Both Meinian Health and Ciming Physical Examination won the “Jinkang Award” in the 4th Jinrui List!

Both Meinian Health and Ciming Physical Examination won the “Jinkang Award” in the 4th Jinrui List!

In the Tonight News (4th) “Jinrui List” annual influential brand selection event with the theme “Tianjin is a beautiful city”, Meinian Onehealth Tianjin Company was awarded the “Annual Health Care Growth Value Award” by the sponsor “, Ciming Physical Examination was awarded the honorary title of “Annual Health Innovation Promotion Enterprise” by the sponsor, and both won the “Jin·Kang Award” in the 4th Jinrui List. This is not only a commendation of Meinian Onehealth’s deep cultivation in health examination and medical fields for many years and continuous improvement of service quality and service level, but also recognition and affirmation of Meinian Onehealth’s active promotion of high-quality urban development and outstanding contributions to Tianjin’s urban economy .

The “Jinrui List” is jointly authoritative and competent departments, aiming to record the brands and enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to Tianjin’s urban economy in 2022, and to focus on the “14th Five-Year Plan” to promote Tianjin’s high-quality development, build a new development pattern, and contribute to brand building and development The new trend, new driving force, and new path empowerment show the picture of a better city life and people’s livelihood, and guide the new development of an international consumption center city.

Deeply plowing Tianjin and insisting on high quality and high standards

Since the first physical examination branch settled in Jingyan Building, Weijin Road, Nankai District in 2008, Tianjin Meinian One Health has opened up a multi-point layout. To create a professional and cutting-edge health care service institution for the people of Jinmen. Over the past ten years, each branch hospital has taken on a new look, keeping the environment, equipment, and technology at the forefront of the country at all times, and has also integrated a team of elite physicians with rich clinical experience in each department. The overall improvement of the new and old branches not only creates a clean and orderly physical examination environment for customers, but also brings high-quality and high-standard professional medical examination services.

As a health examination brand favored by customers, Tianjin Ciming Medical Examination always regards quality as the first criterion of development, and takes improving customer satisfaction as its unremitting goal. As a professional medical examination institution based in the physical examination industry for many years, Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination has not only introduced physical examination facilities of internationally renowned brands to ensure the international standardization of physical examination equipment and reagents, but also has an experienced management team and a strong expert medical team. With decades of experience in scientific research and clinical work, the director who has served as an academic leader in the hospital for a long time, and the medical team of Ciming as the backing, ensure the quality of physical examination services and provide systematic and personalized health management services.

Remain true to our original aspirations and forge ahead. Tianjin Meinian One Health will adhere to the strategy of “medical orientation, quality drive, service support, and innovation leadership” to continuously meet the public’s demand for high-quality health services and improve product, medical quality, and service quality. Always keep in mind the social responsibilities and obligations we shoulder, and practice corporate social responsibilities while continuing industrial development, do a good job in the professionalism of health checkups and the continuity and depth of health management, promote the healthy development of the whole people, and fulfill the mission of “serving the health of the people” A lofty mission to actively help the construction of “Healthy China”, “protect the quality of life of every Chinese”, and actively explore the way for enterprises to practice social responsibility in the new era!

 Technology helps protect the road to health

Meinian Onehealth has been deeply involved in the health checkup industry for many years, fully aware of the importance of “disease prevention is better than cure” and the establishment of a sound health service system, and has always been committed to making the health concept of “early screening, early detection, and early treatment” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

Therefore, in recent years, Meinian Onehealth has successively launched “cutting-edge” special projects such as magnetically controlled capsule gastroscopy and Yangkang Anxin Checkup to create more targeted and cutting-edge health management services for customers. Taking “Yangkang Anxin Check” as an example, it is a series of post-COVID-19 physical function evaluation packages, especially for the in-depth screening of the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, urinary and immune systems of the “Yangkang” population, to prevent COVID-19 infection. After the “Yangkang” patients, they can evaluate their body functions as soon as possible, fully understand their physical recovery, check whether there are health risks, and provide professional services such as strengthening physical therapy and intervention, so as to effectively protect the health of the “Yangkang” people. In addition, Meinian Onehealth took the lead in adopting smart medical quality management methods, launching a blood sample tracking system to track the status of blood tests after physical examination in real time, and implementing a face recognition compliance system. attitude to ensure that consumers receive high-quality medical services.

Meinian Health actively participates in national key scientific research projects, deeply develops the scientific research application of health big data, and focuses on the four directions of serving public health, promoting clinical research, empowering the development of the health industry and improving the quality of health management. For example, Meinian Health took the lead in undertaking the “Ministry of Science and Technology’s Key Research and Development Plan-Construction of Health Examination Big Data Cloud Platform”, which belongs to the national key research and development plan “Active Health and Aging Technology Response” key special project, aiming to build a health examination big data platform , carry out in-depth excavation and application of health examination big data, promote the development of the medical examination industry, meet the strategic transformation of “health-centered” and the strategic needs of “healthy aging”, and accelerate the transition from “passive medical care” to “active health”.

Service optimization centered on customer health

In order to meet the increasingly personalized and differentiated needs of consumers, Meinian One Health is committed to continuous innovation and upgrading, service optimization, and continuous launch of diversified and multi-level physical examination products. Meinian’s “Good Doctor” series, as an advantageous combination product launched by Meinian Great Health under the strategic background of “Healthy China 2030”, realizes the whole process of health management guarantee before, during and after the inspection by leaps and bounds. The “Afternoon Card” series activates the new personalized physical examination mode of “staggered peak physical examination”. The appointment is fast, the density is low, there is no long queue, and the physical examination is easy. It not only saves time and worry, but also meets the rigid needs of some customer groups. . The “Chinese New Year Card” series not only covers a wealth of physical examination items such as HPV screening, CT, and MRI, but also gives real discounts to every physical examination customer with its high cost-effective advantage. Tianjin Meinian Health always insists on customer health as the center, sets up diversified and personalized medical examination packages, provides customers with a variety of high-level health examination services, and lives up to the trust and expectations of every customer.

  Adhere to public welfare and shoulder social responsibility at all times

In 2022, Meinian Great Health Tianjin Co., Ltd. and the Tianjin Social Assistance Foundation will donate to marginal households, orphans, orphans, and low-income groups whose lives are difficult due to illness or emergencies through the assistance departments of the civil affairs bureaus of each district. 600 sets of Meinian Great Health Physical Examination Cards, with a total value of 246,000 yuan, aiming to build a solid health defense line for the masses in need through effective and precise assistance.

In addition, Meinian Health Group’s “Love Without Borders Helping the Disabled” public welfare activity for the disabled has been carried out for 6 consecutive years since its first session in 2017, and it is carried out simultaneously in more than 100 physical examination branches nationwide under the Meinian Health Group. A total of nearly 37,000 physically handicapped people have been provided with free health check-up services, and they have won high praise and sincere thanks from regional associations of the physically handicapped and the vast number of friends of the handicapped. With the in-depth development of the activities year by year, Meinian Onehealth provides more and more free inspection items for the disabled, especially in the difficult situation caused by the epidemic in 2022, it can continue to provide the disabled people with The number of free physical examinations not only benefits more disabled friends, but also makes disabled groups feel the attention and care from the whole society.

For a long time, as one of the leading companies in the field of preventive medicine in China, Meinian Onehealth has always taken “protecting the quality of life of every Chinese” as its mission, and has always adhered to its original mission as a medical examination service organization. In the future, Tianjin Meinian One Health will continue to improve the management system, continue to improve service quality, and continue to focus on building a professional and cutting-edge health care service institution for the people of Jinmen, shouldering the important task of protecting the health of the people in Jinmen and disease prevention. The field of public health contributes its own strength.

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