vigorously recruit and nurture the strong in the processing industry, and accurately promote the development of the processing industry. In 2019, Guangzhou Restaurant Group Likofu (Xiangtan) Food Co., Ltd. was successfully introduced to our county with a total investment of 450 million yuan. It was officially put into production on August 16 of the same year. In 2021, it achieved revenue of 276.1581 million yuan and paid taxes of 64.2434 million yuan. . The company can digest 1,800 tons of local lotus in a year, driving the county to develop high-standard Xianglian planting bases of more than 10,000 acres. The addition of Guangjiu has led the deep processing of Xiangtan Xianglian to a new level. At present, the investment of 100 million yuan in the first phase of Guangjiu’s second phase project has been completed and will be put into production at the end of 2023. The second phase of the second phase project is about 200 million yuan and is in the early stages and is expected to be launched in 2024. Strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes such as the Agricultural University and the University of Science and Technology, promote the improvement of the “Cun Sanlian” variety, accelerate the research and promotion of Xianglian medicine and food, hold a “Xianglian Feast” to develop 100 Hunan lotus dishes, and promote the processing of Hunan lotus on the dining table Products, hold seminars and exchanges on the high-quality development of Xianglian industry, enhance the willingness of business leaders to conduct deep processing, and enhance their confidence in deep processing investment. Xianglian’s annual processing capacity reaches 200,000 tons, with an output of more than 100,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the country’s total lotus seed processing, and its export scale ranks first in the country. Starting from 2023, 17 Xianglian intensive processing projects will be implemented with a total investment of more than 1.54 billion yuan and 28 new production lines.

A total of 24 leading Xianglian companies have been cultivated in the county, most of which are Xianglian processing companies. In addition to the traditional primary processed products such as white lotus, white lotus, and lotus tea, deep-processed products developed by various enterprises are gradually selling well across the country. Guangzhou Restaurant develops and produces lotus seed mooncakes in various flavors, which are very popular in the market; Jinlong Food produces lotus seed glutinous rice cakes, cakes and other products, with an annual output value of 30 million yuan; Heyilian develops lotus leaf tea and instant white fungus and lotus seed soup; The lotus seed powder and lotus root powder developed by Jinfeng Food are delicious and cheap. Hongmao Xianglian cooperates with experts from scientific research institutes to develop deep-processing products such as anthocyanins and lotus seeds and dendrobium compound solid drinks, which have achieved initial results. Deep-processing projects with companies such as Jiecui Biotechnology in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics will gradually be implemented. The development of deeply processed products will drive the construction of a high-quality Xianglian planting base in our county. In 2023, the output value of Xianglian processing will reach more than 3 billion yuan. In 2024, a large-scale investment promotion project will be launched for packaging Xianglian deep processing and intensive processing projects, striving to present a new look for the Xianglian processing industry.

3. Systematic brand building

With the theme of “Xianglian”, various festival activities such as the Xianglian Cultural Festival and the “Xianglian Feast” are held to promote and promote products. Among them, the Xianglian Culture and Art Festival has been successfully held for eight times, attracting more than 1 million tourists every year. Strive for financial support for brand building, make full use of websites, newspapers, and TV stations at the county, city, and provincial levels to promote “Xiangtan Xianglian” nearly 100 times; on the G1418 high-speed railway in Changsha South-Ningbo, and Changsha Metro Lines 1 and 2 Xiangtan Xianglian advertisements are posted on important carriers such as Carriage Media) for 1 year; video advertisements are played 2,100 times in the Beijing West Railway Station system, 120 times in 13 and 17 central channels in 2022, and 1, 7, 13, 17 and other central channels in 2024. The “Xiangtan Xianglian” advertisement was broadcast live 95 times during key periods, and 100 Xianglian press releases were simultaneously broadcast on major websites such as Toutiao. Comprehensive and systematic publicity has greatly enhanced the visibility and reputation of the “Xiangtan Xianglian” regional public brand. Actively organize Xianglian enterprises to participate in various exhibitions such as the Central Agricultural Expo and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo. The market value of the public brand “Xiangtan Xianglian” is about 2 billion yuan.

3. Experience and results

The accelerated development of Xianglian processing industry has quickly led to the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, driven rural development, increased agricultural efficiency, and increased farmers’ income, and has become the leading industry in Xiangtan’s poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

1. The brand has great influence. We will implement a multi-channel and multi-field publicity combination of “variety + quality, online + offline, catering + culture and tourism”, carefully plan and create a series of activities of “Xiangtan A Table of Delicious Food”, and work together to make the Xianglian brand famous and bright. In particular, advertising of the Xiangtan Xianglian public brand has been placed in high-speed rail stations, airports, highways, CCTV, etc., which has greatly improved the brand’s visibility and reputation. As early as 1979, Xiangtan County was selected as the Xianglian export base county by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Xiangtan Xianglian has been awarded the first batch of 100 characteristic hometowns in the country – “Hometown of Xianglian in China”, “Hometown of Xianglian Food in China”, “Hometown of Xianglian in China” It has won more than 20 national and provincial honors, including “Chinese Characteristics Agricultural Product Advantage Area”, National Standardized Production Base of Green Food Raw Materials, China’s Protected Geographical Indication Products, Exported Food and Agricultural Products (Xianglian) Quality and Safety Demonstration Area, “Top Ten Agricultural Regional Public Brands in Hunan Province”. Successfully. We have created two well-known Chinese trademarks such as “Hongxinglong” and “Liulizhen” and 12 provincial famous trademarks and brand-name products such as “Lianmei” and “Lianguanxiang”. The products are sold at home and abroad, and the brand awareness and reputation are gradually increasing. A household name.

2. Strong industrial competitiveness. The number of Xianglian planted all year round in the county has stabilized at 100,000 acres, and people in the county cultivate more than 200,000 acres of Xianglian outside. There are nearly 100 Xianglian production and processing enterprises in the county, including 47 enterprises above designated size, and nearly 200 small workshops and small individuals of various types. The processing capacity reaches 200,000 tons and the output is 100,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the total lotus seed processing in the country. The export scale ranks first in the country. The county has formed a leading enterprise + among them, the annual sales of the Xianglian Market in Huashi Town exceed 2.5 billion yuan. , accounting for more than 90% of the national Xianglian market transactions, is the largest Xianglian trading logistics center and Xianglian export base in the country.

3. Promote employment. The total number of people engaged in Xianglian planting, processing, purchasing, logistics, and outbound contracting operations in the county is more than 100,000. In particular, Huashi people travel all over the world. Wherever there are lotus seeds, there are Huashi people. More than a hundred people in Heping Village, Huashi Town, plant lotus outside, and there are no less than a thousand people in the town. The Xianglian industry is a labor-intensive industry, employing a large number of rural people. An ordinary Xianglian enterprise in the county can employ nearly 200 people during the busy season. There are quite a lot of middle-aged and elderly people working nearby, many of whom are in their sixties. Every day The daily salary can be 120-150 yuan, and lunch is also included. The Xianglian industry has driven the per capita disposable income of surrounding farmers to grow by more than 7%, laying a solid foundation for the county to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

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