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Bosch releases its first “intelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system”

Bosch releases its first “intelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system”

On November 5, Bosch Comfort Technology, the world’s leading provider of residential, commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and comfortable home solutions, brought a variety of innovative products to the 6th China International Import Expo, and grandly displayed the world’s most advanced products, as well as China’s The first “intelligent hybrid hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system” fully demonstrates Bosch Comfort Technology’s innovative concepts and leading technologies in the fields of heating and hot water, as well as its continuous exploration of multi-energy combination solutions for wall-mounted boilers, heat pumps and other products. , and also provides a new feasible path to promote the formation of green development methods and lifestyles.

Picture: Bosch comfort technology debuts at China International Import Expo

Zheng Dazhi, President of Bosch Comfort Technology Asia Pacific, said that this year is the sixth consecutive year that Bosch has participated in the CIIE. The CIIE has been an important place for the debut and premiere of Bosch Comfort Technology’s blockbuster products. At this CIIE, Bosch Comfort Technology launched the “Smart Hydrogen Hybrid Dual Heating and Hot Water System” which is a very innovative system. It consists of a wall-mounted boiler that supports natural gas or hydrogen energy and an electric-driven heat pump. Through intelligent Hydraulic modules are connected in series to form a complete intelligent low-carbon system that integrates heating and domestic hot water. While providing high-quality heating and domestic hot water, it can also significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, in line with the trend of smart carbon reduction and environmentally friendly consumption. In the future, Bosch will further accelerate the implementation of this heating and hot water technology solution that has become mainstream in Europe in China.

Bosch’s intelligent hybrid hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system realizes the dual “freedom” of heating and hot water

  Bosch smart hydrogen hybrid(Hydrogen+Hybrid, that is, hydrogen and electricity) dual heating and hot water system is mainly powered by Bosch’s newly launched environmentally friendly and silent air source heat pumpCS 5800iAW, Bosch hybridIt is composed of a hydrogen condensing wall-mounted boiler and a hybrid hydraulic module HYC25, and is paired with a Bosch enamel domestic hot water tank to achieve integrated control of heating and hot water.

Picture: Bosch intelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system

Different from the simple method currently on the market that assembles two major heat sources, a wall-mounted boiler and a heat pump through a third party, the Bosch intelligent hybrid hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system is a native integrated system that realizes the smooth series connection of wall-mounted boilers and heat pumps. , and the control systems of the two major heat sources are connected to the wall-mounted boiler, and the wall-mounted boiler and heat pump can be controlled simultaneously through an LCD touch screen, perfectly realizing the synchronous output of heating and hot water. In addition, the series connection of the wall-mounted boiler and the heat pump also eliminates the need to install a buffer water tank as a winter defrost device during system design, saving space and making installation easy.

  By integrating the hydraulic module components to link the heat pump and gas, “Intelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water system“It also reduces the complex installation characteristics of the hybrid system. The efficient combination of electricity and hydrogen or natural gas dual energy also meets the heating and installation requirements of most multi-story buildings in our country. According to the electricity price and gas price, as well as the outdoor ambient temperature, the built-in heat pump is independently installed. Automatically switch between independent energy-saving heating, intelligent balanced heating between heat pump and wall-hung boiler, and independent comfortable heating with wall-hung boiler. At the same time, users can also freely choose energy saving, low carbon and comfort priority. For example, in energy saving mode, use it when the electricity bill is expensive. Natural gas, which is more expensive than electricity, organically combines comfort and economy, allowing users to enjoy the dual “freedom” of heating and hot water supply.

Heat pumps promote green consumption and make installation and maintenance easier

  asBosch intelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water systemAn important part of the system, the matching high-efficiency and silent air source heat pumpCS5800iAWIt combines low carbon, quietness, efficiency and convenience. It uses R290 natural working fluid refrigerant, which has extremely low GWP (global warming potential) and can ensure high water temperatures. The air outlet grille design with large heat exchange area and beautiful noise reduction function makes it run quieter. What’s more worth mentioning is that the installation and maintenance of this heat pump are very simple, and it can also be purchased and used as an independent heat source, providing a new choice for consumers who pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection and pursue a quiet environment.

Picture: Bosch environmentally friendly and silent air source heat pump CS 5800iAW

Many star products were unveiled, leading a new era of energy-saving intelligence

At this CIIE, Bosch Comfort Technology also displayed a series of comfortable smart home products such as the Bosch Condens 8760i W condensing wall-mounted boiler and Bosch MR120 smart heating controller, which debuted in the Chinese market. Among them, Bosch Condens 8760i W condensing wall-mounted boiler is specially designed for users who pay attention to health and quality of life. It has six boiler types of 25-40kW, which can meet consumers’ needs for comfortable heating and domestic hot water. It also uses advanced condensation technology, wide-width constant temperature flame control, and intelligent hot water cruise. The thermal efficiency reaches about 108%, reaching the national first-level energy efficiency standard. It is energy-saving and stable, and knows what you want.

Pictured: Bosch Condens 8760i W condensing wall-hung boiler

Bosch MR120 intelligent heating controller supports intelligent adjustment of wall-mounted boiler outlet water temperature through a multi-link constant temperature flame control system, helping to effectively save 30% of gas (internal laboratory data); it also supports zone temperature control, and the unique “main/secondary” system can accurately Control the temperature of different rooms; the equipped Bosch exclusive ultra-sensitive temperature sensor can achieve precise temperature control of ±0.1°C, with zero sense of temperature fluctuations. WiFi Zhilian cooperates with Jingyu Smart WeChat applet to set personalized time and temperature, and detect the home temperature and wall-mounted boiler operating status anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone, allowing consumers to customize different temperatures in different rooms with one click.

Picture: MR series smart housekeeper

  It can be said that withIntelligent hydrogen hybrid dual heating and hot water systemThe grand appearance of the star products represented by the brand further demonstrated the product strength and brand influence of Bosch Comfort Technology, and once again demonstrated Bosch Comfort Technology’s confidence in the Chinese market. In the future, Bosch Comfort Technology will continue to uphold the brand promise of “simple and responsible”, accelerate the introduction of more wall-mounted boilers and other products that have become mainstream in Europe into China, and create a new more comfortable and environmentally friendly life for Chinese consumers.

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