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Born for the new | Xianghe x Haihe brand cooperation signing and new product launch conference were successfully held

Born for the new | Xianghe x Haihe brand cooperation signing and new product launch conference were successfully held

On October 6, 2023, the Xianghe The ranch was unveiled, and participating leaders and experts also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around “innovating brand development and rejuvenating brand vitality”. Leaders from the Tianjin Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Airport Free Trade Zone Cultural and Educational Bureau, and Food Group attended the press conference, and were witnessed by representatives of Tianjin’s outstanding time-honored enterprises, partners, and media representatives.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that under the background of “two unwavering persistence”, the state-owned economy and the private economy can coexist and complement each other and promote development together, which will bring vitality to the economic market. As a state-owned enterprise, Haihe Dairy Company is a traditional old brand with a history of 66 years. It always adheres to its original intention and inherits its ingenuity. It starts from creating high-quality life for the people and empowers the brand with multiple driving forces. It has not only become a healthy companion within reach of the people, but also Wearing the “new clothes” of the national trend, we are approaching a new generation of young consumer groups. As a leader of private enterprises, Xianghe Cake Shop, a century-old brand, has always adhered to strict requirements for inherited skills and product quality, seeking changes and innovations while continuing, and has become a unique taste on the tip of Chinese people’s tongues. This time, the strong cooperation between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is to seek innovation in the soil where the new consumption wave is constantly iterating. It is also a fusion and collision of traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation and the spirit of craftsmanship inherited from generation to generation. Starting from the aesthetic point of view of young people, we make full use of co-branded creative elements to inject new vitality into time-honored brands, unlock the code for renewing time-honored brands in the new consumption era, and demonstrate the brand-new approach of revitalizing time-honored brands and promoting the “one product, one policy” special action Results.

Linking the brand value with the brand core, the traditional industrial model is deeply integrated with the new lifestyle. The new cross-border research and development of Xianghe He has successfully joined the young people’s life circle. Through the careful selection of raw materials, the innovation of traditional techniques, the perfect encounter of technology and craftsmanship, cups of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented buttermilk with fragrant cinnamon, lingering wine aroma, and pure milk taste are created, which doubles the nutrition and unlocks a new experience for the taste buds. “White Peach Cherry Blossom Milk Soufflé and Haoqiao Milk Soufflé” use Haihe treasure product “Huese Milk” as raw materials, and select white peach cherry blossom and rich cocoa flavors. When the rich and mellow Haihe milk is paired with the crispy and sweet milk pastry, it is a snack for consumers. Meals provide new experiences and new choices, and also open up a new path for brand rejuvenation.

Haihe Dairy Company joins hands with Xianghe Pastry Shop to deeply explore brand resources, integrate cultural heritage and social responsibility into brand genes, explore new products that adapt to current fashion trends, and will approach the new lifestyle of the younger generation and jointly promote traditional brands The time-honored and time-honored “Jin” brand keeps its integrity, innovates and explores more possibilities, becoming a vane that leads the consumption of new products, new business formats and new models. Both parties will also grasp the responsibility and mission of ensuring national nutrition supply and food quality and safety, continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthroughs, continue to expand new dairy consumption scenarios, and open up a “new track” for brand rejuvenation development. While rejuvenating time-honored brands, we should continue the context and genes of a city with cultural value and high-quality supply, deepen the brand recognition and memory of the next generation of young consumers, and seize opportunities and rise in the new consumption wave. , allowing the brand to maintain lasting youthful vitality and fully contribute to promoting social and economic development.

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