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Brain health services have been upgraded, and the “Guarding Brain Health” section of Imperial Medical Butler has been launched.

Brain health services have been upgraded, and the “Guarding Brain Health” section of Imperial Medical Butler has been launched.

  Recently, China Pacific Insurance’s Taiyi Butler launched ““Brain Health Zone” not only meets the needs of users for cognitive ability assessment, but also adds new sections such as brain puzzle training games and popular science content, allowing people who care about brain health to receive detailed services from theory to practice. This is after this year’s September,Taiyi Guanjia officially launched the MCI cognitive ability assessment tool (MCI: Mild Cognitive Impairment,After suffering from mild cognitive impairment), we once again invested heavily in the field of brain health services.

With natural aging, the elderly may suffer from brain problems such as brain atrophy; and due to high work pressure and fast pace of life, young people are also likely to suffer from sub-health problems such as brain fatigue. Therefore, paying attention to brain health has become a top priority for people of different age groups.

As a professional one-stop family medicine and managed medical service platform in China, Taiyi Guanjia has been exploring the field of brain health for a long time. Under the guidance of the concept of managed care, the platform combines daily intervention response strategies and introduces the application of digital technology to promote the accelerated improvement of the brain health service chain.

The consensus recommendations of Chinese experts on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-derived MCI point out that memory training, orientation training, and calculation ability training should be carried out to comprehensively improve cognitive levels. The brain health training game self-developed by Taiyi Guanjia uses a fun way to comprehensively train memory, orientation, and computing skills, and evaluates the changing trends of brain health based on the training results.

  Customized through professional services,There are three built-in games in the brain health area, including card flip memory game, digital Huarong Road, and 24-point calculation.. These games are both interesting and practical, and can help users achieve multi-dimensional cognitive exercise.

  In terms of application focus,Flop memory gameIt can improve the user’s short-term memory through graphic memory;Digital Huarong RoadIt is designed to exercise users’ logical thinking and problem-solving abilities through number permutations and combinations;24 points calculationThe game focuses on the player’s computing ability and exercises the user’s mathematical thinking and hand-brain coordination through calculations.

At the same time, the special area provides a wealth of popular science content to provide patients with relevant knowledge about brain health and improve their self-awareness and self-management abilities. Users can enter the special area experience through the Taiyi Butler applet.

  In the context of aging and high pressure on young professionals, it is urgent to pay attention to brain health. With the continuous optimization of the Brain Health Zone of Imperial Medical Butler,Professional tools are constantly improving,It will bring high-quality, personalized brain health services to users, thereby providing strong support for dealing with this health problem.

In the future, Taiyi Butler will adhere to its original intention, penetrate health management services into more user scenarios, truly make high-quality medical resources universally accessible, with the goal of “let everyone live a healthy life”, and fully promote the dissemination and promotion of the concept of “health management” Service access, empowering the dual-physician working model through AI, creating an online + offline unbounded medical experience, and continuing to promote the innovative practice of “family doctor + managed care” in China.

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